Animal Ark

Animal Ark, Ben Baglio ,(Animals)

1.Kittens in the Kitchen
2.Pony on the Porch
3.Puppies in the Pantry
4.Goat in the Garden
5.Hedgehogs in the Hall
6.Badger in the Basement
7.Sheepdog in the Show
8.Cub in the Cupboard
9.Piglet in a Playpen
10.Ponies at the Point
11.Owl in the Office
12.Lamb in the Laundry
13.Kitten in the Cold
14.Goose on the Loose
15.Bunnies in the Bathroom
16.Hamster in the Handbasket
17.Squirrels in the School
18.Fox in the Frost
19.Guinea Pig in the Garage
20.Shetland in the Shed
21.Raccoons on the Roof
22.Dolphin in the Deep
23.Bears in the Barn
24.Foals in the Field
25.Dog at the Door
26.Horse in the House
27.Pony in a Package
28.Puppy in a Puddle
29.Tabby in the Tub
30.Pup at the Palace
31.Mare in the Meadow
32.Cats at the Campground
33.Hound at the Hospital
34.Terrier in the Tinsel
35.Hamster in the Holly
36.Husky in a Hut
37.Polars on the Path
38.Labrador on the Lawn
39.Siamese in the Sun
40.Racehorse in the Rain
41.Kitten in the Candycorn (Holiday)

42. Colt on Christmas Eve
43. Collie With a Card
44. Bunny in a Basket
45. Beagle in a Backpack
46. Husky With a Heart
47. Spaniel in a Stocking (Holiday)
48. Mustang in the Mist

Animal Ark Pets (series out of print)
1.Puppy Puzzle
2.Kitten Crowd
3.Rabbit Race
4.Hamster Hotel
5.Mouse Magic
6.Chick Challenge
7.Pony Parade
8.Guinea Pig Gang
9.Gerbil Genius
10.Ducklings Diary
11.Lamb Lessons
12.Doggy Dare
13.Cat Crazy
14.Ferret Fun
15.Bunny Bonanza
16.Frog Friend
17.Pets Party

              Animal Ark Hauntings  (series out of print)              
1.Stallion in the Storm
2.Cat in a Crypt
3.Dog in the Dungeon
4.Colt in the Cave
5.Foal in the Fog
6.Hound on the Heath
7.Wolf at the Window
8. Deer in the Darkness
9. Cats in the Castle
10. -   11. -  12. Lamb in the Laundry

                            Animal Ark Specials .
1. Kitten That Won First Prize and Other Animal Stories