Winchester Rotary Club Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library / Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Winchester Rotary Club Records, 113 THL

Scope and Content: This collection contains correspondence, newsletters, histories, membership rosters (1944-1997), minutes, and other papers of the club.
(10 boxes) Last updated 09/08.

Biographical/Historical: The Rotary Club was started by Paul Harris on February 23, 1905, as a philanthropic organization. The Winchester Rotary Club was organized in 1921 by Fred E. Clerk who served as the first president. The club is comprised of professionals on the management or supervisory level and has admitted women since 1988.

Cite As: Winchester Rotary Club Records, 113 THL, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


Box 1

Correspondence and related materials, 1940-1960; unnumbered items, typescript, printed

The Cog Wheel newsletter, 1944, 52 items, printed

The Cog Wheel newsletter, 1945, 52 items, printed

The Cog Wheel newsletter, 1946, 52 items, printed

The Cog Wheel newsletter, 1947, 1 item, printed

The Cog Wheel newsletter, 1950,1 item, printed

The Cog Wheel newsletter, 1958-1959 and 1961-1966, 1 item, bound

Box 2--Newsletters

The Cog Wheel newsletter, 1966-1972, 1 item, bound

The Cog Wheel newsletter, 1972-1979, 1 item, bound

The Cog Wheel newsletter, 1984, 1 page, typescript

The Cog Wheel newsletter, 1987, 1 page, typescript

The Cog Wheel newsletter, 1996, 1 page, typescript

The Cog Wheel newsletter, 2001, 1 page, typescript

Box 3?Newsletters (future)

Box 4--Minutes

Minutes?Rotary Club of Winchester, Virginia, 2 volumes, typescript, bound
1954-1955 and 1958-1968

Box 5?Minutes (future)

Box 6

Arts and Crafts Festival, 1 page, printed

Attendance Rules?1954, 1 item, printed, 16 pages

Awards?Phil Sprenkle Vocational Award, 1 leaf, typescript

Awards?Presidential Citation, 1 leaf, printed

District Assembly, 1930, held in Winchester, 13 items, printed; 2 leaves, typescript

District Governor's monthly letter, 1944-1946 (incomplete), 29 items, printed

Group Study Exchange, 1 item, printed

History?25th Anniversary, Winchester Club, Nov. 1, 1946

History?50th Anniversary, Winchester Club, 1921-1971

History?75th Anniversary, Winchester Club, 1921-1996, supplement to The Winchester Star, October 31, 1996, 3 items, printed, photocopy

"History of the 757th District Rotary International," 1980, by J. Carl Coiner, 8 copies, printed

History of the Winchester Rotary Club, 1955, 2 items, printed

History?notes on members, no date, unnumbered items, manuscript/typescript

Interfaith Worship and Memorial Service 2004, one item,

Questions and Answers?Rotary, 1 item, printed

Rotary International?July 17-18, 1930, George Washington Hotel and Handley Library Auditorium, 1 item, 8 pages, unnumbered

Rotary International Service Program, 1941, 1 item, printed

Socks with Rotary Emblem, c. 1930, 1 pair, nylon

Box 7?Membership Records (1926-1969)

Membership Records, 1926-1927, 1 item, 4 pages, printed

Membership Records, 1939, 3 leaves, typescript

Membership Records, 1940s, 6 items, printed

Membership Records, 1950s, 5 items, printed

Membership Records, 1960-1963, 3 items, printed

Membership Records, 1964-1967, 3 items, printed

Membership Records, 1967-1970, 3 items, printed

Box 8?Membership (1970-1989)

Membership Records, 1970-1974, printed

Membership Records, 1974-1977, printed

Membership Records, 1977-1980, printed

Membership Records, 1981-1985, printed

Membership Records, 1986-1990, printed

Box 9 Membership (1991-2000)

Membership Records, 1991-1994, printed

Membership Records, 1994-1996, printed

Membership Records, 1996-1997, printed

Membership Records, 1998-1999, printed, unnumbered pages

Membership Records, 1998-2000, printed

Box 10 Membership (2000-present)

Membership Records, 2000-2002, printed

Membership Records, 2002-2004, printed

Membership Records, 2004-2006, printed

Membership Records, 2007-2008, printed

BOX 11

Scrapbook, 2000 and Beyond


Members' photographs are filed under People?Individual