Helen Whiting collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library / Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Henry Whiting Collection, 184 WFCHS

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The Henry Whiting Collection contains articles, biographies, genealogies, a diary, military papers, and other miscellaneous materials concerning people and events of Virginia and Winchester history. It also contains genealogical information on the Whiting family, and Helen Whiting, Henry?s mother. She worked with the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society during the 1940?s -1970s, and as a member of the Handley Regional Library Board during the 1960s.The collection also contains a great of data on the creation of the Abram?s Delight Museum and its furnishings.
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BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Henry Whiting was born on July 20, 1923 in Aurora, Colorado, the son of Lt. Col. Edgar Whiting and Helen Whiting. The family moved to Winchester following Lt. Col. Whiting?s retirement from the army. In World War II, Henry Whiting served under family friend General George S. Patton. He obtained a law degree from the University of Virginia. He rose steadily in the profession, eventually being named a Virginia Supreme Court Justice in 1987. He retired in 1995.

CITE AS: Henry Whiting Collection #184, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA

BOX 1 Local history A-L

Abram?s Delight ? Early history of the museum, 39 leaves, manuscript and typescript

Abram?s Delight ? Documents and New clippings, 7 items,

Abram?s Delight ? Sketches of Hollingsworth furniture purchased by the Winchester ?Frederick County Historical Society at the Family auction, 5 leaves, manuscript and printed

Autograph Book ? unknown owner, 1892-1896, bound, manuscript

Braddock?s Army Campaign ? 1755 (Jefferson, Frederick, Hampshire Counties), by Walter S. Hough, 3 leaves, typescript, copy

Century club ? news article, c. 1946, 1 leaf; news article, 1955, 1 leaf (transcript)

Civil War ? The Bandy Bell, Newsletter of the Winchester Civil War Roundtable, June 19, 1962

Civil War Centennial Brochures ? 4 items, printed

Civil War ? Chew?s Battery, December 21, 1864, 2 leaves, typescript

Civil War -- Pierce, Hugh O., Diary of ? 51st Virginia Military Regiment, 2 leaves, typescript

Civil War -- Rainsberger, Joseph D. ? Certificate of Service, Co. C, 1st New York (Lincoln Cavalry), printed

Clarke County Historical Collection, July, 1936, 28 pages, printed, original

Clarke County ? News clippings, 1951, 1973, 3 items, printed

Dedication of Winchester-Frederick County War Memorial Building, November 11, 1956, 4 pages, printed

Fort Egypt, Page County, Virginia ? "Fort Egypt in Page Shows How Pioneers Lived,"
2 leaves, typescript, copy

Garden Clubs -- Historic Garden Week Tour, 1955, 2 pages, printed

Garden Clubs ? Winchester Council of Garden Clubs Constitution, n. d., 6 leaves, mimeograph

Garden Clubs ? Clarke County Garden Club Programs, 1950-1953. 1963-1964, 1977-1978, 5 items, printed

Handley Library ? Board Activities, 1962-1967m 25 leaves, typescript

Handley Library ? Inventory Ledger, - Item in attic, n.d., 1 item, manuscript

Historic Preservation of Winchester ? News clippings, 1960s, 12 items, printed

Historic Winchester ? Pamphlets, Brochures, Prints, and street map, 8 items, printed

Lee, General Charles ? 7 leaves, typescript

BOX 2 Local History M-Z

Miscellaneous Item

Morgan, Gen. Daniel ? News clippings, miscellaneous, printed

Notes on Winchester, Virginia history,4 pages, manuscript

Oaths of Office ? 1889, 3 items, printed

Sale catalog #727 ? Military Papers ? Sale conducted by Stan V. Henkels, included the papers of Col. James Wood, 1894, 18 leaves, typescript

Shenandoah Valley History ? Bibliography, September, 1951, 3 leaves, typescript

Stephens City ? News clippings, 1951-1952, 3 items, printed

Thorn Hill Manor ? 3 leaves, typescript

Valley Manuscript by Margaret Lynn Lewis,1703, 24 pages, bound, typescript, copy

Virginia Military Base Histories, 16 pages, typescript

Winchester News clippings

Wood, Col. James Wood ? Notebook Transcript, 3 leaves, typescript

Winchester-Fredrick County Historical Society ? Filings at Handley Regional Library, 3 leaves, typescript

Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society ? Listings of purchases, 18 leaves, typescript and manuscript

Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society ? Loan Agreement Form, 1950, 1 leaf, typescript

Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society ? Petition concerning Helen Whiting and Mr. Belchic, 1 leaf, typescript

Scrapbook ? news clippings about General Daniel Morgan, 1951-1952

BOX 3 People

Burwell, Carter (1716-1756) ? Sketch of, compiled by George Harrison Burwell, no date clippings ? miscellaneous, printed

Class Prophecy ? 4 leaves, manuscript

Connell-Hollingsworth Genealogy ? 6 items, manuscript, original

Grim, Charles Family Genealogy ? 7 items, manuscript, original

Henkel Papers and Notes ? Inventory of, miscellaneous, manuscript, typescript, copy

Holliday-Hollingsworth Connection ? 1 leaf, manuscript

Hyde, Eugenia ? Correspondence, November 19, 1841-November 8, 1849, 13 pages, typescript (photocopy)


Lee Family Memorabilia consisting of:
2 steel knitting needles
1 steel hooked knitting needle ? crochet
1 ivory hooked knitting needle
3 ivory knitting needles ? crochet
1 crochet piece
1 doily ? white
1 doily ? red
1 cloth, square (yellow)
1 cloth, square (white)
1 crochet piece

Note: The listed items above were made by Robert E. Lee?s cousin?s wife at "Rutledge," Middleburg, VA. Good condition, no date.

Miller Family ? Speech before Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society by James Miller. December 1, 1958, 10 leaves, typescript

Memento ? edited by Julia Mitchell, 1 item, manuscript

Nulton Memorabilia ? 3 items, printed

Vance, Virginia E. ? Memorabilia, 1938, 3 items: typescript, 1 leaf; printed, bound, 16 pages; news article

White, Elijah Family ? Miscellaneous bills, notes, etc., printed, manuscript

Yates, Fred ? Correspondence from Rob, May 2, 1903, 1 leaf, manuscript

BOX 4 Whiting Family

Whiting, Mrs. Edgar ? Correspondence, 4 items, typescript, copy

Whiting, Frank ? Shenandoah Valley Academy Certificates of Proficiency, 1873-1874, 11 items, printed

Whiting, Helen ? News articles, 1 item, printed

Whiting Family Genealogy and History, 17 leaves, typescript and printed (photocopy)

Whiting, Henry ? News clippings

Whiting-Washington Connection ? 9 leaves, typescript and printed (photocopy)