Valley Female Institute Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library / Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Valley Female Institute Collection, 211 THL/WFCHS

Scope and Content: This collection contains materials concerning the Valley Female Institute located in Winchester, Virginia from 1854 to 1860. In 1858 the Virginia General Assembly passed an act allowing the institute to grant degrees. Mr. S.P. York and Mr. G. LaMonte were principals. The school was under Methodist sponsorship. (1 box) Last updated 05/2011.

Biographical/Historical: The building, which was originally the second Methodist Church built in Winchester, is still standing at 112 South Cameron Street. It currently houses law offices.

Bibliography: Quarles, Garland R., Winchester, Virginia: Streets, Churches, Schools, Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, Winchester, VA, 1996, pg. 199.

Cite As: Valley Female Institute Collection, 211 THL/WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.

Box 1

"Catalogue . . . of the Valley Female Institute," 3 booklets, printed
1856-1857, 1 item
1858, 2 items

Graduation address, [1858], by Elizabeth L. Payne, 1 item, 7 leaves, manuscript

Report card of L. Barr, April 1858, 1 leaf, manuscript on printed form

Report cards of M. E. Barr, 3 leaves, manuscript on printed form
1856 - February, October
1857 - June

Mapcase 1, Drawer 11 (Oversized)

Diploma awarded to Elizabeth L. Payne, June 24, 1858, 1 leaf, manuscript on printed form