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Algernon Sydney Sullivan Collection
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EXTENT: 3.63 linear feet

DATE: 1792 – 1959; bulk 1840-1860

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Collection contains Bible records, genealogical notes, memo books, scrapbooks, correspondence, and other papers primarily pertaining to the Sullivan, Hammond, Burnett, and Hutchinson families.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: Algernon Sydney Sullivan was born on April 5, 1826, to Jeremiah Sullivan and Charlotte Rudesel Cutler in Madison, Indana. At age 17, he was admitted to Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana. He went on to Miami University of Ohio and received his degree in 1845. In 1851, he married Mary Slocum Groesbeck, who passed away the same year. In December 1856, he married his second wife, Mary Mildred Hammond of Winchester, Virgnia. He went on to be a beloved and distinguished lawyer and member of the New York Bar Association. He was also a member of several clubs and organizations. Sullivan died suddenly of illness on December 4, 1887, in New York City.

Mary Mildred Hammond Sullivan, the daughter of Sarah A. Taylor and George W. Hammond, grew up in Winchester, Virginia. After marrying Algernon S. Sullivan, she moved to New York with him where a chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) was named after her. She became widely known and appreciated in the field of public philanthropy. She became a member of a committee of women who saw to the needs of southern prisoners in New York, became involved in the management of the Nursery and Child’s Hospital, and assisted with an annual charity ball held in New York as well as being involved in several other charities. Early in the Handley Regional Library’s development, Mary Mildred Sullivan and her son, George H. Sullivan, donated prints, engravings, and books to the library’s holdings. They also established the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Memorial Trust, which continually provides funds to purchase books for the library.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Holmes, Anne Middleton. Algernon Sydney Sullivan. Concord: The New York Southern Society, 1929.

CITE AS: Algernon Sydney Sullivan Collection, 231 THL, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


Box 1—Cannot Photocopy 

Bible, 1859, James B. Smith & Company, Philadelphia; family data in center, 1 page

Box 2—Cannot Photocopy 

Volumes 1 through 2 (Groups 1-part of 4) are contained in the following scrapbook:

Group 1 records of Ann J. Burnett, wife of Dr. William Burnett, 1856-1870, pages 1-15
-Household Bills
-Land Bond
-Recorder’s fee
-Lot tax
-Deed of release of land

Group 2 records of Dr. William Burnett, 1829-1946, pages 16-52
-Law fees
-Sheriff’s executions
-Tax receipts
-Militia fines
-Law suits in court
-Social letters
-Transfer deed of property

Group 3 papers relating to Mr. William Burnett, son of Dr. William Burnett, 1957, pages 53-55
-Law Certificate from Harvard University, 1857
-Admission to practice law from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1857

Group 4 records of Thomas P. and Thomas D. Burnett, 1858-1861, pages 56-85 (continued in Volume 2, Box 2)
-Book of accounts with Hooff
-Turnpike toll receipts
-Levys, taxes
-Registered letter receipt
-Book of general accounts

Volume 2 (Group 4 continued-Group 7) are contained in the following scrapbook:

Group 4 records of Thomas D. Burnett, continued

Group 5 records of Hutchinson & Burnett, 1856-1860, pages 18-73
-Purchase of drug store
-Lease of store
-Sales invoices
-Purchase records
-Notes, letters
-Receipts, etc.

Group 6 records of Oscar Hutchinson, 1855-1859, pages 74-77
-Bills, receipts, etc.

Group 7 records of W. O. Hutchinson, n.d., pages 78-85 (continued in Volume 3, Box 3)
-Bills, receipts
-Letters, collection on bill

Box 3 

Volume 3 (Group 7 continued-Group 11) are contained in the following scrapbook:

Group 7 – records of W. O. Hutchinson, page 1, continued
Group 8 – miscellaneous papers (1832-1860, pages 2-5) relating to
-Edward Burnett
-Mary Burnett
-Thomas D. Burnett
-S. C. Snyder
-Dr. J. J. H. Strith
-Purchase statements
-Unsigned notes

Group 9 – papers pertaining to negro slaves, 1834-1859, pages 6-13
-Hire of slave Lucy
-Two slave insurance policies for slave “William”
-Insurance application (blank)
-Negro examination certificate (blank)
-Hire of slave “Ben”
-Payment on slave “Amanda”
-Contract for hire of negro boy “Ben”
-Contract for hire of slave “George”

Group 10 – records of George Washington Hammond, C. H. Hammond, and S. W. Hammond, pages 14-28
Records of George Washington Hammond, 1857-1870
-Book of accounts
-Printed, Act to amend the Charter of the Insurance Company of Virginia
-Constitution and By-laws of the Episcopal Church
-Policies of insurance
-Purchase statements
-Board bills
-Receipts for pew rent
-Property insurance papers
Records of C.H. Hammond and S.W. Hammond, 1858-1859

Group 11 – records of Mrs. Bushrod Taylor, pages 29-43 (pages 44-84 blank)
-Re sale of property
-Purchase statements
-Blank checks
-Pew rent receipts
-Tax levy
-Newspaper subscription
-Household insurance

Volume 4 (Groups 12-15) are contained in the following scrapbook:

Group 12 records and papers of Christopher Collins, pages 1-6
-Memorandum book begun 1796, giving account of his business connected with his management of his estate and the affairs of his family
-Letter—To his little daughter Nancy aged 11, dated Apr. 25, 1797
-Sermon—“The Great Assize or Day of Judgment”
-Diary from Nov. 20, 1803 to Dec. 9, 1804
-The passing of his wife written in poetic style
-Newspaper clipping—History of the Baptist Church, which he helped to establish in Charles Town, W.Va.

Group 13 Hammond Family, sermon preached at interment of Captain Thomas Hammond, pages 7-26
-Photostat copy of Thomas Hammond’s marriage license, Nov. 6, 1792
-Copy of Thomas Hammond’s marriage license, April 19, 1797
-Will of Mildred G. Hammond, his wife, made Feb. 18, 1805
-Letter from N.N. Hammond to her son Geo. Washington Hammond enclosing copy of sermon preached at the interment of Capt. Thos. Hammond (his father) and Thos. Burgess Ball (his brother) April 4, 1820
-Letters written by N.N. Hammond to Mrs. Elizabeth Brown and the Misses Margaret and Jane Brown (daughters of Thos. Hammond’s sister Sarah Hammond Brown)
-The child writing of Mary Mildred Hammond (sister of G.W. Hammond)
-Statement and receipt belonging to H.I. Hammond
Letter written by N.N. Hammond to Miss Jane H. Brown, Aug. 13, 1830
-Verses of deep devotion and prayer
-Resolutions by the Good Samaritan Division upon the death of Henry Christopher Hammond, son of Thos. Hammond
-Clipping—Notice of Henry Christopher Hammond’s death, Nov. 24, 1834
-Book containing death notices of
---Mrs. Ann N. Hammond
---Mary M. Hammond
---Henry Christopher Hammond
---George Washington Hammond
---John W. Stribling
---Mrs. Ann J. Burnett (nee Hammond)
---Ann R. Page

Group 14 Washington Family correspondence, pages 29-40
-Letter—Mrs. Mildred to Gen. Geo. Washington, Oct. 13, 1798
-History of the Washington Chair, which descended to Miss Harriot M. Hammond
-History of the Washington Desk, which descended to Miss Harriot M. Hammond
---Hannah Washington to Mr. James Ware, Jan. 1, 1801
---Geo. Washington to Miss Mary Mildred Hammond, Sep. 20, 1928
---Jane C. Washington to Mrs. N.N. Hammond, Feb. 2, 1835
---Jane C. Washington to Miss Ann Hammond, Feb. 23, 1835
---Jane C. Washington to Miss Ann J. Hammond, Apr. 29, 1836
---R.I. Washington to Mrs. Ann Burnett
---4 short letters from Jane C. Washington to Mrs. Burnett, 1837-1838

Group 15 miscellaneous letters, wills, poetry, etc., pages 42-85
---Fielding Lewis, dated Dec. 10, 1781
---Alexander Burnett, dated May 24, 1793
---John Hall (married Eliza, sister of Thos. Hammond) to Thos. Hammond, dated July 1796
---John Hall to Mrs. Wm. Brown, dated August 28, 1803
---John Tayloe to J. Milton, dated Sept. 19, 1808
---Rawleigh Colston to John Milton, dated April 12, 1816
-Poem—R.R. Jordan to Miss Mary Mildred Hammond, Dec. 7, 1826
---Jane Keyes to Miss Ann J. Hammond, dated Jan. 15, 1836
---F. Clark to Miss Ann J. Hammond, dated Jan. 27, 1836
---Jane H. Keyes to Miss Ann J. Hammond
-Memoriam to Ann Evans Hammond
-Verses—“Fading Beauty,” written for Miss N. J. Hammond, April 1827
---Written for Miss N.J. Hammond by H.H. Jordan, August 2, 1827
---Written for Miss N.J.  Hammond by H.F.G.L.S.
-Verses—“How Firm a Foundation,” addressed to Miss N.J. Hammond
-Note in regard to sending “The Star Spangled Banner” to M.M. Hammond
---F. Clark to Miss Ann J. Hammond, dated Sept. 20, 1834
---Templeman to Miss Ann J. Hammond, dated Dec. 10, 1835
-Note from Geo. B. Beale to Dr. Burnett, dated Dec. 30, 1841
---J.R. Janney(?) to Jas. M. Brown, dated May 17, 1844
---J.D. Hanson to Mrs. Ann J. Burnett, dated Nov. 21, 1845
---Fanny Clark to Mrs. Nancy J. Burnett, dated Jan. 25, 1848
---Eleanor Brown to Mrs. Ann J. Burnett, Dated Feb. 1,1848
---Ellen D. Henry to Mrs. Ann J. Burnett, dated Jan. 28, 1855
---A.J. Burnett to his niece, Jan. 22, 1869
---Catherine B. Turner to Miss Nancy Hammond, Apr. 14, about 1835
---A.E. Davis to Mrs. Ann J. Burnett
---Fannie to Mrs. Burnett
---A.M. Alexander to Mrs. A. J. Burnett
---Stephen – to Mrs. Burnett
---H.L. Alexander to Mrs. Ann J. Burnett
---J.C.W. (Jane C. Washington) to Mrs. Burnet
---Florinda Taylor to Mrs. Burnett
---D.B. Turner to Mrs. Doctor Burnet
---G. Washington Ball to Mrs. Mary Mildred Sullivan, dated Nov. 21, 1896
---H.K. Ambler to Miss Harriot M. Hammond, Dated Aug. 30, 1898
-Sketch—Hammond Washington families
---John B. Neill to Miss Harriot M. Hammond, Dated Jan. 15, 1900
---Samuel M. Taylor to Miss H.M. Hammond, Dated Jan. 25,1900
---Hugh McIlhany to Miss H.M. Hammond, Dated Feb. 26, 1901
-Book—Danville Library Assn. acknowledge receipt of “Aunt Bet” Nov. 17, 1927
-Piece of a very old newspaper (1853-4-5 ?)

Box 4 

Beall, John Yates – correspondence

Bills dental, medical service, 1856-1857

Civil War Letters, 1860-1864, to Mrs. Sullivan (nee Hammond)

East, John Pinkerton memorial pamphlet

Hammond Family silhouette portrait information

Hammond, George W. Bond memo book, 1852

Hammond, George W. memo book, 1857-1860

Hammond, George W. property memo book

Hammond-Sullivan genealogy, 1 leaf, typescript

Insurance policy for property of A. S. Sullivan

Inventory donations, 1936, 1951

Letter list, 1796-1860 – Hammond families

Miscellaneous papers

Obituaries – of the Sullivan family

"Our Unseen Benefactor," by George Hammond Sullivan, 1 leaf, typescript

Paper art

"Success," address by John Hayes Hammond, 12 pages, printed

Sullivan, Mrs. Algernon Sydney – expressions of appreciation

Sullivan, George Hammond – “Miscellaneous Expression”

Sullivan, Mary Mildred, biography of

Taylor, Hannah – certificate of life membership in the American Bible Society, 1848

Taylor, Mrs. E. S. – accounts, 1857-1859

Taylor Hotel

Visits of Clay and Webster to Winchester, 7 leaves, typescript

Box 4A          Did Not Digitize

Silhouette frames with glass

Box 4B          Did Not Digitize 

Bible, New Testament (Matthew 6 on), green cloth cover
Book of Common Prayer, 1818, "Nancy Hammond's Prayer Book"

Box 5 

Transcriptions and News Clippings
            Folder 1: Family Bible of Rev. Christopher Collins (contains list of Black servants of the Hammond family), 11 leaves, typescript
            Folder 2: Copy of family records contained in a family Bible owned by John Milton, 5 leaves, typescript
            Folder 3: News clippings of obituaries of John Milton and Ann Milton, 2 leaves, typescript
            Folder 4: Hammond family records taken from a copy of Works of Josephus, 4 leaves, typescript
            Folder 5: Family Bible records from the Hammond Family Bible (contains probable ages of Hammond family servants), 4 leaves, typescript

Bible and Apocrypha, Matthew Carey, Philadelphia, 1802, belonging to Christopher Collins DID NOT DIGITIZE

Pamphlets including the following:
Family Bible Records – Mrs. Algernon S. Sullivan
Collins, Christopher, Berkeley County, WV – memo book
re biography of Mary Mildred Sullivan, 1924
Bible record transcripts – Hammond and related families

Box 6 

Scrapbook #1 – newspaper clippings – Starts with article called “What I Know about Winchester,” by an old citizen (no dates provided)

Scrapbook #2 – newspaper clippings – Starts with article called “Money in the South: Mr. Joseph Bryan Says That There Has Been a Lack of Credit Facilities”

Scrapbook #3 -- newspaper clippings – Starts with article called “Author of Marse Chan: Something about the Man Who Became Famous in a Day.”

Box 7 

Sullivan and Hammond scrapbook, Volume 4 - Civil War letters, manuscript, typed

Sullivan and Hammond Families - Civil War letters, 1860-1865

Civil War letters, 1860-1865, to Mrs. Sullivan (nee Hammond)

Box 8 

Land warrant to Mason Taylor for service in the Illinois Militia in the Black Hawk War, May 15, 1860

Hammond and related family – old papers and letters 1796-1869, Volume 1

Hammond and related families – old papers and letters, Volume 3

Hammond and related families – old papers and letters, 1796-1860, 3 volumes, photocopy

Books include the following:                  Did Not Digitize

The Christian Year: Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the Year. Philadelphia: George & Wayne, 1847.

Dunn, William. The Farmer's Daughter, an Authentic Narrative. Boston: Samuel T. Armstrong and Crocker & Brewster, 1822.

Hervey, James. Theron and Aspasio: Or a Series of Dialogues and Letters. London: 1784.
Testament, c. 1783, belonging to Christopher Collins

Mead, William. Family Prayers. Alexandria, D.C.: Wm. M. Morrison, 1834.

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Edinburgh: Assigns of Alexander Kincaid, His Majesty’s Printer, 1783. Belonged to Christopher Collins (1775-1808) of Charles Town, Virginia. Includes family history of Hammond family and of George Hammond Sullivan. Typed note pasted in book reads, “Presented in memory of Mary Mildred Sullivan by her son George Hammond Sullivan, February 1936.”

Watts, Isaac. Psalms of David. Elizabeth-town, NJ: James Sanderson, 1828.

Box 9 

Bible and Apocrypha, Matthew Carey, Philadelphia, 1802, belonging to John Milton; Milton Family information in center    Did Not Digitize

Bible, Langdon Coffin, Boston, 1831, belonging to George W. Hammond; family notes inside and in Appendix  Did Not Digitize

Pledge – The Algernon Sullivan Award Committee of the New York Southern Society, undated, 1 leaf

Box 10 World War I Items – Did Not Digitize 

Eddy, C. Vernon. Pamphlet: "Winchester and Frederick County in Wartime," 29 pages, printed.  Did Not Digitize

  1. Clifton. Manual of English-French Conversation with Models of Letters. Paris: Garnier Brothers, n.d. Did Not Digitize

Photograph book – The Absolute Truth, U.S. Signal Corps.                Did Not Digitize

Naval transportation regulations – U.S.S. Leviathan                             Did Not Digitize

Basic field manual, 1939                                                                       Did Not Digitize

Loftie, W.J. "Guide to the Tower of London." London: Darling & Son, 1919.   Did Not Digitize

Flag, red with Union Jack in corner                                                       Did Not Digitize

Equipment including the following:                                                         Did Not Digitize
Puttees, leather, 1 pair
Belt ammunition pocket, 1
Cloth leg wraps, 2
Sam Browne belt, 1
Leather shoe strings, 1 pair

Photographs including the following:
World War I postcards, 3 envelopes
World War I ruins, 6 photographs
Picture postcards, 1 envelope
Official Photos of the Great War, U.S. Signal Corps, 1929

Box 11 – Did Not Digitize

Bronze tablet of Algernon Sydney Sullivan

Box 12 – Did Not Digitize


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