Richard Plater Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library / Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Richard Plater Collection, 1490 THL

Scope and Content: This collection is comprised of correspondence, speeches, notes, ledgers, and other papers concerning the American National Red Cross and horticulture. Horticultural notes relate to Play Gardens, a home in Clarke County, VA. Edward G. Butler served in the American National Red Cross in canteen and hospital services in World War I. He served primarily in England.
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Biographical/Historical: Richard Plater was born on May 9, 1908 in Nashville, TN. On his mother’s side he is a descendant of the Custis, Lewis, and Washington families. Plater married Eleanor Leake of Massachusetts and the couple had two sons Ormonde and David. Residing in Clarke County, VA for many years, Plater died on Christmas Day, 2004 at his home in Thibodaux, LA. He was 96.

Edward Gay Butler was born in Iberville Parish, LA on April 18, 1872. Educated at Harvard he married Emily Mansfield of St. Louis. Butler is also a descendent of the Lewis and Custis families. His great-grandmother was Eleanor Parke Custis, step-granddaughter of George Washington. After 1901, Butler and his wife resided at "Annfield" in Clarke County, VA. Butler died on February 8, 1952, just six months after his wife, Emily, who died on August 26, 1952.

Butler served in the American Red Cross during World War I, and Plater served in the same organization during World War II. All four are buried in the Old Chapel Cemetery, Clarke County, VA

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Box 1

Annefield Farms, 1 leaf, printed

Butler Correspondence–between Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gay Butler, 1931-32, and no date, 16 leaves, manuscript; 3 envelopes, manuscript; 3 postcards

Butler, Edward Gay–Speech and notes for special occasions, 4 leaves, typescript; 7 leaves, manuscript; 1 envelope

Butler, Edward G.–American National Red Cross certificate, passport and notes, 1918-1919, 3 leaves, manuscript on printed form; 1 leaf, manuscript; 1 leaf news article (photocopy)

Bird feeding –General information, 8 leaves, printed; 2 leaves, typescript (copy)

Bird Feeding Station–patented by Edward Gay Butler, 1950, 2 leaves, scale drawing; 4 printed cards; 1 page, manuscript; 1 award ribbon; 1 postcard

Boxwood information, 15 pages, printed; 4 booklets, printed; 1 spiral notebook, manuscript

Clarke County tax receipts –1901 to 1919, 19 leaves, manuscript on printed form

Garden Club of Virginia, 1930-1944, 8 leaves, typescript; 6 leaves, printed; 3 leaves, news articles (photocopy)

Iris information, 18 leaves, typescript; 1 envelope with manuscript notes

Obituaries, 1932-1937, 5 leaves, news articles (photocopy); 1 leaf, typescript; 1 page, printed

Play Gardens–Certificates and official papers, 1928-1983, 12 leaves, typescript on printed form; 6 leaves, typescript; 10 leaves, manuscript on printed form; 3 leaves, manuscript; 1 page, manuscript on printed form

Play Gardens–Correspondence and invoices, 1929-1980, 38 leaves, typescript; 12 pages, manuscript; 6 leaves, typescript on printed form

Play Gardens–Notes on nursery stock, 1928-1940, printed material on plants and equipment, 49 leaves, manuscript; 18 leaves, typescript; 12 booklets, printed; 2 cards with manuscript notes; 5 pages, printed

Recipes, 1 leaf, manuscript; 1 leaf, typescript

St. Louis property correspondence and title, 5 leaves, typescript; 1 leaf, typescript (copy)

Box 2

Red Cross lapel pin, "U.S.," metal eyeglass case

Card case, 1 item

Notebooks and Ledgers (small)
American National Red Cross Notes, 1918-1919
American National Red Cross and Garden Notes, 1919
Notes on Farming and Conditions, 1907
Book Inventory, no date

Butler, Edward Gay–Etched bookplate and copies, coat of arms, metal and printed material

Notebooks and Ledgers (large)
Bird Diary-Annefield, 1914, "E.M.B.," 1 item, bound, manuscript
Plantings at Annefield, 1911, 1 item, bound, manuscript
"L.L. Butler Atty. in Fact 8 Tutor"--accounts, plants, etc. plus legal notes from 1892 on p. 190, 255 pages, manuscript
University Note Book, Narcissus, 1 item, 19 pages, manuscript
"Edward G. Butler"–scrapbook contains photographs and clippings regarding plants and gardens, c.1931
"Iris" Play Gardens, 1936, 1 item, 2 ring binder, manuscript
"L.L. Butler"–1954 boxwood prices, 1955 peonies charts and prices, 1 item, bound, manuscript
Iris catalogues, 1929-1934, in one binder, 14 items, printed; notes, manuscript
Play Garden scrapbook, 1928-1953, 1 item, manuscript; with printed photographs and news clippings
"Robinson’s Book of Modern Conundrums," printed 1903 by James M. Robinson, paperbound


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