Winchester Medical College 190

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library / Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Winchester Medical College Collection, 190 THL/WFCHS

Scope and Content: The Winchester Medical College Collection includes catalogs, announcements, histories, and news articles pertaining to the college.
(1 box) Last updated 06/05.

Biographical/Historical: The Winchester, Virginia college was chartered in 1826 as the "Medical College of the Valley of Virginia." It was begun by Dr. John Esten Cooke, Dr. Hugh Holmes McGuire, and Dr. A. F. Magill. The college operated for two years and was closed until 1847 when it was revived and newly chartered by the Commonwealth as the Winchester Medical College. (1 box) Last updated 06/05.

Cite As: Winchester Medical College Collection, 190 THL/WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


Box 1

Catalogues and announcements, 1859-1861 3 items: 21 leaves printed (photocopy)

Conservation of Health, Past, Present, and Prospective in Winchester and Its Environs, 2 items, printed

General Assembly actions, 1826 and 1847 7 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Histories of Winchester Medical College:
5 items: 4 leaves, printed (photocopy); 4 leaves, typescript; 4 leaves, typescript (copy)

"Winchester Medical History," by Mrs. Leslie Bell, delivered to Jr. Century Club, 1952, 13 leaves, typescript

McGuire correspondence, 1880 and 1884, 4 leaves, manuscript (photocopy); 1 leaf, manuscript on printed form

Magazine Articles:
"A Journey to Virginia in December, 1859" by James Monroe, article in Oberlin Thursday Lectures, Addresses and Essays, Oberlin, Ohio, 1897, 1 item; printed (photocopy)
"John Brown and Oberlin" by Robert S. Fletcher, article in The Oberlin Alumni Magazine, Volume 28, No. 5, February, 1932, 1 item, printed (photocopy)
"Winchester Medical College" by Dr. William McGuire, editorial in the Virginia Medical Monthly, Volume 48, No. 1, April 1921, 1 item, printed; 8 pages, 1 copy (photocopy), 3 leaves
"The Winchester Medical College, Winchester, Virginia, 1827-1862" by Dr. Abner H. Cook, article in The Medical Pickwick, Volume IV, No. 1, January, 1918, 1 item, printed (photocopy)
"The Medical Pickwick," January 1918 1 item, printed

"The Winchester Medical College ? William P. McGuire, M.D.," reprint from Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, April, 1937, Vol. 64, pages 841-843, 8 copies: 7 pages, printed
News articles, 1790, 1811, 1981 and 1994, 5 leaves, printed (photocopy); 2 leaves, typescript

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