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Winchester City School Records
581 THL

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EXTENT:  12.49 linear feet 

CREATOR: Winchester Public Schools. 

DATES: 1871-2010 

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection includes materials related to the Winchester, Virginia (USA) school system and individual schools within the city limits, covering 1871 to the present. The collection includes minutes of school board and committee meetings, reports, publicity and newsletters, and describe the history and growth of Winchester City Schools. The appendix to the collection inventory provides a list of schools and colleges, both public and private, which were established in Winchester over the course of the City’s history. 

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The Winchester City school division began in 1919 when Winchester became a separate district from Frederick County, Virginia. The City hired Frederick E. Clerk as the first superintendent. As of 2017 the Winchester Public School system includes four elementary schools, one intermediate school, one middle school, and one high school.

RELATED MATERIAL: See also Winchester High School Records (670 WFCHS), John Handley High School Records (145 WFCHS/THL), and Garland R. Quarles Elementary School Records (630 THL).

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Garland R. Quarles, The Schools of Winchester, Virginia (Winchester, Virginia: Farmers and Merchants National Bank, 1964). 

CITE AS: Winchester City School Records #581, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA. 

ACQUISITION INFORMATION:  Acquired as a gift. 


BOX 1 - Schools 

School Board/School System – News Articles 

Daniel Morgan Middle School – School dedication cafeteria/classroom. October, 1995, 6 items, printed 

Daniel Morgan Middle School – First Harvest, 1988, Daniel Morgan Literary Magazine, 16 pages, typescript 

Douglas Community Center 

Douglas School 

Dowell J. Howard Vocational –Technical Center – class bulletin, 1993-1994, 1 item, printed 

Dowell J. Howard Vocational School Dedication and Open House (April 1972) – 2 items, 9 pages, printed 


Frederick Douglass Elementary School 

John Handley High School 

John Kerr Elementary School, closed 2016 

John Kerr School, opened 2016 

John Kerr School 

Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart Elementary School – School dedication October, 1995, 8 items, printed 

Virginia Avenue Elementary School Yearbook 1993, includes history 1930-1993, 16 pages, printed 

Winchester High School 

Winchester Intermediate School 

Winchester Public School – Mid-Winter, 1911 


Contract – Frederick E. Clerk, Superintendent of Schools, May 19, 1919, 1 leaf, typescript

Contract with teacher Mary Elise Morris, January 25, 1921 

Excerpts from the School Board minutes relating to Frederick Douglas School (education of black children), unnumbered leaves, manuscript/typescript/printed 

Finley, Floyd—Dedication of Tree, Douglas Community Center 2003; 12 leaves, printed and printed photographs 

“Focus on Education” – newsletter, 1980-1988, 13 issues, printed 

“Focus on Education” – 1993-1995, 10 issues, printed 

Handbook – Rules and Regulations, c. 1900, 8 pages, printed (photocopy) 

A Handbook of the Winchester Schools, n. d., 1 item, 16 pages, printed 

Handbook of the Winchester Schools, 1993, 1 item, 24 pages, printed 

Handley, John – Biographical Sketch, no author, no date, 2 items, 4 pages,  printed 

Paycheck – Beulah Cline, 1898, 1 item, framed, manuscript on printed form 

Programs, 2 leaves, printed 

“Psychological and Educational tests in the Public Schools of Winchester, Virginia” January, 1922, University of Virginia Record, Volume 6, No. 6, 2 items, 54 pages, printed 

Technical Preparation curriculum, 9-12, August, 1994, 14 items, typescript 

Winchester Community Television, 4 items, 4 pages, 3 pages, printed; 1 item, typescript

Winchester Public Schools Credo, n. d., 1 item, printed 

BOX 2 Winchester City School Board 

Winchester City School Board – minutes

1871-1889, 1 item, manuscript

1889-1910, 1 item, manuscript 

BOX 3            

Winchester City School Board – minutes, 1910-1919, 1 item, manuscript/typescript/printed 

BOX 4 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, 1919-1928, 1 item, manuscript/typescript/printed 

BOX 5            

Winchester City School Board – minutes, 1929-1938, 1 item, typescript 

BOX 6 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, 1938-1951, 1 item, typescript 

BOX 7 

Winchester City School Broad – minutes, 1 item, 1952-1963, 1 item. typescript 

BOX 8 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, 1 item, Jan. 20, 1964-June 27, 1974 

BOX 9 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, July, 1974-July, 1985 

BOX 10 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, July 29, 1985-June 28, 1991, 1 item, typescript 

BOX 11 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, June 17, 1989-June 28, 1991, 1 item, typescript 

BOX 12 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, July 1, 1991-December 21, 1992 

BOX 13 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, January 25, 1993-September 20, 1993 

BOX 14 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, October 18, 1993-June 20, 1994 

BOX 15 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, July 7, 1994-April 19, 1995 

BOX 16 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, May 15, 1995-June 16, 1997 

BOX 17 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, July 2, 1997-February 27, 1998, unnumbered leaves, typescript 

BOX 17A 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, March 16, 1998-February 22, 2000, unnumbered leaves, typescript 

BOX 18

Proposed opening budget, 2000-2002

Amended operating budget, 2001-2002, 2 item, typescript 

BOX 19 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, March 2000-April, 2001 

BOX 19A 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, May, 7, 2001 – October, 2001 

BOX 20 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, November, 2002 – May, 2002 

BOX 21 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, June, 2002-December, 2002, typescript 

BOX 21a

Winchester Public Schools School Board – minutes, July 1, 2002-December 15, 2003, 1 item, bound, typescript 

BOX 22 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, January, 2003-May, 2003, 1 item, typescript 

BOX 23 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, June, 2003-December, 2003, 11 items, typescript 

BOX 24 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, January, 2004-July 1, 2004 

BOX 24a

Winchester Public Schools Board – minutes, January 5, 2004-December 19, 2005, 1 item, bound, typescript 

BOX 25 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, July 12, 2004-March 3, 2005 

BOX 26 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, March 21, 2005-October 3, 2005 

BOX 27 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, October 17, 2005-August 21, 2006 

BOX 28 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, September 18, 2006-June 18, 2007 

BOX 29 

Winchester City School Board – minutes, June 4, 2007-April 21, 2008 

BOX 30

Winchester City School Board –minutes, May 19, 2008-May 4, 2009

BOX 31

Winchester City School Board – minutes, June 1, 2009-December 7, 2009

BOX 32

Winchester Public School Board – minutes, January 11, 2010-December 13, 2010, 16 items, bound, typescript.




Winchester, VA Schools


Source: Garland Quarles, Winchester, Virginia: Streets, Churches, Schools (Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, Winchester, VA, 1996).



Date Established

Date Closed



Ambler Hill Seminary



South side of Amherst between Washington and Stewart Streets


Andrew Kilpatrick’s School





Broaddus College



East end of Cork Street

Private Moved to

Clarksburg, WVA in 1876

Charles O’Neil, Winchester Seminary of



Location unknown


Charlotte Dehart Elementary School





Daniel Morgan Middle School



48 South Purcell Ave

Winchester, VA


Douglas School




Public Handley fund

provided the money

 for the school

Dowell J. Howell Vocational-Technical Center



156 Dowell J. Circle

Public Adult Education

Dunbar Female Institut



Fort Loudoun School property


Eli Beall’s School

Early 1800s


Loudoun Street


Episcopal Female Institute



Southwest corner of Braddock and Piccadilly Streets, and west side of the Braddock St James Wood Addition


Fairfax Hall



112 S. Cameron St

Moved to Winchester Inn,

 South Stewart Street

 in 1902, closed later

that year

Felix Kirk’s School





Fort Loudoun Seminary



Southern section and middle section of Fort Loudoun building


Original Handley School





Handley High School




Public, Only privately

endowed public school in

Virginia, and one of the

 few in the country

J. H. Jones School





James I. and Miss Randolph’sSchool





Original John Kerr School



Southwest corner of South Cameron and East Cork Street

Public, First publicly

owned school in Winchester, VA, cornerstone laid in 1883

Jonathan Foster, The School of



Northwest corner of Loudoun and Cork Streets

Rear of building used to

publish The Constellation,

 the third newspaper

 published in Winchester

Long’s School



Northwest corner of Amherst and Washington Streets


Loudoun St Presbyterian Church




Located in church basement


Lucinda Morrow’s School



Indian Alley and Boscawen Streets (in Bell Building)


Marie Smith’s School




Needlework instruction

Miss Eliza Baker’s School



Loudoun Street


Miss Hayworth’s School





Miss Jennie Sherrard’s School



226 Amherst St.


Miss Margaret Dame’s School



Christ Episcopal Church Chapel

No longer standing

Miss Nellie Diffenderfer’s School



500 S. Braddock Street


Miss Virginia Kremer’s School



Northeast corner of Cecil and Loudoun Streets


Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Powell’s Female Seminary



Corner of Amherst and Braddock Streets

General Robert E. Lee’s

 daughter Mildred attended

 this school

Mr. Caldwell’s School



Corner of Cameron and Piccadilly Streets


Mr. Darlington School



19-23 N. Braddock St.


Mr. Joseph Cooley’s School



At Hollenbeck Hotel at corner of Main and Gerrard Streets


Mrs. Scott’s School



Conrad house on Cameron Street


Pembroke School for Boys



Fort Hill property


Quarles School





Robert Sedwick’s School



Rear of People’s Drug Store Building (Bell Building) next to Indian Alley


Shenandoah Valley Academy



Lee St. and Stonewall Ave

Located at Aspen Hill

Stephen F. Smith’s School




Day and night school

Tucker Law School



West side of Cameron St on Christian Streit property


Valley College



Reopened at Fort Loudoun building


Valley Female College




Operated by a corporation

Valley Female Institute



112 S. Cameron St.

Used as hospital during the

 Civil War, called

York Hospital

Valley Female Seminary





Virginia College





Virginia Ave. School




Public: Handley funded

 price for site

Winchester Academy



109 S. Cameron Street


Winchester Female Academy



Corner of Loudoun and Peyton Streets


Winchester Female Institute



Northwest corner of Cork and Loudoun Streets


Winchester Female Seminary



Corner of Loudoun and Peyton Streets


Winchester High School





Winchester Institute



Northwest corner of Braddock and Amherst Streets

Emphasized foreign


Winchester Medical College



Northwest corner of Stewart and Boscawen Streets

Closed in 1829, but

reopened in 1847,

burned by the Union army

in 1862 by order of General Nathanial Banks

Winchester Seminary



Northwest corner of Braddock and Amherst Streets