Driver Tests/Test Proctor

Driver Improvement tests

The Handley Regional Library System has agreements with several companies, including Driving University and I Drive Safely, to verify the identity of students who come to the Library to take their final test after having completed a driver improvement course. Call the library in advance to confirm that your course is on our approved list. The Library does not proctor VADETS exams.

Test Proctor Procedures

The Handley Regional Library System provides limited proctoring services at the Bowman Library and Handley Library.* Fill out and send or bring this Proctor Service Request Form to an Information Desk at Bowman or Handley branch.  Read carefully the guidelines below or print them.

The student will:

  • Have a library card in good standing before a test proctoring date can be arranged.
  • Fill out a Proctor Service Request Form before each test date. Forms are available at the Information Desk.
  • Pay all exam-related charges (copying, faxing, scanning, etc.) incurred.
  • Verify that the testing institution accepts all library proctoring rules & procedures outlined herein.
  • Call to verify that the proctor has received the examination.
  • Allow sufficient time to take the examination before the deadline that has been established by the institution.
  • Arrive on time and bring appropriate photo ID to the library on the scheduled exam day.
  • Come prepared with the necessary or required supplies to take the examination.
  • Provide postage and envelopes as needed.

The library is able to:

  • Proctor exams during regular library hours for individual students who have made advance arrangements.
  • Receive mailed exams.
  • Receive and print exams via e-mail.
  • Proctor online exams of up to two hours at the Handley Library and up to two hours at the Bowman Library.
  • Provide a contact person (the proctor) to schedule the exam and certify that the student has taken the exam within a specified time; **It should be understood by the student and the testing institution that ID verification and the actual administering of the test may be performed by other Reference Desk staff who are on-duty on the actual test day.
  • Return the completed exam to the institution, via the following prepaid methods: U.S. Mail, Faxing, Scanning and Email. See the Proctor Services Request Form for fee amounts.

The library is not able to:

  • Provide a staff member for direct in-room supervision of the student, to continuously monitor the exam, or to verify that the student had no access to materials or assistance.
  • Guarantee a private place for written (paper) exams. The Library’s study rooms may not always be available on the scheduled test day.
  • Provide a private place for online exams.
  • Provide earphones. Online exams with an audio component may be taken only with student-provided earphones.
  • Accommodate requests for walk-in or unscheduled proctoring.
  • Contact the testing institution to clarify procedural questions.
  • Guarantee that the correct material has been received by the proctor, or that completed exams will be received by the testing institution by a specific date.
  • Provide postage, envelopes, calculators, or any office supplies.

*The LFCC Testing Center provides a variety of testing services. Please call 540-868-7000 for additional information including fees.