Stonewall School Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library / Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Stonewall School Collection, 1530 WFCHS

Scope and Content: This collection contains material collected and published by the Stonewall School Reunion Committee. Copies of Stonewall News for the years 1942-1946 are included with 1990 Stonewall Alumni comments. The collection also includes five scrapbooks that contain photographs, newspaper clippings, and notes relating to Stonewall School.
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Biographical/Historical: Stonewall High School opened its doors to students in 1941. It was the fifth high school in Frederick County, VA. The school is located on U.S. Route 11 approximately four miles from the West Virginia state line. The first commencement and baccalaureate exercise was held on May 30, 1943. Twelve seniors received diplomas. When James Wood High School opened in the fall of 1950, Stonewall became an elementary school.

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Box 1

Stonewall News comments to Stonewall Alumni; August 8, 1990 and Publishers Notes, 9 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Stonewall News 1942, mimeograph (photocopy) (including the following). October, 9 leaves
November, 11 leaves
December 24 leaves

Stonewall News 1943 (including the following)
February, 13 leaves
March, 13 leaves
April, 11 leaves
May, 15 leaves
October, 13 leaves
November, 13 leaves
December, 15 leaves

Stonewall News 1944 (including the following)
January, 13 leaves
February, 14 leaves
March, 13 leaves
April/May, 13 leaves
June, 13 leaves
September, 11 leaves
October, 12 leaves
November, 11 leaves

Stonewall News 1945 (including the following)
February, 12 leaves
April, 15 leaves
May, 8 leaves
November, 10 leaves
December, 11 leaves

Stonewall News 1946 (including the following)
January, 12 leaves
February, 15 leaves
March, 13 leaves
April, 16 leaves
May, 17 leaves

Award 1944 Publication contest, Stonewall News, 1 leaf, typescript (photocopy)

Correspondence, 1 leaf

Fundraisers—Stonewall School Building, 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)


News articles, unnumbered items (photocopy)

Obituaries, unnumbered items (photocopy)

Poem— "To Stonewall," by Glenvil Whitacre, n.d., 1 leaf, mimeograph

Programs, 2 pages folded

Questionnaires for reunion planning, 2 leaves

Speeches/Remarks, unnumbered items, typescript/manuscript

Stonewall Alumni Association—minutes, 9 leaves

U.S. Armed Forces Institute blank forms re school courses, 2 leaves printed

Box 2

Scrapbook #1

Box 3

Scrapbook #2

Box 4

Scrapbook #3

Scrapbook #4

Box 5

Scrapbook 5

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