Mt. Hebron Cemetery

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library / Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society

Mt. Hebron Cemetery Records, 84 THL

Scope and Content: This collection contains papers of incorporation, a constitution, by-laws, dedication papers, financial reports, a map, minutes of meetings of the company, an index of visible graves in the Centenary United Church of Christ Cemetery (Old German Reform Church Cemetery), and organizational papers, from 1844 to present. Register of interments available on microfilm.
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Biographical/Historical: Mount Hebron Cemetery, located on E. Boscawen Street in Winchester, Virginia, was incorporated in 1844. The cemetery first started as two cemeteries of the local Lutheran and German Reformed Churches with land donated by Lord Fairfax. Soon after the end of the Civil War, Stonewall Confederate Cemetery was included on these grounds. Mt. Hebron now covers 55 acres and has become the burial site of Winchester?s general population. Many graves have been reburied to this location.

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"Act of Incorporation by the Legislature of Virginia in 1844, and the Revised Constitution and By-laws," Winchester: printed at the Times office, 1882, 2 items, printed

Board of Managers from 1843 -2006, 1 leaf, typescript

Brochures, no date, 4 items, printed

Burials ? Mt. Hebron Memorial Garden, cremations, 1 leaf, typescript

Burials -- Old German Reformed Church Cemetery, list of graves, 7 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Burials ? Stranger?s Lot?list of those buried in stranger?s lot?compiled by cemetery staff, 14 leaves, typescript

Dedication -- "Dedication of Mt. Hebron Cemetery, in Winchester, Virginia, June 22, 1844; the Act of Incorporation by the Legislature of Virginia in 1844; and the Constitution and By-Laws of the Mt. Hebron Cemetery Company," Winchester: printed at the Republican office, 1845, 4 items, printed

Dedication --General Daniel Morgan Veterans Cemetery and Veterans Memorial Monument?Invitation to Dedication, Sept. 20, 2003

Financial report, 1979-1980, 1 item, typescript

Map of cemetery, 3 items, printed, photocopy

Minutes of Mt. Hebron Cemetery Company?excerpts of, June 24, 1844 and January 21, 1876, regarding Daniel Morgan gravesite, 1 leaf, typescript

News articles?Mt. Hebron Cemetery, unnumbered items, printed (photocopy)

Receipt, 1971, 1 leaf, typescript

MAPCASE 1, Drawer 16 (Oversized)
Indenture of John Silver to Mt. Hebron, January 21, 1887
Indenture of Mary Snapp to Mt. Hebron, September 8, 1886

MAPCASE 2, Drawer 8 (Oversized)
Mt. Hebron Cemetery, the Silent City, map of Mt. Hebron Cemetery noting gravesites of notable people, 1998, 1 leaf, printed.

"Outstanding Americans in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, VA", compiled by Margaret Y. Schad and Wilbur S. Johnston; written by Margaret Y. Schad, 1998, printed, 34 pages.

Mt. Hebron Plat, 1948 (Oversized)

MAPCASE 3, Drawer 7
# 131, Mt. Hebron Plat, 1947 (Oversized)

MAPCASE 3, Drawer 7 (Oversized)
Blueprints of Mt. Hebron Cemetery Chapel and Gate Lodge by Barney and Chapman, Architects, March 29, 1902, 6 sheets, manuscript (DON NOT PHOTOCOPY MANUSCRIPTS); 6 sheets, photocopy (these may be photocopied)


Internment Records for Mt. Hebron Cemetery, 1843-1976
Index to Internment Records

Minutes 1843-1850; 1875-1919; 1919-1975

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See also: McCabe, Susan L. and Bailey, Bridgett K., Burials of Grace Lutheran and German Reformed Churches with Mount Hebron Cemetery of Winchester, Virginia, Shenandoah Valley Genealogical Society, 2110