Ruth Farley Massey Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society


Scope and Content: This collection contains a miscellany of Winchester, VA subjects, such as Apple Blossom Festival catalogs, programs from local plays, a copy of a presentation to the Century Club (1980) by Ruth Farley Massey, various school papers, an autobiography of William P. Massey, etc. Also included in the collection are the records Of Camp Rim Rock from 1949-1966, and genealogical information of Ruth Farley Massey’s family. These papers are from the early to mid-1900s. The collection also contains personal items relating to Ms. Massey’s life through 2015.

The collection also contains items concerning Ridgewood Orchards and the Shenandoah Candy Company.  (7 boxes) Last updated (08/2016).

Biographical/Historical: Ruth Farley Massey was born and raised in Winchester, VA. She graduated from Sargent College of Boston University in physical therapy and practiced in hospitals in Detroit and Cleveland. She joined the Girl Scouts of America, and owned and ran Camp Rim Rock at Yellow Spring, WV. She earned a master’s degree from James Madison University in South Pacific anthropology and advanced archaeological method. She then became director of residents of St. Catherine’s School in Richmond, VA. After she retired to Winchester, VA, she became active in the community as a board member of the local chapter of the American Red Cross and was a founding board member of the Blue Ridge Hospice.

Shenandoah Candy Company, which was owned by the Massey Family, operated from 1948-1994, and was located on West Amherst Street, Winchester, VA.

Bibliography: The Winchester Star, Saturday, November 20, 1993.

Cite As: Farley Massey Collection, 1464 THL/WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


Box 1

1960 Presidential Inauguration, invitation and tickets in envelope, unnumbered leaves, printed 

Apple Blossom Festival memorabilia, 7 items, printed

  1. F. Massey and Company, Rochester, NY, 8 leaves, printed, typescript (photocopy)

Civil War, 2 items
”Personal Reminiscences of War Times,” by Mrs. W.P. McGuire, n.d.—events took place in Albemarle County regarding “Mason’s Apron,” 1 page, 28 x 21.5, typescript
Certificate from Stonewall Jackson Memorial to Shenandoah Candy Company, June 3, 1963, for support of organization, 1 page printed

Christ Church, Winchester, VA – Directory, March, 1924, 1 booklet, printed

Composition Class Newsletter, January 22, 1937, 1 item, typescript

Cookbooks (area), 4 items, printed
   The Apple Cookbook of Virginia, The Virginia State Horticultural Society, 1915
   Winchester Cookbook, by the Y. P. M. Society of the Presbyterian Church, Winchester,
   VA, 1855
   The Virginia Apple Cookbook, n. d., 2 copies 

Douglas Junior High School, 1 item, printed

Ephemera, 4 items, typescript/printed

First flight - Winchester to Washington, commemorative airmail envelope, May 19, 1938, 1 item, printed/manuscript

Fort Loudoun Seminary, programs for recitals and musicals,1923, 1924, 1925, 3 items, printed

Frederick County Seal –1 item, metal; 1 leaf, typescript; 2 leaves, typescript; 1 leaf, news article (photocopy)

Girl Scout -- White Rock Echo, newsletter, August 1, 1934, July 7, 1935, July 12, 1935, July 18, 1935, July, 1937, unnumbered leaves, typescript

Girl Scouts – News Articles, unnumbered leaves, printed

Handley High School -- "The Trail Blazer", newsletter, 1926, 1 item, printed

Handley High School - programs, 1924-1940, 17 items, printed

Handley High School – 50-year reunion, class of 1929, 6 items, typescript/printed

Hawaiian Islands presentation, speech to unknown audience, n. d., 14 leaves, manuscript (photocopy), 8 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Miniature Furniture article about furniture made by William P. Massey Sr., typescript, printed

Miscellaneous Items, 5 items, manuscript/printed

News clippings, unnumbered leaves, printed

Programs - play and movie presented by Empire Theater and other locations, 1923-1940, 6 items, printed/manuscript

Red Cross, news articles, unnumbered leaves, printed

Shenandoah Valley Academy yearbook, 1930-1931, 1 item, unnumbered pages, printed

Virginia State student government, 2pages, printed

Wedding – Liza Bush and Seth Coffman, July 8, 2006, unnumbered leaves, printed

"Winchester 1905," paper by Ruth Farley Massey, 38 leaves, typescript

Wright, Rebecca – “Woman’s Wit Turned Sheridan’s Defeat into Victory”, Public Ledger Philadelphia, July 28, 1912, 9 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Box 2

Camp Rim Rock records, 1949-1966, 17 folders

Yearly registration, 1952-1966, 3 folders

Miscellaneous Items, unnumbered leaves

Box 3 Massey Family

Massey Sr., William P. – Diaries, recorded events beginning of the beginning years of Camp Rim Rock, Yellow Springs, VW, manuscript 

1950                                    1954

1951                                    1956



Massey, Mrs. Ruth Farley – Diary 1924-1927, recorded the daily events of herself and her family in Winchester, VA, manuscript 

Loose papers found in diaries of William P. Massey Sr., 10 leaves, printed/manuscript 

 “The Massey Family in America”, author unknown, 134 leaves, manuscript (photocopy) 

Massey Family Christmas Cards, 1939, 1940, n. d., 3 items. printed 

Massey Family Genealogy complied by Walter Massey, Waterton, NY, 58 leaves, typescript 

Medal awarded for Massey Bros. by F&M Bank, n. d., one item,

 News Clippings – Massey Family, unnumbered leaves, printed 

BOX 4 Massey Family 

Massey, Charles Frederick Family, 28 leaves, typescript 

Massey, Charles F.—Marriage Certificate, April 15, 1874, 1leaf, printed 

Massey, Elizabeth E. Protzman, A Short Memoir, 1925, 1 booklet, 30 leaves, manuscript 

Massey, Elizabeth E. Protzman – Post Card from F. H. Protzman, December 5, 1874, 1 page, manuscript 

Massey, Elizabeth – Will, October 27, 1927, 1 leaf, manuscript 

Massey Family – Miscellaneous Family Data, unnumbered leaves, typescript 

Massey, Geoffrey, Descendants of – covers 1593-1956, no author, n. d., 9 leaves, typescript 

Massey, Helen -- Report Cards, Winchester Public Schools, 1922-1927, 6 items, printed 

Massey, Helen – Certificate of Proclamation for marriage, 1 leaf, printed

 Massey, Jeffrey, Planter of Salem, MA, compiled by Caroline Massey Sparks, 1977, 28 leaves, typescript (photocopy) 

Massey, Solon, 1798-1871,  – Autobiography , written 1863, 64 leaves, typescript, Remarks at his funeral 6 leaves, printed (photocopy) 

Massey, W. P. – Appointment Books, 1929, 1931, 2 booklets, manuscript 

Massey, Jr., W.P.-Certificate of War Necessity, 1943, also containing non-highway gasoline ration card 

Massey Sr., W. P. – Autobiography, written winter of 1945 – 46, 45 leaves, typescript 

Massey Sr., W. P. – Article, Virginia Fruit Grower and Farmer, 1915, 1 item, typescript 

Massey Sr., W. P. – Correspondence, 1907-1919, 6 leaves, typescript 

Massey Sr., W. P. – Country Home, Frederick County, VA, 4 leaves, printed (photocopy) 

Massey Sr., W. P. – Draft Registration, 1918, 1 item, printed 

Massey Sr., W. P. –Matriculation Cards, Hamline University, 1898-1901, Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery, 11 items, printed

Massey Family – Miscellaneous Items, unnumbered, typescript 

Massey Family Séance, April 19, 1920, transcript, 6 leaves, typescript 

Wedding Invitation and Marriage Records of W. P. Massey Sr., and Ruth Farley, unnumbered leaves, printed 

“Papa” Bookmark, 1 item 

Scrapbook, 1 item, printed 

BOX 4A Massey, Ruth Farley 

American Red Cross – Items in folder are listed below:

Certificates of Appreciation, 1984, September 15, 1986, April 17, 1990, n.d., 5 leaves, printed

Special Citation for Exceptional Volunteer Work, n.d., 1 leaf, printed

Program – Annul Meeting, Winchester-Frederick County Chapter, September 16, 1985, 2 pages, printed

Correspondence – July 19, 1982, April 19, 1990, 2 leaves, printed

Blue Ridge Hospice – Items in folder are listed below:

            Correspondence from Blake Curtis to Farley Massey, February 2, 2011, 1 leaf

            (in envelope), manuscript

Correspondence from Karen Kennedy Schultz to Farley Massey, February 19, 2011, 1 leaf (in envelope), manuscript

Certificate – Volunteer Training Program, January 26, 1981, 1 leaf, printed

Certificate of Service – 10 years, March 16, 1991, 1 leaf, printed

Article – Blue Ridge Hospice Shining Light Award, February 3, 2011, 2 leaves, typescript   

Blue Ridge Hospice – Newsletters, The Companion,  Items in folder are listed below:

            15th Anniversary Commemorative Issue, Winter, 1996, 6 pages, printed

            20th Anniversary Issue, Summer, 2002, 7 pages, printed

            Winter 2010-2011, 5 pages, printed 

Blue Ridge Hooked Rugs, 6 pages, printed 

Boston University – Items in folder are listed below:

            50th Reunion nametag, 1 item, printed

Alumni Luncheon and Awards Ceremony Program, May 20, 1995, 6 pages, printed

Special Recognition Award, May 20, 1945, 1 leaf, printed

Diploma, 2-year course in Physical Therapy, May 21, 1945, 1 leaf, printed

Transcript of credits, n.d., 2 leaves, printed

Transcript of credits, n.d., 2 leaves, printed

Diploma , B. S. in Physical Education, 1 leaf, printed

Memorandum, April 7, 1945, 1 leaf, typescript

Twiness Award Information and Certificate (September 26, 2015); 7 leaves, printed/typescript 

Certification -- American Registry of Physical Therapy Technicians, 1945-1952, 10 leaves, printed 

Christ Episcopal Church, Winchester, VA – Items in folder are listed below:

            Baptism, May 20, 1923, 2 leaves, printed and manuscript

Vows Reaffirmed, June 25, 1995, June 23, 1996, October 19, 1997, 3 leaves, printed

Church Programs, May 21, 2006, May 16, 2010, 2 items, printed

Invitation to new building and ground, September 6, 2001, 2 pages, printed

Certificate for membership in the Vestry, n.d., 1 leaf, printed

Program for dedication of the Baden Community Outreach Center, September 6, 2001, 3 pages, printed

Confirmation, March 24, 1935, 1 leaf, printed and manuscript

License as Lay Eucharistic Minister, March 18, 1993, September 6, 2001, 2 leaves, printed

Thanks you note, n.d., 1 leaf, printed and manuscript

Invitation to Nonagenarians of Christ Church, July 7, n.y., 2 pages (in envelope) manuscript        

Christmas Greetings – 1940-1953, 6 items (3 in envelope), printed, typescript and manuscript 

Correspondence – Items in folder are listed below:

            From Dad, March 11, 1949, 6 pages (in envelope), manuscript

            From Dr. Wolfe, January 16, 2002, 2 leaves, typescript

            To Washington State Historical Society, December 4, 2013, 2 leaves, typescript 

Diary of Ruth Farley Massey, 1922-2014 

Diploma – Camp Archery Association of the United State, 1942, 3 leaves, printed 

Diploma – National Rifle Association, 1941, 4 leaves, printed 

Employment Records-Ruth Farley Massey 

James Madison University – Items in folder are listed below:

            Diploma, Master of Education, May 10, 1975, 1 leaf, printed

            Transcript of credits, October 31, 1974, 1 leaf, typescript (photocopy) 

 “Little Red Riding Hood” (The way a dictator would tell it) unknown author and date, 2 leaves, typescript 

Miniature Furniture Open House, June 5, 1999, 9 leaves, printed, manuscript, typescript 

Miscellaneous awards and certificates – Items in the folder are listed below:

            E Na Hoaloha, Oct. 24, 1964, 1 leaf, printed

            Parks and Recreation Board, May 13, 1975, 1 leaf, printed

            National Teacher Education Project, July 11, 1971, 1 leaf, printed

            Hawaiian Mission Society, 1923, 1 leaf, printed

            Earthsong Society Award, n.d., 1 leaf printed

            55 Alive/Mature Driving Certificate, Sept. 17, 1986, 1 leaf, printed

            Caretakers Special Tutoring, May 26, 1999, 1 leaf, printed

            Caretakers Certificate of Appreciation, n.d., 1 leaf, printed

            Parks and Recreation, Frederick County, VA, June 17, 1987, Dec., 21, 1989,

            2 leaves, printed

            Indian Association of America, 1956, 1 leaf, printed

            Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board sales permit, 1945, printed

            Basic Gas Mileage Ration Card, 1945, printed 

Miscellaneous Items, unnumbered leaves, printed/typescript/manuscript 

Monograms, Ribbons, and Patches – Items in folder are listed below:

            John Handley High School Monograms, Sports, n.d, 3 items

            John Handley High School Monograms, Band, n.d., 3 items

            American Physiotherapy Association, n.d., 1 item

            Red Cross – Life Saving Patches, n.d., Senior 2 items, Junior 1 item

            Red/White Ribbon, Boston University, n.d., 1 item

            Technician American Registry Physical Therapy, n.d., 1 item

            ACA – Campcraft Instructor, n.d., 1 item             

News Clippings, unnumbered leaves, printed 

Poetry – 8 items (2 in envelopes), typescript/manuscript 

Resume, c. 1923, 2 leaves, typescript 

  1. S. Tennis Association Membership Card, June, 1985, 1 item, printed

Westminster Canterbury – Items in folder listed below:

            Booklet, n.d., 8 pages, printed

            Thank you note from Tammy Hardy to Farley Massey, n.d., 2 pages, printed

            Advertisement – Winchester Royals baseball game, July 23, 2012, 1 leaf, printed 

Winchester Public Schools – Items in folder are listed below:

            Certificate of Award, John Handley Foundation, 7th, 8th, and 9th Grades, June 13,

            1935, June 11, 1936, June 10, 1937, 3 leaves, printed

            School Monogram Certificate of Award, John Handley High School, 1936-1937,

            1 leaf, printed

            5 Point Standard Certificate, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1937-8, 1939-40, 5 leaves, printed 

BOX 5 Allied Families 

Alden Family – Alden Kindred of America, unnumbered leaves, typescript/printed 

32nd Virginia State Conference – Daughters of the American Revolution, November 13, 14, and 15, 1928, 1 booklet, 144 pages, printed 

Application for Children of the American Revolution – Protzman, John, 2 pages,1 leaves, printed/manuscript 

Application for Daughters of the American Revolution – Balch, John, Hastings, Dr.   Seth, Parmele, Thomas, Albee, James, Cutts, John, Pond, Joab, Thayer, Peletiah, Williams, Samuel, Holbrook, Samuel, manuscript/printed 

Daughters of the American Revolution – Correspondence and miscellaneous materials, unnumbered leaves, printed/typescript

Farley, Helen Judd – Notes pertaining to an illustrated talk about Hawaii given by Helen

Judd Farley, circa 1920. There is not a location or illustration provided, 8 pages, typescript 

Farley, Ruth – Correspondence from, 1906, 1918-1927, 5 leaves, typescript

Farley, Ruth –Correspondence to, 1888-1923, unnumbered leaves, manuscript 

Farley, Ruth – Receipts, 1902-1908, unnumbered leaves, printed 

Glendale Female College – Commencement, June 24, 1869, 1 leaf, printed 

Judd Family, 7 leaves, manuscript 

Mayflower Descendents, 1 booklet, 130 leaves, typescript 

Miscellaneous Genealogical Data – unnumbered items, typescript/manuscript 

Pond Family – 1 leaf, typescript, typescript 

Protzman, Elizabeth Ellen – Correspondence, July 8, 1858-October 6, 1899, manuscript 

Protzman, Elizabeth Ellen, Diary of, 1864-1875, diary written when she was 11 years old, 59 leaves, manuscript (photocopy) 

Protzman Family – 2 leaves, typescript 

Standish, Miles – Descendants of, covers 1584-1956, no author, n. d., 8 leaves, typescript 

Society of the Mayflower Descendants – 7 leaves, printed/typescript 

Woodruff, Edith M. – My Story, written 1959, 31 leaves, typescript 

Woodruff Family – 2 leaves, manuscript 

Woodruff, George – Historical Papers compiled by his son Bill Woodruff, 70 leaves, typescript (photocopy) 

Woodruff, George A. – Recollections, An Autobiographical Sketch of George A. Woodruff, [c. 1983], 29 leaves, typescript 

BOX 6 Ridgewood Orchards and Shenandoah Candy Company 

Correspondence – Concerning Rezoning of Property, Shenandoah Candy Company, 1988-1989, unnumbered leaves, typescript 

Correspondence – Colony Realty, 1993-1994, unnumbered leaves, typescript 

Deeds – Ridgewood Orchards and Shenandoah Candy Company, unnumbered leaves, printed 

The 30 Year History of the Ridgewood Crew, unnumbered leaves, typescript 

Registry of Stills – Ridgewood Orchards, 1934-1935, unnumbered leaves, printed/manuscript 

Special Analysis and Factual Data – Ridgewood Orchards, 1938, unnumbered leaves, typescript 

Survey of Property – Ridgewood Orchards, 1940s, unnumbered leaves, typescript 

Stationary – Farley Harvey Company, 1 leaf, printed 

Employees – Shenandoah Candy Company, 1948-1994, 5 leaves, typescript 

Flyers – Shenandoah Candy Company, unnumbered leaves, printed 

Insurance Report – Shenandoah Candy Company, compiled by J. V. Arthur, July 1952, 9 leaves, typescript 

Labels – Apple Syrup, Shenandoah Candy Company, unnumbered leaves, printed 

Labels – Apple Butter, Candy, Miscellaneous, Shenandoah Candy Company, unnumbered leaves, printed 

Metal Sign – Shenandoah Apple Candy Company, 1 item, printed 

News Clippings – Shenandoah Candy Company, unnumbered leaves, printed 

Survey of Property – Shenandoah Candy Company, 1988, 4 leaves, typescript (photocopy) 

Stamping Device – Ridgewood Orchards, 1 item 

BOX 7 – Scrapbooks

Scrapbook -- Poetry 

Scrapbook – Christ Church, Winchester, VA 

Oversize Map Case 1, Drawer 3

Diploma – William Protzman Massey, June 5, 1934, Shenandoah Academy Diplomas, printed

News Article – “A Dogs Life” Winchester Star, April 15, 2005

Pedigree Chart Charles F. Massey, covers 1850-1964, manuscript 

Pedigree Chart Arthur Christopher Massey, covers 1851-1947, manuscript (photocopy)

Pedigree Chart Charles F. Massey, covers 1593-1918, manuscript (photocopy)

Scrapbook pages/photos, printed 

Paper Sign – Shenandoah Apple Candy Company “Mail a Box Home”, printed 

Certificate – The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, presented to Mrs. Ruth Farley Massey, April 17, 1926, printed