African-American Collection, 1599 WFCHS

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection contains material relating to African-Americans in Winchester and Frederick County, Virginia, and Lower Shenandoah Valley from the eighteenth century to the present. It includes manuscripts, ephemera, and items found on the Internet (5 boxes) Last updated 3/16.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL: The first records of the presence of African-Americans in Winchester-Frederick County, VA dates back to the 1750s. Since that time African-Americans have played an important role in the development and history of the county.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Hofstra, Warren, The 18th Century Origins of an Antebellum Free Black Community, Winchester-Frederick Historical Society Journal, Volume 1 (December, 1986), pgs. 57-66. 

CITE AS: African-American Collection, 1599 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


BOX 1 -- Slavery

Slavery -- Anti-Slavery Societies Conventions –excerpts, The Genius of Universal Emancipation includes Anti-Slavery Society of Brucetown in the Valley, Virginia; notes, 6 leaves

Slavery -- Fugitive Slave narratives, 13 leaves, printed from web site

Slavery – Note to hire male slave for one year, December, 1840, “Daniel”, Hugh W. (McGuire) to Elizabeth (Roots), 1 leaf

Slavery – Slave Notice, 4 leaves, photocopy

Slavery -- Slave Patrol – three leaves, manuscript (photostat)

Slavery -- Slave(s), Bill of Sale, 1821, Clay Co. KY, James White to Hugh White,                           1 leaf, manuscript

Slavery – Slave, Bill of Sale, 1808, Mary Dearmont purchased Emily from John Porter of Fauquier County, VA, one leaf, manuscript

Slavery – Slave, Bill of Sale, 1839, Jesse Frye, Christiana Frye, Hrme Frye sold John to Abraham Miller, one leaf, manuscript

Slavery -- Slaves for hire – Agreement with H. A. Miller to hire Dave for one year – 1837, unsigned, manuscript, transcript of agreement, 1 leaf, typescript

Slavery -- Slaves for Hire – news clipping, 1839, one page, printed

Slavery -- Slaves Sale, broadside – 1784, one leaf, printed (photostat)

Slavery -- Slaves, runaway – Ads for, from Pittsburg Gazette 1788, 1818, three leaves printed (photocopy)

Slavery -- Slaves, runaway – paragraph about David Lockhart in Pittsburgh being recaptured by Lloyd Logan of Winchester, 1847, 2 leaves, typescript

Slavery -- Underground Railroad – Hatley Fountain, Charles Torrey, and Bushrod Taylor, 1844, data collected by Hank Trent, c. 2012,  4 leaves, typescript  

Slavery -- Underground Railroad – one leaf, printed (photostat)

Slavery—Indenture 1813; transcript and original document, 2 leaves, manuscript/printed                               


BOX 2 – Free Blacks, Manumission Records

Free Blacks – Directory of Free Negro Registers in Virginia by County or City, complied by Lauranet L. Lee, August 15, 1999, 7 leaves, typescript (printed)

Free Blacks- Manumission Records, Winchester-Frederick Co. Virginia- Abstracts, 94 Items, abstracts 6 leaves list

Free Blacks- Manumission Records, Winchester-Frederick Co. Virginia- copies/notes, unnumbered, photocopies, 9 items, 23 leaves

Box 3 – Civil War

Civil War -- African-American Civil War Soldiers – Colonel Robert G. Shaw, Post #206, Grand Army of the Republic, (found on Internet), 118 leaves, printed

Civil War – Emancipation Proclamation, folder contains the following:                                                                                                                                                                     notes, undated, typescript, 4 leaves

Program held January 5, 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                               




Reconstruction – Freedman’s Bureau, Winchester-Frederick County, VA, excerpts, unnumbered leaves/items, 9 leaves, 1 pamphlet, 2 flyers, printed

Segregation – Rules to Govern Courtroom, n.d., 1 item, printed

19th Century- Cemeteries, 1 leaf

19th Century -- Winchester-Fairfax Colored Cemetery, Winchester, VA, Chancery Court Case # 1885-004, June-July, 1885, copied from Library of Virginia website, “Chancery Court Records”, 112 leaves, manuscript (photocopy)

19th Century – “Stephens City, VA: Two Peoples, One Community – A Study About the African-American Experience in Stephens City, VA, 1850-1875” by Jonathan Noyalas, 2004, 1 item, typescript, unnumbered

20th Century Civil Rights – Niagara Movement at Harpers Ferry Centennial Commemoration, 1906-2006, 3 items, printed

20th Century -- Kent Street Residents – compiled from city directories by Barbara Dickinson, 2005, unnumbered leaves, 61 leaves, typescript

20th Century – Segregation, Winchester, 4 leaves, printed (photocopy)

20th Century - Civil Rights -- Freedom Riders Program – Handley High School, Winchester, VA, January 6, 2011, 5 leaves, printed (photocopy)

21st Century – African-American Heritage – a self guided driving tour of Winchester, Virginia printed as a brochure, 1 item, printed, 2010

21st Century -- Legends Ball, 2010 – unnumbered leaves and pages, printed

Rockingham County, VA -- African-American Heritage: Stories of People and Places in Harrisonburg and Rockingham, Virginia, tour guide published by Harrisonburg Tourism and visitor Services, 2007, 35 pages, printed 

Warren County, VA—Freedom Road: Warren County’s Black History, 1836-1988, by Betty Kilby Fisher, published by author, 73 pages, printed

BOX 5 – People

1870 Census—Winchester, VA; unnumbered leaves, printed

St. Paul A.M.E.—1 leaf, printed (typescript)

Tanner, Mrs. Benjamin Tucker – one leaf, manuscript



Certificate of membership in Provident Relief Association of Washington D. C., for Lutie Wright, November 23, 1914