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Civil War Manuscript Collections

MMF, THL or WFCHS is part of the manuscript accession number. Other call numbers are books located in the archives. Please use the complete citation when requesting information. Detailed inventories are located in the file cabinet next to the Archives staff desk and online.

Charles Affleck Collection
Contains multiple subjects centered mainly on the local Shenandoah Valley for the period from the mid 19th century to the early 1960s.

Aqueduct Bridge Duty Roster
The duty roster for Union guards of the bridge, Dec. 9, 1863 through June 6, 1864. The Aqueduct Bridge, now the Memorial Bridge, brought water in from a reservoir outside Washington, D. C. through Georgetown and in to the city. During the Civil War, the Aqueduct was drained and transformed into a bridge for the Union Armies.
1352 THL

Bolling Barton Family Collection
Contains personal correspondence of the Barton family during the Civil War period through to the 1880s with a few papers in the early 1920s.
1423 WFCHS

Lewis N. Barton Collection
Is a large historical collection comprised of scrapbooks, diaries, genealogical material, news articles, pictures, etc., collected by Mr. Barton. The collection contains information over the colonial to late 20th century and covers national figures, and local figures such as Godfrey Miller and his family connections with the Lee and Washington families.

Robert Barton Family Papers
Is comprised of personal papers and genealogy, scrapbooks, pictures, news clippings, etc., primarily for the time period of early to mid 1900s.
1268 WFCHS

Stewart Bell, Jr. Collection
Material relating to the Winchester-Frederick County area. This material covers colonial times to the present era. Among items of interest are the diary and notes of Benjamin Franklin Rittenhouse, dated 1864; a cookbook titled Lord Fairfax's Kitchen, dated 1892.

James Henry Burton Collection
Contains correspondence, personal papers, etc., covering 1849 - 1892 time period.
1322 WFCHS

Civil War Collection
The contents of the Collection are in the form of pamphlets, writings, historical data of the times, people and places in the Confederacy prior to, during, and after the Civil War.

Louisa Crawford Papers
Contains genealogical material, historical matters, diaries, account book, etc., as written mainly during the Civil War era. The Clark and Jones surnames are prominent.

Grove Hospital Records
August 3, 1863 to November, 1864, ledger book used by Grove Hospital, transcript available.

Stonewall Jackson Collection
The information contained is about General Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson, his life and prominent career for the Confederacy, spanning from his birth in 1824 to his death in 1863.
1034 THL

Ann Cary Randolph Jones Collection
Comprised mainly of letters and legal papers written to Ann Cary Jones, c.1803 - 1876.
451 THL

Francis B. Jones Family Collection
The contents include Jones correspondence, historical items, books, scrapbooks, news clippings, photographs, etc., c.1860.
1037 WFCHS

Mrs. Hugh Lee Collection
Comprised of a typescript diary of Mrs. Lee, March 1862-November 1865. The diary is an account of Mrs. Lee's experience with Union forces during the several occupations of Winchester, followed by her moves to the Stanton and Richmond areas.
1182 WFCHS

Robert E. Lee Collection
Published notes and memorabilia of General Lee, mainly from the period after his service for the Confederate cause. A copy of General Lee's offer of resignation to Mr. Jefferson Davis following the 1863 Gettysburg campaign is included.
1055 THL

Col. W.D. Lewis Papers
Contains letters and notes received by Col. Lewis of the Federal Army from military and civilian associates while serving in the Winchester area March and April 1862.

Hunter Holmes McGuire Collection
Contents are mainly biographical information about Dr. McGuire covering his family genealogy, his career, and his friendship with General Stonewall Jackson.

James A. Miller Collection
The collection is comprised of copies of letters written by Dr. Abram Miller to his wife during his service in the Confederate Army; it is a mixture of historical, medical, and biographical information acquired by Dr. James A. Miller as a result of his occupation as a surgeon.
1421 WFCHS

Shenandoah Valley Military Records
Records of military units from the Winchester area for the French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War. Inventory available.

A.P. Sperry Ledger
A record of provisioning for the Confederate Army in Winchester, Sept.- Oct. 1862 by Captain A. P. Sperry.
1409 WFCHS

Algernon Sidney Sullivan Collection
Collection comprised of family papers, books, correspondence, pictures, etc. Material covers 18th century to 20th century. Some surnames listed: Burnett, Hutchinson, Hammond, Snyder, Taylor, Washington, Collins, Sullivan, etc. Inventory available.
231 THL

George E. Tabb, Jr. Collection
Contents include two letter books of Colonel William Barksdale Tabb of the 59th Virginia Infantry CSA, January 4, 1863 to March 6, 1863 and a copy of "The Complete Journal of Emily (Emma) Miller Campbell Tabb," July 15, 1899 to April 9, 1900.
1153 THL

Allen Tischler Collection
Contains copies of Civil War diaries and other related material focusing on Union forces.

Turner Ashby Camp Records
Material covers all facets of business that a veterans' organization such as the Turner Ashby #22 of Confederate Veterans would generate. The records cover the late 1800s to early 1900s.

United Daughters of the Confederacy, Turner Ashby Chapter #54
Records contain copies of women's applications for membership in UDC Chapter 54. The justifications for membership eligibility provide Civil War history and genealogical information for the researcher. Covers early 1800s to early 1900s.
1325 WFCHS

Philip Williams Family Records
Primarily Williams family correspondence along with biographical data, books and manuscripts, etc. The records focus on the 1860s.


Microfilm Collection
(The microfilm collection is not indexed.)

U.S.A. Hospital Department Register of the Sick and Wounded: General Hospital, Strasburg (May 13-23, 1862)

York Hospital, Winchester, VA (May 25-November 1862)

Confederate Medical Records: Hospital, Winchester (May 27-31, 1862)

General Hospital Records (July 20-August 4, 1862), National Archives Roll 155

Lovingston Hospital, Winchester (August 8-13, 1862), National Archives Roll 155

Refugees, Deserters, & Contrabands, 1862: General Bank's Intelligence Reports, National Archives Record Group 393, Entry 2223

Frederick County, VA Muster Roll, 1861-1865, Frederick County Reel 114

31st Infantry, V-Y, Frederick County, VA, National Archives Roll 778

31st Militia, A-C, Frederick County, VA, National Archives Roll 778

31st Militia, D-Z, Frederick County, VA, National Archives Roll 779

51st Militia, Frederick County, VA, National Archives Roll 993

115th Militia, Warwick & Elizabeth City Counties, National Archives Roll 1055

122nd Militia, Clarke County, VA, National Archives Roll 1055

U. S. Army General's Reports of Civil War Service, 1864-1887, 1098 Roll 4, Volumes VI and VII

1890 Census Special Civil War Schedules, enumerating Union veterans and widows in Virginia, National Archives Roll 107

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