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Bobby Grimm Collection, 352 WFCHS

Scope and Content: The Bobby Grimm Collection contains materials relating to the Sarah Zane Fire Engine House and its transfer of property. The collection was compiled by Bobby Grimm, and also contains genealogy materials for the Grim and Anderson families. A list of slaves born between 1807 and 1860 into the estate of John Carper includes the following surnames: Banks, Grimes, Harris, Sprigs, Wells, and Wilkerson.
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Biographical/Historical: The Sarah Zane Fire Company was founded c. 1840 and thereafter was housed on Piccadilly Street on property deeded to the city of Winchester by George and Harriet Long on Dec. 6, 1848, where it remained until c. 1879 when the property was sold to James B. Russell. Other deeds in the collection document the property transfers up to 1903. The slave records of John Carper were found in a bible belonging to David Carper Grim who married Nancy Carper.

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Box 1 [Note: The first seven folders relate to the former Sarah Zane Fire Engine House]

Indenture - William L. Black and Henry Kinzel to James B. Russell, October 1879 (City of Winchester selling engine house), 4 pages, manuscript

Deed - Russell to Henry and Gibbens, December 13, 1894, 1 page, manuscript

Deed - Gibbens to Henry, January 1896, 2 leaves, typescript/manuscript

Deed - Henry to Gearing and Shiner, September 29, 1902, 2 pages, manuscript/typescript

Deed - Wulfert, Dohrendahl, Gundelach, Mechow, Gerlach, Sherer, and Stuart to Gearing and Shiner, March 16, 1903, 2 pages, 1 leaf, manuscript; 3 leaves, typescript

Power of attorney - Diedrich and Margaret A. Wulfert to Henry Wulfert, April 2, 1903, 3 leaves, manuscript/typescript

Power of attorney - Wilhilmine Dorrendahl to Henry Wulfert, May 12, 1903, 1 page, manuscript

Grimm Family Bible records, 1778-1854, 5 leaves, manuscript (photocopy); 1 leaf, printed (photocopy)

Carper, John - list of slaves in estate born between 1807 and 1860 (surnames included: Banks, Grimes, Harris, Sprigs, Wells, and Wilkerson), 1 leaf, manuscript

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