Fort Loudoun Seminary Records

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society


Scope and Content: This collection includes catalogs and yearbooks, programs, and legal papers pertaining to the Fort Loudoun Seminary, which operated from 1905 to 1925. The girls’ School was located at 411 N. Loudoun Street.
(1 box) Last updated 09/16.

Biographical/Historical: The Fort Loudoun Seminary was founded in 1905 by Katherine D. Glass and Laura Gold. The seminary at 411 N. Loudoun (now the Fort Loudoun Apartments) was the outgrowth of a music school conducted by Miss Glass prior to 1905. Miss Glass married Mr. H.R. Greene in 1921 and continued to operate the school until 1925. See Katherine Glass Greene Collection, 712 THL.

Cite As: Fort Loudoun Seminary Records, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


This collection includes catalogues and yearbooks, programs and legal papers pertaining to the Fort Loudoun Seminary. This private girl’s school was in operation from 1905-1925 in Winchester, Virginia. (1 box) Last updated 08/02.


Annual Commencement of the Fort Loudoun Seminary (May 26-29, 1917); 1 program, printed

Catalogs, 1908-1917, 8 items, printed:
1912-1913, 2 copies

Catalogs, 1920-1926, 6 items, printed:
1920-1921, includes oversize photograph of some faculty and students, identified
1923-1924, includes oversize photograph of some faculty and students, identified
1925-1926, 2 copies

Legal papers, regarding sale of Mrs. Laura Gold Crawford's share of Seminary to Miss Katherine Glass, 1908, 2 leaves, 1 envelope, manuscript; 5 leaves, 2 envelopes, typescript;
1 leaf, manuscript on printed form

School Papers 1925-1926 – written by student Lela Brent Clevenger, 25 leaves, manuscript
                                               English III, “Lancelot and Elaine”, March 24, 1925, seven    leaves
                                             English IV, “What Women of the World have Done Most to Elevate or Debase Their Age”, October 27, 1925, five leaves
                                             English IV, “Character Sketch of MacBeth”, November 10,    1925, four leaves
                                             English IV, Exam, January 16, 1926, three leaves
                                             English IV, Exam I, March 26, 1926
                                             Latin II, Exam, May 26, 1926, three leaves 

News articles—Fort Loudoun Seminary, unnumbered, printed (photocopy)

Programs, 5 items:
Baccalaureate service, June 1, 1924, 2 copies, 1 leaf, printed
Commencement recitals, May 31, 1912, 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)
                                         May 27-31, 1910, 7 pages, printed

The Tattler - yearbook, 4 items, printed:
1911, 2 copies
1915, 2 copies

Photographs related to the Seminary are filed in the Photograph Collection. The Seminary address was 411 North Loudoun Street.