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Election – Political Papers

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EXTENT: 0.417 linear feet.

DATE: 1776-2016

SCOPE AND CONTENT: This collection is comprised of material regarding political activities and elections from 1789 to the twenty-first century in the Winchester-Frederick County, VA area. 

RELATED MATERIAL: The Young Men’s Democratic Club Collection, 829 THL, Broadside—support of the Democrats in Election of 1852 (located in Mapcase 1, Drawer 14).

CITE AS: Election-Political Papers, 1479 THL/WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA. 



News Articles, unnumbered, printed 

1776—“A Summary View of the Rights of British America: Set first in some resolutions intended for the inspection of the present delegates of the people of Virginia, now in convention” by Thomas Jefferson; 1 item, 23 pages, printed (This item was printed in colonial Williamsburg and is a facsimile edition of the original text). 

1789-1892–Election History (Presidential), contains candidates and platforms, 1 item, printed

1800–Frederick County Presidential Election Return, 1 leaf, manuscript (photostat)

1840 – To the People of Virginia – Address Against martin Van Buren for President, one item, printed

1844—Address to the Whigs of Berkeley, 1 leaf, printed

1851—Rumsey, David Jr.—Payment for service in House of Representative, 2 items handwritten on printed form

1855—Virginia Offices–Frederick County results –“Winchester Republican”, May 25, 1855, 1 leaf, printed

1860–National Democratic Ticket, 1 leaf, printed

1860–Presidential Election–Frederick County results, 4 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

1861–Delegates–Frederick County results and state results, 4 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

1861—Virginia Electoral Ticket, 1 item, printed

1872—The Reform Movement. A national convention called to meet at Cincinnati, May 1, 1872; resolutions of the Liberal Republican State Convention of Missouri. Speech by Gov. B. Gatz Brown. Washington: F&J Rives and Geo A. Bailey, reporters and printers of the Debates of Congress, 1872, printed, 4 pages

1880-1884–Election Tickets: President, Virginia Re-Adjuster Ticket, City Council–Republican, City Offices–Democratic Coalition, Frederick Co. Sheriff, 5 items, printed

1885–Virginia Democratic Canvass Book, campaign expenses for unknown candidate, 30.5cm x 12cm, 1 item, printed with manuscript

1887–Registrar’s Notice, Ward No 3, Oct. 18, 1887, 1 item, printed

1894—Winchester City Common Council, 1 item, printed

1896—City of Winchester—Official Ballot

1896–Elections–National results, The Star (Winchester), Oct. 24 –Nov. 9, 1896, 56 leaves printed (photocopy)

1920’s–Democratic Campaign Committee for the City of Winchester, Sept. 27, 1920–regarding registering women to vote, 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

1930s–Council Election, June 10, 1930, 1 item, printed

1935 – 6 Republican speeches, 6 booklets, printed:
“New Deal Expenditures Deny Youth Opportunity”
“Danger Signals in Agriculture Program”
“Good Government and Sound Business”
“Taxes! Who Pays”
“Relief at a Price”
“New Deal Depression Has Become Political”

1941 –  Democratic Primary – Governor – Sample Ballot

1950s – Note to Merchants and Others – Bond Issue, April 13, 1954, 1 leaf, printed

1960s-1970s—Campaign of Jim Largent for the 7th District Congress and the 21st Senatorial District; multiple items, printed

1970–Winchester City Election, May 4, 1976, 1 item, printed

1986–Congressman D. French Slaughter, Report to the People

1990—Winchester Ward System, one item, printed

1992—Winchester City council Campaigns, two items, printed

2002 – Winchester City Council Campaign, 53 leaves, printed and typescript

2008 – Winchester City Council/Mayor Campaigns, 2 items, printed

No date–Winchester City Council, Governor, etc., 6 leaves, printed; 1 note, manuscript

No date–To the Voters of Frederick

2013 – Larry Lamar Yates for Delegate, 29th District of Virginia, 1 page, printed

2016 – Sample Ballots – Democratic/Republican Presidential Election

2016-17 – Local Winchester Election


Mapcase 5 Drawer 15

Poster for election–Howard W. Smith for Congress, A. Willis Robertson for U.S. Senate and Harry F. Byrd, Jr. for U.S. Senate, n.d., printed

Broadside—Election Debate—March 23, 1811