Charles Cochran Collection, 459 WFCHS

Scope and Content: This collection contains genealogical material of families of Winchester and Frederick County, VA, and photographs compiled by Charles Cochran. This is comprised chiefly of genealogies, photoprints, tintypes, and albumen prints relating to the Bageant, Clark, Clowser, Cochran, Cooper, Hottel, Keller, Lauck, McFarland, Milhorn, Rosenberger, and Yeakley families. Also included are six papers written by Shenandoah University (Winchester, VA) professor Warren Hofstra relating to colonial history and the American Civil War, 1861-1865, in Winchester (VA) and the Shenandoah River Valley (VA and WV).
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Biographical/Historical: Charles Henry Allen Cochran (1925-1990), son of Walter Smith Cochran (1886-1973) and Gertie Pearl McFarland (1884-1957), was born in Frederick County, VA. A 1943 graduate of Handley High School (Winchester, VA), he served in the United States Navy during World War II, 1939-1945. He was vice president of marketing for Sechran Electronics, Inc. of Lititz, PA.

Bibliography: Obituary, The Winchester Star, Dec. 21, 1990

Cite As: Charles Cochran Collection, 459 WFCHS, Stewart Bell Jr. Archives, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA, USA.


Box 1

Babb Family—genealogical material
10 leaves, typescript; 1 page, typescript; 17 leaves, manuscript

Bageant Family (4 folders) —genealogical material,
unnumbered items (Archives staff cannot photocopy and mail)

Baldwin Family—genealogical material
2 leaves, manuscript

Carlyle, John—letters and will, 1741-1761
43 leaves, typescript; 2 pages, printed

"Cartmell Family Quarterly," 1979-1981 (folder 1) – Did Not Digitize
1979—issues #1, #2
1980—issues #3, #4, #5
1981—issues #6, #7, #8, #9

(Archives staff  cannot photocopy all of folder and mail)

“Cartmell Family Quarterly,” 1982-1985 (folder 2) – DID NOT DIGITIZE

1982—issues #10, #11, #12, #13
1983—issues #14, #15, #16, #17
1984—issues #18, #19, #20, #21

1985—issue #21
(Archives staff cannot photocopy all of folder and mail)


Cartmell Pioneers, 52 pages, bound – DID NOT DIGITIZE

Clowser Family—genealogical material/notes
36 leaves, typescript/manuscript
(Archives staff cannot photocopy and mail)

Box 2

Cochran, Martha—obituary (Mrs. William), in memoriam, 2 leaves, printed

Cochran, William—life insurance policy from Northwestern Mutual Life, 1 item, printed; 14 leaves, printed form/manuscript

"Cochran, William, of Winchester and Frederick County and His Children," 71 leaves, typescript

Cochran Lodge #271—Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, The Plains, VA,
29 leaves, printed – Did Not Digitize

Cochran and related families (5 folders), notes used to compile “William Cochran of Winchester and Frederick County and His Children,” unnumbered items
(Archives staff cannot photocopy and mail)

Box 3

Cooper Family, unnumbered items--(Archives staff cannot photocopy and mail)

Cothren/Cochran(e) —newsletter The Family Connection of the Cothren Cochran(e) Surname (and other related spellings), vol. 1, no. 1, Spring 1988, 1 item, 38 pages – Did Not Digitize

Crismore Family, 4 leaves, typescript; 7 leaves, manuscripts (notes)

Frederick County land records, including cadastral index—maps of Greater Frederick County, VA, prepared by Galtjo L. Geertsema, surveyor, c. 1980s, 39 leaves, typescript/manuscript Did Not Digitize

Frederick County, VA:

Order books, 1743-1781 (abstracts), 56 leaves, unnumbered, typescript
Minute book, 1782-1786 (abstract), 1 leaf, typescript (photocopy)


Hawkins Family—Bible records:
2 leaves, printed
4 pages, manuscript on printed form

Hawkins Family Memorabilia; 26 items, manuscript/news print

Hottel Family; unnumbered items, typescript/manuscript (photocopy) (Archives staff cannot photocopy and mail)

Jones (Gabriel) Family (original letters filed in Ann Cary Randolph Jones Papers)
7 leaves, typescript (photocopy)
7 leaves, manuscript
1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy)

Keller Family; unnumbered items, typescript/manuscript (Archives staff cannot photocopy and mail)

Lamp Family; 16 items, typescript/manuscript

Lauck Brothers of Winchester, VA—notes (used to prepare following item), unnumbered items
(Archives staff cannot photocopy and mail)

Lauck Brothers - Peter, Simon, and Abraham of Winchester, VA, 1 item, 21 leaves, typescript

Box 4

"The McFarlands of Frederick County, Virginia";1 item (22 leaves), typescript--(Archives staff cannot photocopy and mail)

McFarland Family—notes (2 folders); unnumbered items--(Archives staff cannot photocopy and mail)

Mercer, Captain George, 1733-1784; 13 leaves, manuscript

Milhorn Family; 56 leaves, manuscript/typescript

Mt. Olive E.U.B. Church—history; 4 leaves, manuscript

Rosenberger Family; 8 leaves, typescript/manuscript

"Rosenberger, Jacob: Son of Erasmus Rosenberger and His Descendants," by Fietta Rosenberger
1 item (57 leaves), typescript

Stokes, William J.—probated February 24, 1898; 2 items, manuscript

Washington Family; 1 leaf, manuscript

Washington, DC—illustrated book - DID NOT DIGITIZE-1 item (248 pages), printed
(Archives staff cannot photocopy and mail)

Winchester Fire Department—souvenir booklet; 1 item, printed

Yeakley Family—Bible records; 2 pages, manuscript on printed form; 5 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Yeakley Family—notes; unnumbered items (Archives staff cannot photocopy and mail)

Yeakley, Miss Mary Jane—an acrostic to a friend; 1 leaf, manuscript

Box 5

Bethel Grange #576—application for membership
187_ 3 items, 1871 1 item, 1875 2 items, 1876 8 items, 1877 2 items, 1878 3 items, 1879 5 items, 1880 8 items, 1881 1 item, 1882 7 items, 1885 1 item

Bethel Grange #576, organized April 30, 1873 - minutes, resolutions, etc.
Bethel Concerns 6 pages, manuscript
reports 11 pages, manuscript
Resolutions, 2 items
Secretary’s Report, 2 pages

Bethel Grange #576—dimit card (withdrawal from membership)
3 items, manuscript on printed form

Tax receipts, 1833-1920
17 leaves, manuscript on printed form

Toll road receipts, 1881-1920
36 items, manuscript/manuscript printed on form

Account Books of Henry Cochran, Round Hill
-Cash Book 1867-1880—lists of incoming expenses, 1 volume, manuscript
-Day Book 1867-1901—includes expenses, accounts of money, and crop reports, 1 volume, manuscript
-Cash Book 1880-1885, lists income/expenses, 1 volume, manuscript
-Account Book 1867-1903—lists debits and credits of customers, 1 volume, manuscript

Box 6 – Did Not Digitize

"The Debatable Ground”: Sectionalism and Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia," by Warren R. Hofstra, 1990, paper presented at "Uplands Archeology in the East, Symposium IV," James Madison University, Harrisonburg VA,
25 pages, typescript – Did Not Digitize

"Land, Ethnicity, and Community at the Opequon Settlement, Virginia, 1730-1800," by Warren R. Hofstra, article in Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 98, No. 3, July 1990
13 pages, typescript – Did Not Digitize

"Opequon Inventories, Frederick County, Virginia, 1749-1796," by Warren R. Hofstra, article in Ulster Folklife, Volume 35, pages 42-71, 1989
15 pages, typescript Did Not Digitize

"Rural Community and Urban Culture in Ulster—Settled Areas of the Eighteenth Century Virginia Backcountry," by Warren R. Hofstra and Robert B. Mitchell, 1990, paper presented at the Eighth Ulster-American Heritage Symposium, East Tennessee State University,
25 pages, typescript Did Not Digitize

Shenandoah Valley settlers—"'A Parcel of Barbarians and an Uncouth Set of People'— Settlers and Settlements of the Shenandoah Valley," by Warren R. Hofstra, 1989, paper presented at the conference, "George Washington and the Virginia Backcountry," Shenandoah University, Winchester,
45 pages, typescript Did Not Digitize

Shenandoah University—endowed local history professorship
45 pages, typescript Did Not Digitize

Map case 1, Drawer 5

Certificate—membership of Charles Cochran in Navy League, July 1972

Will—Henry Cochran, January 1, 1920