Stewart Bell Jr. Collection

Stewart Bell Jr. Archives Room
Handley Regional Library
Winchester-Frederick County
Historical Society


SCOPE AND CONTENT:  The collection contains various memorabilia collected throughout the life of Stewart Bell Jr., a life-long resident of Winchester, and includes the history of the Bell Family and their neighbors. There is also material about Winchester and Frederick County, as well as the Handley Regional Library and Handley High School.

(27 boxes) Last updated 07/2016.

BIOGRAPHICAL: Stewart Bell Jr., known affectionately as “Mr. Winchester” by all who knew him, served his hometown in so many useful ways that it is impossible to list them all. Bell was born in Winchester on September 8, 1910, the son of Stewart Bell Sr. and Laura Campbell Miller Bell. He held degrees from Handley High School, Hampden Sidney College and the University of Virginia. Following graduation, he worked for a time as a teacher at Middletown High School, and later as the principal of Sydney Gore School. In 1943, he married Rosalie Bruce Nelson. Bell served as a member of the Winchester City Council from 1954-1972 when he was elected mayor. He served from 1972 to 1980. Baptized as a small boy by Stonewall Jackson’s minster Rev. James Graham, he was an enthusiastic student of local history and an active member of the Winchester, Frederick County Historical Society. He passed away on December 17, 2001 at the age of 91. The Stewart Bell Jr. Library Archives at the Handley Regional Library is named in his honor.    

CITE AS: Stewart Bell Jr. Collection, Handley Regional Library Archives, Winchester, VA

BOX 1—Stewart Bell Jr.

Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—Birth Certificate (Copy), October 10, 1945; 1 leaf (certificate, printed), 1 envelope, typescript

Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—Contract with teachers between School Board and Frederick County and Mr. Bell; 2 leaves, typescript with manuscript

Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—Correspondence to (1938-1958); 4 leaves, typescript

Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—Handley Library Card; 1 item, printed with manuscript

Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—Passport of (issued June 27, 1928); 1 passport, 32 pages, printed

Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—Presbyterian Church Catechism Certificate (June 25, 1914); 1 leaf, manuscript on printed form

Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—Untitled Poem of (April, 1940); 1 leaf, typescript

Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—War Service Announcement (September 3, 1942); 1 leaf, typescript

Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—Written updates on Thomas S. Bell (January 21, 1991); 1 leaf, printed

Bell’s Thesis Outline and Related Material; unnumbered items/leaves, printed and typescript

“Beside A Valley Road”—A Collection of Poems by Stewart Bell, Jr.; 1 item, 48 pages, printed

Correspondence between Stewart Bell, Jr. and Wendell E. Funkhouser (August 4-9), 1999; 2 leaves, printed and manuscript

“Cradle of the Stewart Kings”—item is a genealogy/history of English and Scottish nobility/royalty; 1 leaf, printed

Education—Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—Certification for Completion of the Presbyterian Bible School (July 18, 1920); 1 leaf, manuscript on printed form

Education—Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—Graduation, Class of 1928; 6 items, printed and manuscript

Education—Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—Report Cards of (November 22, 1917, April 6, 1918 and June 5, 1942); 2 leaves, manuscript on printed form

Employment—Application for Federal Employment (June 15, 1942); 4 pages, typescript on printed form

Education—Application for Fellowship and Directory of Fellowship Awards (1922-1950); 2 items, 7 leaves, typescript, printed, photocopy

Education—Resignation as Sunday School Superintendent, Presbyterian Church (September 10, 1939); 2 items, printed

Education—University Transcripts (1928-1941); 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Identification/Classification Cards; 9 items, printed

Jones, Gordon W., M.D. to Bell, Stewart, Jr.—Letter, 1977, regarding story of Evander H. Willis, 8th Vermont Volunteers; 1 item, typescript (photocopy)

“Land Utilization in Henry County, VA: A Research Study (1944-1945)”—by Stewart Bell, Jr.; unnumbered items/leaves, printed and typescript                                                                                  

BOX 1A—Stewart Bell, Jr.

News Articles—unnumbered leaves, printed (photocopy)

News Clippings—unnumbered leaves, printed

Notes, Correspondence and Manuscript Drafts (1993-1997); unnumbered leaves, manuscript

Old Frederick County History—contains “Old Frederick County’s Development,” by Stewart Bell, Jr. (1 item, 25 pages) and 1743 James Wood Deed (photocopy of manuscript with typescript attached, 8 pages)

“Our Trail M.H.S.—1938”—Middletown High School Class Yearbook, 1938 1 item, 45 pages, typescript/manuscript

Political—Campaign Material; 5 items, printed

Political—Mayor’s Dinner (March 8, 1988); 1 item, printed

Political—Mayoral Nametags; 5 items

Postcards—9 postcards, 1 written to Stewart Bell, Jr. (dated September 26, 1935), the remaining 8 postcards are blank; 9 total, printed and manuscript

Scrapbook Pages—3 leaves, containing postcards and event tickets belonging to Stewart Bell, Jr., 1928-1930

Shenandoah County Bicentennial (1778-1972)—folder contains the following:

  • Shenandoah County Bicentennial Program; 1 item, 96 pages, printed
  • “The Service,” 1 item, 4 pages, printed
  • “Peter Muhlenberg, American Patriot,” 1 leaf, newsprint

Tributes Upon His Death—13 items, printed/typescript

World War II-Mileage Ration, Identification Folder (April 1, 1944-July 1, 1944); unnumbered items, printed/typescript/manuscript

Writings on Various Topics by Stewart Bell, Jr.—unnumbered leaves, printed/typescript/newsprint

BOX 2 Rosalie Nelson Bell

Bell, Rosalie Nelson—The Winchester Common Council Memorial (February 10,1982); 1 leaf, printed

Nelson Family Notes—Compiled by Rosalie Nelson Bell (covers spring, 1920-August 14, 1945)

Nelson, Robert B.—Christmas Cards (1944, 1945); 2 items, printed

Nelson, Robert B.—News Clippings; 14 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Nelson, Rosalie (Mrs. Stewart Bell, Jr.)—Handley School Records (1925-1929); 8 items, printed/manuscript

Nelson, Rosalie—Locks of hair, 1920s; 6 items

Nelson, Rosalie—News Clippings; unnumbered leaves, newsprint

Nelson, Rosalie—Violin Recital Programs (1926, 1927, 1928); 3 items, printed

BOX 2A-Bell Family Genealogy

Bell Family Obituaries; unnumbered items, newsprint and photocopies

Bell, Robert and Lucy Zell Woodworth—Antecedents and Progeny; 1 item, 66 pages, typescript

“Supplement to the Bell Family”; 1 item, 19 pages, printed

Wickes, William and Mary—Genealogical Information; 2 leaves, typescript

BOX 2B-Bell Family

Bell Brothers Advertisements (1897); 2 leaves, printed

Bell Brothers—Empty Envelopes; contains envelopes addressed to the Bell brothers; 6 items, manuscript

Bell, John—Agreement of payment between William Campbell and William R. Campbell to John Irwin (dated May 13, 1930); 3 leaves, manuscript

Bell Family Wedding Invitation-Mary Forster to Arthur Lloyd Agnew (March 23, 1914); 2 leaves-printed, 1 envelope-manuscript

Bell, John—Last Will and Testament of (January 13, 1792); 3 leaves, printed photocopy of original

Bell, John N.—Wedding Invitation of (July 3-no year provided); 1 item and envelope, printed

Bell, John N.—Correspondence (December 19, 1850-April 13, 1899); 15 letters, manuscript

Bell, Madie B.—contains the following:

  • Teaching contract (6/1903); 1 leaf, manuscript on printed form
  • Teaching contract (9/1903); 1 leaf, manuscript on printed form
  • Teaching contract (8/1904); 1 leaf, manuscript on printed form
  • Obituary (9/1917); 1 leaf, manuscript on printed form
  • Invite Linen School of Winchester Closing Exercises (8/1883); 1 leaf, manuscript on printed form
  • Resignation announcement (8/1909); 1 leaf, typescript

Bell, Robert H.—Will of (no date provided); 1 leaf, manuscript

Bell, Dr. William A.—contains the following:

  • Invite to the Debating Society (5/1883); 1 item, printed
  • Correspondence (March 9, 1895); 1 leaf, manuscript
  • Royal Insurance Company Policy of Insurance (August 1, 1882 and October 15, 1882); 1 items, printed

Bell, William A.  And Stewart Brown—Articles of Agreement concerning “Homespun” (April 25, 1884 and March 8, 1884); 3 items, 14 leaves, manuscript and typed transcript of original

Correspondence—Letter Responding to Ceremony Invitation (May 23, 1881); 1 leaf, manuscript

Correspondence—Letter to Will [Bell] from Mary [Bell] (November 16, 1869); 1 leaf, manuscript

Miller/Bell Land Deeds (1815-1896) and Kern/Magruder Deed (3/1918)—contains the following:

  • Deed to Property at Loudoun and Boscawen (4/1815); 1 item, manuscript
  • Deed to Potomac Road Property (8/1842); 1 item, manuscript
  • Deed to Tract near Homespun (6/1843); 1 item, manuscript
  • Will of John Miller (7/1845); 1 item, manuscript
  • Deed to Property at Loudoun and Water (8/1879); 1 item, manuscript
  • Deed to Property on Main Street (1896); 1 item, manuscript
  • Deed Between Kern and Magruder-213 Kern Street (1916, 1918); 1 item, typescript 

BOX 3—Stewart Bell Sr.

Account Book, 1879-1880, 1 item, manuscript

Account Book, 1891-1907, 1 item, manuscript

Bell, Stewart (Sr.) and L.A. Zirkle—Contract concerning timber sales and payments (January 16, 1906); 1 item, 4 pages, typescript

Bell, Stewart (Sr.)—Winchester Auto Sales Promise of Payment (November 1, 1931 and December 1, 1931); 2 leaves, manuscript on printed form

Bills, Checks and Correspondence from the Apple Business (1885-1918); unnumbered items, manuscript and typescript

Contracts—August 5, 1905-August 26, 1913; 14 leaves, typescript

Correspondence and receipts from his Apple business, 1927-1929, in white envelope, 29 leaves, typescript

Correspondence—Bell, Stewart (Sr.)-Letter of Condolence to (July 4, 1946); 2 leaves-manuscript, 1 envelope-manuscript, 1 leaf-typescript

Correspondence—Bell, Stewart (Sr.)—Letter to (from John Rosenberger), dated September 18, 1946; 1 leaf and 1 envelope, manuscript

Correspondence—Bell, Stewart (Sr.)—Regarding the Winchester Auto Sales Building (December 21, 1929-January 25, 1930); 2 leaves, typescript 1 item, unnumbered leaves, manuscript

Federal Department of Agriculture Census, 1935, 1 page, printed

Federal Income Tax – forms, returns, and correspondence, 1915-1918, 19 leaves, typescript

Federal Income Tax – forms, returns, and correspondence, 1929, 10 leaves, typescript

Lease and Agreement—Regarding Construction on Kent Street Property (February 1, 1930); 3 leaves, typescript

“Report on an Examination of the Woodlands of the Homespun Farm,” by WM D. Sterrett-no date; 9 pages, typescript

Title to Property of Stewart Bell, Homespun Farm (1880), Plot Map of Homespun (1879); 8 pages, typescript and manuscript

Virginia Fruit Exchange Stock Certificate, 1910, 1 item, printed

Wedding Invitation to the marriage of Stewart Bell to Laura Campbell – undated in white envelope, 1 leaf, printed

BOX 4—Family Photo Album

Bell Family Photo Album (1917); 1 item

Stewart Bell, Jr. Album (1917-1918); 1 item

Stewart Bell, Jr. Album (1916-1922); 1 item

Stewart Bell, Jr. Album (1925-1937); contains family, travel, college pictures; 1 item

Stewart Bell, Jr. Scrapbook, dated 1929-1930 on cover, articles date to 1936; 1 item

Undated Album—contains pictures of local homes (Conrad’s) as well as travel shots; 1 item

BOX 5—William H. Bell (Brother of Stewart Bell, Jr.)

“A Little Prayer for the Man in the Air”—poem by John Oxenham; 1 leaf, manuscript

Air Medal, Purple Heart, and letter of regret from War Department (8/1945); 3 items, including case, 1 leaf, typescript

Appointment as Leader by the Selective Service Board; 3 leaves, typescript/printed

Bell, William H.—Copy of Birth Certificate

Bell, William H.—Correspondence; 5 leaves, 1 envelope, typescript

Bell, William H.—Diary (1933-1937); 1 item, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Bell, William H.—Graduation Announcement, U.S. Air Corps Advanced flying School-April 22, 1943; 1 item, printed

New Testament and Psalms Issued to Armed Forces (January 25, 1941); 1 item, printed

New Testament and Psalms (Gift from Father); 1 item, printed

News Clippings—unnumbered leaves, printed photocopies

Pilot’s Log (October 13, 1941-July 3, 1945); 1 item, manuscript

The Presbyterian Church (1790-1945)-contains memorial for William H. Bell; 1 item, printed

Student Certificates and Yearbook Photograph; 7 leaves, printed and Handley High School Handbook (1931-1932), 1 item, 47 pages, printed [1924 and 1927 in Map Case 1, Drawer 1]

World War II Service Ribbons

Oversized certificates in Map Case 1, Drawer 1

BOX 6-William H. Bell

Bell, William H.—Files (1942-1944)—contains the following:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate for William H. Bell; 1 item, typescript
  • Letter from Billy to Stewart (9/1942); 1 item, manuscript
  • News clips regarding Billy’s training (11/1942); 1 item, typescript
  • Billy’s Graduation from flying school (4/1943); 1 item, printed
  • Estate chart for private 201 file-William H. Bell (5/1943); 1 item, typescript
  • Letters from Billy to Stewart (2/1942-7/1942); 2 items, manuscript
  • News clipping regarding three locals in service (12/1944); 1 item, printed
  • Letters to Billy from family in Winchester (3/1944-8/1944); 13 leaves, typescript
  • Pencil drawing of officer’s unit-New Castle, Delaware (11/1944); 1 item, manuscript
  • B&W Photo Undated (Post 1942-Billy in Uniform) Lanier, Billy and Stewart; 1 item, photograph

Bell, William H.—Correspondence Regarding Death, Burial and Personal Effects—contains the following:

  • Correspondence (7/1945-12/1945); 50 leaves, typescript
  • Winchester War Memorial Association Membership Card (11/1945); 1 item, typescript
  • Church program, Flowers for Lt. W. Bell (11/1945); 1 item, printed
  • Final Information re: Death from Army Headquarters (11/1945); 1 item, typescript
  • List of Donors to Church Memorial for Billy; 1 item, typescript
  • Christmas cards addressed to Billy (12/1945); 2 items, printed
  • Copy of letter to Mrs. Bell from Billy Patch in England re: grave site (12/1945); 1 item, typescript
  • Winchester Jr. Board of Trade “In Memoriam” William H. Bell-undated; 1 item, typescript
  • Insurance letter from Army Mutual Aid Association-undated; 1 item, typescript
  • Notice of death of William H. Bell (7/26/1945); 1 item, typescript
  • Letter of sympathy for the death of William Bell from William B. Hooton (7/25/1945); 1 item, typescript
  • Information re: burial location of William H. Bell from the War Department (7/29/1946); 1 item, typescript

Bell, William H.—Letters Re: Death Benefits and Reburial (1945-1948)—contains the following:

  • Voucher for Death Benefits (11/1946); 1 item, printed
  • Letter from Stewart Bell Jr. to William Lundell (2/1946); 1 item, typescript
  • Letter from Stewart Bell Jr. to Quartermaster Depot (2/1946); 1 item, typescript
  • Letters from William Lundell to Stewart Bell Jr. (2/1946-3/1946); 1 item, 6 pages, manuscript
  • Quartermaster Corp. reply to request of personal effects (2/1946); 1 item, typescript
  • Letter from Stewart Bell Sr. re: savings bonds (7/1946); 1 item, typescript
  • Letter from Stewart Bell Jr. re: death of his brother (7/1946);1 item, typescript
  • Request for death certificate (7/1946); 1 item, typescript
  • 2nd Request for personal effects from Stewart Bell Sr. (7/1946); 1 item, typescript
  • Request for information re: savings bonds (8/1946); 1 item, typescript
  • War Department letter confirming death of William H. Bell (8/1946); 1 item, typescript
  • Refund receipt from Veterans Administration for Benefits (12/1946); 1 item, typescript
  • Letter re: death of Mrs. Bell and return of check; 1 item, typescript
  • Letter re: Beneficiary change in insurance (12/1946); 1 item, typescript
  • Newspaper clipping re: American burials in Germany (1946); 1 item, printed
  • Voucher for death benefits (1/1947); 1 item, printed
  • Letter from Stewart Bell Jr. seeking refund of overpayment (1/1947); 1 item, printed
  • Letter from William Lundell to Stewart Bell Jr. re: reburial in U.S. (4/1947); 1 item, manuscript
  • Letter for Senator Harry Byrd seeking information on son’s reburial (4/1947); 1 item, typescript
  • Letter from William Lundell seeking information on William Bell’s reburial (4/1947-3/1948); 1 item, manuscript
  • Letter from War Department re: formal plans for European/ U.S. cemetery plans (4/1947); 1 item, typescript
  • Letter to Veterans Administration re: payments (5/1947); 1 item, typescript
  • Letter to reply of above (6/1947); 1 item, typescript
  • Receipt for final settlement of estate (9/1947); 1 item, printed
  • Letter to Harold Tytell re: reburial (4/1948); 1 item, typescript

Bell, William H.—World War II Photo Album; 1 item (book), unnumbered pages containing photographs and descriptions

Bell, William H.—Reburial in Winchester—contains the following:

  • Newspaper clipping “Remains returned for reburial” (7/1948); 1 item, printed
  • Graveside service readings by Rev. Duckwall (7/1948); 1 item, typescript
  • Request for reimbursement of internment expenses (7/1948); 3 pages, typescript
  • Receipt for Funeral Services (7/1948); 1 item, typescript
  • Note re: Billy from K. Koontz (undated); 1 item, manuscript
  • Valiant hearts and the young dead soldiers (undated); 2 items, manuscript
  • Prayer made by Billy Bell (undated); 1 item, manuscript
  • Booklet “How Sleep the Brave” VFW Published (1944); 1 item, printed

“In Memoriam—William H. Bell (October 23, 1917-July 23, 1945)”—2 leaves, printed

“The Men of Hicks: Class of 43-D” Hicks Field-Fort Worth, Texas; 1 item, unnumbered pages, printed

VA Gold Star Honor Roll of Virginians in the Second World War—edited by Edwin Hemphill; 1 item (book), 373 pages, printed

Box 7 -- Scrapbook        

Bell, Wiliam H. — Scrapbook of; contains newspaper clippings—1 item, unnumbered pages/leaves, printed and newsprint

BOX 8—Family Bible Genealogy (Once Contained Within Family Bibles)

Bell and Brown Family Genealogy—Bell Family Genealogy (10 leaves, manuscript and typescript); Brown Family Genealogy (40 pages, typescript)

Bell Family Genealogy; 25 leaves, typescript

Items contained within Self-Pronouncing Holy Bible; 9 items, printed

BOX—8A Bell Family Bibles

Grace F. Nelson Bible—1889; no genealogy material included, no date

Holy Bible—no genealogy material included, no date

Indexed Teachers Bible—no date; no genealogy material included, no date

King James-The Standard bible; 520 pages, printed, no date included

Laura Miller Bible – 1890, wife of Stewart Bell Sr. and mother of Stewart Bell Jr. (Bible does not contain any genealogical information)

Self-Pronouncing Bible (possibly belonging to Miss Sarah or Miss Bell; no date, no genealogy material included

Stewart Family Bible – 1831, 4 Volumes, Brown cover, Stewart Family genealogy at the beginning of Volume 1

Stewart Family Bible – 1874, 4 volumes, Black cover, Stewart Family genealogy in the back of Volume 3 (Psalms-Malachi)

BOX 8B—Bell Family Bibles

Bell Family-Pocket Treasury; 1 item, printed

Bell, Samuel A.—Bible; 1 item, printed

Nelson, Rosalie Bruce (Mrs. Stewart Bell, Jr.)—Bible; 1 item, printed

BOX 9 Bell Family Account Books

Account Book – 1883-1890

Account Book – 1905-1943

BOX 10 VHS and Audio Tapes

“George Washington, The Christian,” by D. James Kennedy; no date, 1 audio tape

250th Anniversary Historical Moments, 2 audio tapes

Cable Talk with Barry Lee, December, 1999, 1 VHS tape

Conrad Letters; 2 discs

Frederick County Administration Building Dedication, 1 VHS tape

Godfrey Miller House Fellowship Center, 1 VHS tape

Memories of Winchester: A “Living in Virginia” Special, 3 VHS tapes

S.B. (Stewart Bell, Jr.) to Sen. Harry F. Byrd and J. Kenneth Robinson; no date, 1 audio tape

Shenandoah Flying Service, Inc. of Winchester—a reading of newspaper clippings; no date, 1 audio tape

BOX 11—Conrad Family and House

Bell, Stewart Jr. – “The Conrad House, 5 leaves, typescript

Bell, Stewart Jr. – “The Conrad House of the Hill” 9 leaves, typescript

Conrad, Georgia Bryan – “Reminiscences of a Southern Girl,” no date, 1 booklet, printed

Conrad, Robert Y. Sr. -- New Articles, no date

Conrad, Robert Y. Jr. – Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, France, 1998, 2 booklets, 12 leaves, typescript

Correspondence – Conrad House, 1958-1974, 75 leaves

New clippings – Conrad House

Notes – Conrad House, 24 leaves, typescript and manuscript          

BOX 11A-Miller Family

Correspondence—Letter to Pete from friend Howard; 2 leaves, manuscript

Correspondence—Miller, Godfrey-Letter to (November 9, 1876); 2 leaves and 1 envelope, manuscript

Correspondence—Miller, Lewis-Letter to (February 8, 1907); 2 leaves and 1 envelope, manuscript

Correspondence—Miller, Lewis A.—Letter to (January 31, 1942); 1 leaf, manuscript

Correspondence—Miller, Lewis M.—Letter from (September 10, 1895); 1 leaf and 1 envelope, manuscript

Correspondence—Miller, Lewis S.G.—Postcards to (December 23, 1907 and December 16, 1910); 2 cards, manuscript

Correspondence—Miller, W.S.—Letter to (August 13, 1895); 1 leaf and envelope (manuscript), 2 leaves (printed)

Correspondence—Miller, William S.—Letter to (from Lewis M. Miller), February 23, 1898; 1 leaf (manuscript), 1 envelope (manuscript)

Miller Family Death Record (1817-1844), written by Robert S. Bell-dated February, 1845; 1 leaf, manuscript

Miller, Godfrey—Family Papers; 21 leaves, typescript (printed photocopy)

Miller, Godfrey—Family Register of—contains family genealogical information of Godfrey Miller and his wife, Anna Maria Kurtz (no date provided); 1 leaf, printed

Miller, Godfrey and Peter—Home of; 2 items, printed and newsprint (article)

Miller, L.S.G.—Life Story of (undated); 39 leaves, typescript (printed) and manuscript

Miller, Rev. Lewis G.—Wedding Invitation (November 16, 1909); 2 leaves (printed), 2 envelopes (manuscript)

Miller, L.S.M.G.—contains the following:

  • Letter of Robert E. Lee RE: Miller as student; 1 item, manuscript (copy)
  • Life history written for his grandsons; 7 pages, typescript
  • English grammar book (1814), belonging to Miller; 1 item

Miller, Rev. L.G.M.—Death 1918—folder contains the following:

  • and Mrs. Miller; photographs, 2 items
  • Newspaper obits-Rev. Miller; 4 pages, printed
  • Funeral service program; 1 leaf, printed
  • “Tidings” church bulletin with obit for Rev. Miller (2/1918), 4 pages, printed
  • Lutheran Church visitor (2/14/1918); 4 pages, printed
  • Letter from John Horine to “Friend” (1/21/1918); 2 leaves, manuscript
  • Letter from Clarence Norman to __Miller (1/21/1918); 1 leaf, manuscript
  • Letter from A.J. Bowers to Bro. Miller (1/27/1918); 1 leaf, manuscript
  • Letter from C.L. Brown to __Miller (2/9/1918); 3 leaves, manuscript
  • Letter from H.K. Green to Lewis__(2/14/1918); 1 leaf, manuscript
  • Letter from J.J. Scherer to Mary Miller Agnew (2/16/1918); 1 leaf, manuscript
  • postcards to Rev. Miller (1905-1908); 3 items
  • Letters to Rev. Miller in Japan (1910); 2 items

Miller, Dr. P.W. and Dr. W.S.—Correspondence (1872-1901)—contains the following:

  • Letters to P.W. Miller at Winchester, New York and Scotland; 37 items, manuscript
  • Letter to W.S. Miller at Winchester; 1 item, manuscript
  • Cartoon (undated); 1 item, printed

“Our New Missionary to Japan”—Article about Rev. L.S.G. Miller (September, 1907); 1 leaf, printed

BOX 12—Local History (A-F)

Apple Growers—contains the following:

  • Specifications for planting orchards in early leases; 1 item, 4 pages, printed
  • 114 orchards and map; 1 item, 1 page, printed
  • 1909 list apple growers and dealers; 1 item, 5 pages, printed
  • Shenandoah co-op in world’s apple capital; 1 item, 1 page, printed
  • Envelope from Winchester Cold Storage Co.; 1 item
  • News photo apple picker (10/1969); 1 item, printed

“A History of the Braddock Street United Methodist Church of Winchester, VA” by Garland R. Quarles—1984; 1 book, 59 pages, printed

A Quest for Alexander Balmain—A Sermon Preached by Holt Stouder in Christ Church (May 9, 1976); 5 leaves, typescript 

Baden, John Alfred—Consecration of a Bishop (June 30, 1973); 1 booklet, printed

Bank of the Valley of Virginia—Historical Sketch; 2 leaves, typescript

Brent, Henry M.—Agreement of Payment with John M. Brome and Archibald S. Baldwin (July 8, 1825); 2 pages, manuscript

Brown, Frederick—Sermon of (May 11, 1856); 1 booklet, 21 pages, manuscript

Brown, Mrs. J. Harmon—Biographical sketch; 7 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Brown, Stewart and Pierce Warthy—Agreement of Employment and Lodging (February 19, 1903); 3 pages, typescript 

Campbell, Charlotte—historical sketch; unnumbered leaves, printed (photocopy)

“The Captives of Abb’s Valley: A Legend of Frontier Life,” by The Rev. James Moore Brown, D.D. (1942); unnumbered leaves, printed

“Carry Me Back to Old Virginia”; 1 book, 24 pages, printed

Central Presbyterian—contains the following:

  • Richmond Newspaper (12/1863); 1 leaf, newsprint
  • Gift of Funds from Will-undated; 1 leaf, manuscript
  • Indenture between Jones and Winchester Presbyterian, John N. Bell, Treasurer (10/1851); 1 leaf, manuscript

Chapman, John Gadsby-Exhibition Catalog, National Gallery of Art, 1962; 5 items, printed/typescript

Church Items-Miscellaneous; 1 pink ribbon, 2 bookmarks, 3 leaves (printed and manuscript)

Churches of Frederick County—folder contains the following:

  • Sunnyside Presbyterian Church; 1 item, printed
  • The Old Order; 1 item, printed
  • Hopewell Meeting House; 1 item, typescript
  • 97 Churches of Frederick County; 1 item, typescript
  • The Story of Christ Church; 1 item, printed
  • Bibliography of Christ Church (1/1977); 1 item, typescript
  • “Christ Episcopal…Near Completion” (12/1947); 1 item, printed
  • Prayer Cards of Parson Nelson of Christ Church; 10 cards, printed

Church—Building Fund Campaign for the Opequon Memorial Presbyterian Church (1954); 1 book, 12 pages, printed

Church—First Presbyterian Church; unnumbered leaves, printed/manuscript/newsprint

Church—“Milburn Methodist Chapel in Frederick County, Virginia” by Wilbur S. Johnston (August 8, 1989); 1 book, 48 pages, printed

Church—Sunnyside Presbyterian Church; 4 items (printed), newspaper articles

Civil War—Bell, Robert Sherrard—contains the following:

  • Obituary-Robert S. Bell; 1 leaf, printed
  • Letter to Father; 1 leaf, typescript (transcript)
  • Hand Drawn map of above action (11/1978); 1 leaf, manuscript

Civil War—Burial of Soldiers/Letters—contains the following:

  • Burial; 3 leaves, manuscript
  • Letter from Jackson to Cooper (9/1862); 1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy of original)
  • Letter from Lee to Jackson (12/1862); 1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy of original)
  • Letter from Smith RE: Lee’s Letter (7/1907); 1 leaf, manuscript (photocopy of original)
  • “The Sixth of June” by Stewart Bell, Jr.; 1 leaf, typescript

Civil War—Maps of Battle of Kernstown (1st Winchester) from Army War College Course (1935-1936)—contains the following:

  • “McKinley’s Installation as a Mason” article; 5/1981, 1 item, printed
  • Article on Charlie Barr, Local Re-enactor; 3/1988; 1 item, printed
  • Article on North-South Skirmish; 5/1989; 1 item, printed
  • Article on Washington, D.C. Forts; 4 items, printed
  • National Cemetery Named to Virginia Landmarks Register; 10/1995, 1 item, printed
  • Civil War Sheriff-John Godfrey Miller; 5/1998, 1 item, printed

Confederate Money—Winchester (1861) $0.25, Richmond (1864) $10; 2 items, printed

“The Conservation of Health, Past, Present and Prospective in Winchester and Its Environs,” prepared by W.W. Glass; 1 item, printed 

Cookbook, c. 1892—“Lord Fairfax’s Kitchen”; 1 item, printed, very fragile

BOX 12A-Local History (D-F)

Dedication of George Washington Bronze Marker (July 4, 1985); 7 leaves, typescript

Demolished Winchester Buildings Listing

“Diary of a Southern Refugee during the War, by a Lady of Virginia,” written by Judith W. McGuire, 1867; 360 pages (not bound), printed

Episcopal Female Institute Commencement, 1887, with card, Peggie Miller; 2 items, manuscript and printed

Fairfax Hall-Commencement, 1883, with cards, Susie Elliott and Nannie Miller; 3 items, manuscript and printed

Fire Companies of Winchester—contains the following:

  • Friendship Fire Co. (8/1981); 1 item, printed
  • 200th Anniversary Rouss Fire Co. (5/1989); 1 item, typescript
  • 200th Anniversary Rouss Fire Co. (4/1989); 1 item, printed

Frederick and Clarke Counties-Virginia Farm Management Tour (July 17-18, 1984); 1 item, newsprint

Frederick County Courthouse by Garland Quarles—contains the following:

  • “Running Like Clockwork” 1980; 1 leaf, printed
  • Notes on town clock, 1980; 1 leaf, manuscript
  • Minutes of Winchester Common Council, 10/1899; 5 pages, manuscript (photocopy)
  • Rededication, 6/1968; 1 leaf, printed 

BOX 13—Local History (G-L)

“George Washington Worked Here”—Torch Club Paper, (March 6, 1985); 21 leaves, typescript

National Geographic Magazine Cumulative Index (1899-1946); 9 leaves, printed

Gore, Sidney School, and Community—News Articles; unnumbered leaves, news print

Graham Family—folder contains the following:

  • In Memoriam of Mrs. Fanny Bland Graham, 1901; 18 pages, printed
  • Scripture Gems; 1 leaf, printed
  • Home Department of the Sabbath School; 1 leaf, printed
  • Services for Rev. Graham (undated); 1 leaf, printed
  • Letter to Rev. Graham, 1881; 1 item, manuscript

Harder, Albert—1 photograph of Albert Harder (c. 1875), 4 manuscript letters (1892-1893)

Historic Winchester and the Shenandoah Valley—folder contains the following:

  • Historic Winchester and the Shenandoah Valley, 1966; 4 copied, printed
  • Article, “Winchester—James Wood to World War II,” 3/1969, 1 item, printed
  • Winchester, VA and Its Beginnings (1743-1814, 1926), 8 pages, printed
  • Letters Descriptive of …Virginia, 1844 (info on the Taylor Hotel); 2 pages, printed
  • Reprint council minutes, 6/1851-Visit by President Fillmore and Sec. Webster; 1 item, typescript
  • A list of tithables in the Dominion of Virginia, 1756; 1 item, printed
  • History of Stephens City, 7 pages, typescript
  • Brochure, The Gerard House, 1743; 1 item, printed
  • Article, Triple Brick Building, Martinsburg, West Virginia, 1983; 1 item, printed
  • Set of 9 postcards, historic houses in the area; 1 item, printed
  • Postcard, George Washington Hotel, 1970; 1 item, printed
  • The Orkney Springs Hotel, undated; 1 item, printed
  • Black and White, Ceiling Mural, City Hall, Photo dated 1974; 1 item, photograph
  • O.W. Camp 1945, Winchester Area; 1 item, typescript
  • Fort Loudoun Seminary, partial history, 1916-1917 session; 1 item, typescript
  • From a visitor’s point of view, Fort Loudoun; 1 item, printed
  • While Sulphur Inn at Bartonville, 7/1989; 1 item, printed
  • Waverly Farm at Clearbrook, undated; 1 item, printed
  • Catherine Furnace near Luray, 1981; 1 item, printed
  • A Brief History of the 29th Infantry Division; 1 item, typescript
  • Middleburg was assessed at $2.50 an acre; 1 item, printed
  • H. Lawrence, Jr.-a local philanthropist in Clearbrook; 1 item, printed

Historic Winchester News Clippings; unnumbered leaves, newsprint

Horticulture Conditions in Virginia, 1908—1 leaf, printed

“If They Consent to Leave Them over There” by Mary Sine Clark (September 17, 2001); 4 leaves, printed

Index Maps of Greater Frederick County, VA, Early Land Grants; 38 items, printed/manuscript

Johnston, Mrs. Bettie Alexander (In Memoriam); 1 item, 16 pages, printed

Lacy, Beverly T.-Sermon on the Death of the Rev. Wm. M. Atkinson, D.D.; 1 item, 13 pages, printed

Lee, General Robert E.—In Memoriam (January 19, 1981); 1 item, 60 pages, printed

Legal and Local Government History—folder contains the following:

  • An Act Incorporating Alexandria and Winchester, 1779; 7 pages, manuscript (photocopy)
  • The Publication of the Constitution in Virginia; 2 pages, printed
  • 18 Clerks of the Court of Frederick County; 1743-1969; 1 item, typescript
  • Judges of the Old Justices Court; 1 page, manuscript
  • An Act to Establish Independent Bank in Winchester, 1853, John N. Bell; 1 item, printed
  • An Act to Amend Charter of Town of Winchester, 1854, John N. Bell; 1 item, printed
  • William M. Atkinson sworn in as judge, 1892-1893; 1 item, manuscript (photocopy)
  • Resolution upon death of Judge Atkinson, 1911; 1 item, manuscript (photocopy)
  • Chief Justice John Marshall’s Connection with Winchester; 3 pages, typescript
  • Index card notes on incorporation of Virginia towns; 1 item, manuscript

Local Families of Winchester Area—folder contains the following:

  • Smith Family history (Robert Mills, architect); 7 pages, typescript
  • Judge Robert White and Family (1759-1831); 1 leaf, typescript
  • The uptown citizen (12/1989), “Rare Portrait of Hessian Mercenary”; 1 item, printed
  • Baker Family (1755-onward); 1 item, manuscript
  • Notes on Foreman-Bryan Family; 1 item, typescript
  • Loan note for $200 from Carters to John Locke (9/1868); 1 item, manuscript
  • Loan note for $200 from Carters to John Locke (9/1868); 1 item, manuscript
  • On printed form, $50 receipt for Gravestones for Carter family (6/1887); 1 item, manuscript

Local Land: History, Ownership, Weather—contains the following:

  • Apple Orchard start in Frederick County; 1 item, manuscript (typescript copy)
  • Land ownership early Frederick County; 1 item, typescript
  • Early map of Winchester, in German, undated; 1 item, printed photocopy
  • Quarles History of Shawnee Springs; 3 pages, typescript
  • Economic data-Frederick County, 1951; 7 pages, printed
  • Frederick County farm statistics, 1910-1954; 4 pages, printed
  • Facts and figures about Winchester, Chamber of Commerce(c. 1950s); 19 pages, printed
  • Weather Data for Winchester; 8 items, printed

“The Lost City of Tannery”-Unknown author and date; 2 leaves, printed

Loudoun Street Mall—Dedication Ceremony (November 21, 1974); 1 item, printed

BOX 14—Local History (M-P)

Magazines—Virginia Record (April 1956) and Ironworker (Summer 1955); 2 items, printed

Map—Esso Highway Map (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia), 1961; 1 item, printed

Market House—excerpts from the corporate law books of the City of Winchester; 18 leaves, printed/typescript

May Festival of Female Public School (May 29, 1850); 1 item, 14 pages, printed

McGukin, Rev. E.B.—News Clippings; unnumbered leaves, newsprint

Miscellaneous Items; unnumbered leaves, manuscript/printed

“Modern Drug Store Is Former Home of a Governor’s Family,” by Audrey Coleman-November 26, 1966; 1 leaf, printed

Morgan, Daniel—photocopy of postcard depicting old style defense gun which marked Daniel Morgan’s grave; 2 leaves, printed (photocopy)

Mount Hebron Cemetery—folder contains the following:

  • “Dedication…and Constitution…1845”; 1 item, printed
  • Letter RE: Cemetery Work (1926); 1 item, typescript
  • News article RE: new director (1996); 1 item, typescript
  • News article RE: cemetery tours (1996); 1 item, typescript
  • Speech by Wilbur Johnston on history of cemetery (1999); 1 item, typescript
  • Flyer (undated); 1 item, printed
  • Flyer history and regulations (undated); 1 item, printed
  • Flyer history (undated); 1 item, printed

National Geographic Magazine Cumulative Index (1899-1946); 9 pages, printed

News Clippings—unnumbered leaves, newsprint

News Clippings (1940s)—unnumbered leaves, newsprint

Official Syllabus of Bible Study for High School Pupils (July, 1933); 1 booklet, 16 pages, printed

Paving of City Streets, water and sewer systems—contains the following:

  • Paving city streets; 1 leaf, typescript
  • Water supply; 2 leaves, typescript
  • Town Run and Sewer System; 2 leaves, typescript
  • Garbage collection start date, 1912; 1 leaf, typescript

Program-Elk’s Minstrels, March 19-20, 1923—1 item, printed

Program-Memorial Service for John Sperry, Revolutionary War Soldier (October 3, 1974); 1 program, printed

Program-Sarah Zane Minstrels (February 5-6, 1924); 1 program, printed

Old Stone Presbyterian Church; 6 leaves, typescript

Old Stone Presbyterian Church-Sequi-Centennial Anniversary Celebration of Winchester Presbytery (September 26-27, 1944); also contains a history of the Presbytery of Winchester; 2 items, 14 pages, printed

“Our Town…At This Point in Time,” by Elizabeth Engle (1973); 11 pages, typescript

Preservation of Historic Winchester, Kurtz Family and Building—folder contains the following:

  • 25th Anniversary Preservation of Historic Winchester (6/1989); 1 item, printed
  • Auction Estate Lucy Fitzhugh Kurtz (6/1970); 1 item, printed
  • Kurtz Alert-PHW (12/1987); 1 item, printed
  • PHW Exhibit at Kurtz Building (3/1988); 1 item, printed
  • Notes on Kurtz Family; 1 item, manuscript
  • Kurtz Home Purchased by Pattons (8/1970); 1 item, printed
  • Kurtz Funeral Home Closes (1/1969); 1 item, printed
  • Miss Lucy’s belongings coveted auction prizes (7/1970);1 item, printed
  • Kurtz: The Man Behind The Building (5/1987); 1 item, printed
  • Kurtz Campaign in Final Stages (3/1988); 1 item, printed 

BOX 14A—Local History (R-Z)-information regarding Winchester is not included, please see Box 14B

Receipt of J.N. Bell and Miller (March 8, 1843); 2 leaves, manuscript on printed form

Ritter, Arthur N.—National Fruit Product Company Stock Certificate (October 1, 1919); 1 leaf, printed

Russell, Minnie Kathryn—diploma of, (June 1, 1951) James Wood High School; 1 leaf, printed (photocopy of original diploma)

“Scenic and Historic Old Virginia and Eastern National Parks,” compiled and edited by H.V. Knight and R.R. Stripling (1930); 1 book, unnumbered pages, printed  

Schooling in Winchester and Frederick County—folder contains the following:

  • The Educational Record, no author, undated; 1 item, typescript
  • Town Act erecting John Kerr School (3/1908); 1 item, printed
  • 140 schools of Frederick County; 6 pages, printed
  • School attendance zones, elementary (1989); 1 item, printed
  • Learning the law, private law schools in Antebellum Virginia; 1 item, printed
  • Stewart Bell, Jr.’s teachers (10/1986); 1 item, manuscript

Semi-Centennial Sermon of Rev. James R. Graham (October 13, 1901); 1 item, 32 pages, printed

Shenandoah-20 Years in Winchester (1960-1980); 1 item, 32 pages, printed

Shenandoah Country; 1 book, 68 pages, printed

Shenandoah Valley Academy Commencement (June 13, 1882) with card, Stewart Bell; 1 item (printed), 1 item (manuscript)

Shenandoah Valley National Bank, 50th Anniversary—contains the following:

  • 50th Anniversary of Bank; 1 booklet, 31 pages, printed
  • Resignation letter from bank board of John N. Bell (11/1887); 1 item, manuscript

Snyder-McVeigh Wedding (1885); 1 item (printed), 1 item (manuscript)

Souvenir of the Winchester Fire Department; 1 item (2 copies), printed

Taylor, Bushrod (“Aunt Bet”) Algernon Sydney Sullivan Genealogy Chart; 1 leaf, manuscript on printed form

“Three Tails,” by Elizabeth F.R. Brown—a series of short stories for children (1966); 1 book, 24 pages, printed

“Tragedy at the Monongahela: A Study of British-Colonial Relationships in 1755,” by Meta Lyle; 25 leaves, typescript (photocopy)

Ulster/American Folk Park—news articles; 4 leaves, printed (photocopy)

“Young George Washington on the Frontier in Old Frederick County,” compiled by Stewart Bell, Jr. (October 8, 1983)—contains the following:

  • “G.W. Lived in and around Winchester (1748-1758)”; 1 leaf, printed
  • Map of Journey; 1 leaf, printed
  • Young George Washington on the Frontier; 1 leaf, typescript 

 Isaac Zane Papers—contains the following:

  • Letter to Zane from Thomas Jefferson (6/1783); 2 copies, manuscript (photocopy of original)
  • Letter to Zane from Cousin Sarah (1796); 2 copies, manuscript (photocopy of original)
  • Entry in Virginia Historical Magazine RE: Zane (3/1778); 1 item, printed
  • Notes on Isaac Zane—Various Sources; 7 pages, typescript
  • “Patriot of a Fiery Temper,” article on Zane from the Winchester Star (2/1976); 1 page, printed
  • From Quarles book RE: Zane and Furnace; 2 pages, manuscript
  • From Hart’s Book “The Valley of Virginia in the American Revolution” RE: Zane; 1 item, manuscript
  • “Decorative Cast Iron on the Virginia Frontier,” article (1972); 5 pages, printed
  • “A Quaker for the Times,” article on Isaac Zane, Jr.; 17 pages, printed

 BOX 14B—Local History—Winchester

“A Bibliography on Winchester History”; 1 leaf, typescript

“Hawthorne,” by unknown author; 1 leaf, typescript

Industries and Attractions of Winchester and Frederick County (no date provided); 1 card, printed

Miscellaneous Articles on Winchester—contains the following:

  • Sister city connections to England (3/1971); 2 pages, typescript
  • “Willa Cather”, no author, undated; 2 pages, typescript
  • National Fruit Product Co. 75th Anniversary (1983); 4 pages, printed
  • Washington Post article on drug crimes in Winchester (7/1989); 1 item, printed
  • S. Winchester launched in Baltimore (3/1945); 1 item, printed
  • Winchester Star article, “First Anniversary of WFC Visitor Center (8/1988)
  • Program for meeting WINC-Frederick County Historical Society (9/1973); 1 item, printed
  • “View of Winchester” by Edward Beyer; 1 item, printed
  • Winchester Star, “50 Years,” Winchester Jaycees (3/1988); 1 item, printed
  • Village of Gore float in Apple Blossom Parade (1939); 1 item, printed
  • Photo of Glen Burnie in Winchester Star (4/1977); 1 item, printed
  • Article, “Collector Has No Problem Passing the Time” (2/1984); 1 item, printed
  • Photos—aerial views of changing Winchester (1989); 5 items, printed 

National Register Historic District—City of Winchester (March-June, 1980); unnumbered leaves, typescript

Season’s Greetings Print—Winchester Historic Landmarks; 1 leaf, print

Winchester Area Railroads—contains the following:

  • Magazine featuring Winchester and Western Railroad; 45 pages, printed
  • News article (1976) Winchester and Western Railroad; 1 item, printed
  • Article, “Development of the Valley Line “Railroad…” (1952); 1 item, printed
  • Transportation on the Winchester and Potomac Railroad (3/1836); 1 item, printed

Winchester Cook Books—contains the following:

  • Winchester cookbook, 1955 reprint of 1905 original; 1 item, printed
  • Handwritten cookbook, undated; 1 item, manuscript 

Winchester-Frederick County brochures, Shenandoah Valley; 4 items, printed

Winchester Medical History—contains the following:

  • Winchester Memorial Hospital and the 8th Man, no date; 14 pages, printed
  • Article, “Winchester’s Rich Medical History,” (9/1986); 1 item, printed
  • “Picture of Health,” premiere issue (1988); 32 pages, printed
  • Newspaper photo of Winchester Medical Center (1989); 1 item, printed
  • Article, “An Arch Across Time,” Doc. Whitlock (2/1990); 1 item, printed
  • Letter to Stewart Bell RE: Winchester Medical History (1989); 5 pages, manuscript
  • “The Winchester Medical College,” by William McGuire (1937); 1 item, printed 

Winchester News Story—October 19, 1866; 3 leaves, typescript

Winchester Republican (August 30, 1830) and Winchester News (October 19, 1866); 2 items, printed

Winchester Tour Notes (1958-1970); unnumbered leaves, manuscript/typescript

Winchester, Virginia—Selected Bibliography; unnumbered leaves, typescript

“The Winchester & Western Railroad,” by Lawrence P. Winnemore; 1 book, 36 pages, printed

BOX 15—Handley Library and Handley High School

Handley High School and Winchester Public Schools—contains the following:

  • “The Superintendent…Who He Is,” (5/1919); 15 pages, printed
  • “Mrs. Wilson Presents Flag to Handley School” (5/1925); 1 item, printed
  • Two letters RE: flag from Harry F. Byrd (5/1925); 1 item, typescript
  • “History of Local Schools,” Melton Wright (1/1965); 1 item, printed
  • “Handley Board of Trustees: Unique Body in 80th Year” (3/1975); 1 item, printed
  • Invitation Handley High School (1978); 1 item, typescript
  • Rededication program (10/1980); 1 item, printed
  • “Construction in 1923, Too,” (10/1980); 1 item, printed
  • Invocation by Stewart Bell, Jr. rededication (10/1980)
  • “Spirit of Cooperation,” praised rededication (10/1980); 1 item, printed
  • “Cherry Blossoms,” Handley’s Landscaping (5/1982); 1 item, printed
  • Handbook of the Winchester Public Schools (1921); 1 item, printed
  • Report of the trustees and flag presentation of Winchester, England (1921); 1 item, printed
  • Report of trustees (1918); 1 item, printed, soft cover
  • Report of trustees (1918); 1 item, printed, hard cover
  • Quarles’ “John Handley and the Handley Bequests”; 1 item, printed 

Handley Library—Correspondence; unnumbered leaves, typescript/print

Handley Library—50th Anniversary, 1963—talk presented on The Handley Library: The Past, opening of the Benham Room; 7 leaves, typescript

Handley Library—History—contains the following:

  • Report…of the Handley Fund, made at opening of library (8/1913); 1 item, printed
  • Notes by Bell RE: Library start up; 1 leaf, manuscript
  • “History of archives,” by Bordwine and Miller (1/1983); 2 leaves, typescript 

Handley Library—News clippings; unnumbered leaves, newsprint

Handley Library—Reports, includes budget requests (1963-1976); unnumbered leaves, printed/typescript

Handley Memorial Dedication—includes the following:

  • Speech of Stewart Bell, Jr. on Handley memorial dedication (10/19/1968); 1 item, typescript
  • Copy of speech with handwritten notes; 1 item, typescript 

“Survey of Public Library Service in Winchester, Virginia,” by Francis R. St. John (1964); 1 item, 41 pages, typescript

BOX 16

Bell, Stewart (Jr.)—Gavel and gavel base from his time as Mayor of Winchester (1972-1980); 2 items

“Citizen of a Lifetime,” by Laetitia Clayton, undated; 1 item, newsprint encapsulated

U.S. Flag flown over the capitol—presented by Rep. Frank Wolf (1/2002); 3 leaves regarding dedication, 1 U.S. flag

BOX 17—Albums and Scrapbooks

Bell Family Album, undated; 1 item, manuscript/printed

Bell Family—Recipe Book; 1 item, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Bell Family—Scriptural album with floral illustrations; 1 item, printed and manuscript

Bell, Robert S.—Scrapbook of; 1 book, unnumbered pages, printed

Plot of Orchard and Garden on East Kent Street-no date, found in Robert S. Bell Scrapbook; 1 leaf, manuscript

BOX 18—Account Book/Daily Journals

Bell Family—Account Book (1863); 1 item, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Bell Family—Account Book (1923-1926); 1 item, 140 pages, manuscript

Bell Family—Account Book (1927-1933); 1 item, 140 pages, manuscript

Bell Family—1933 Yearbook; 1 item, unnumbered pages, manuscript on printed pages

Bell Family—Daily Journal (1858); 1 item, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Bell Family—Daily Journal (1859); 1 item, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Bell Family—Daily Journal (1860); 1 item, unnumbered pages, manuscript

Daily Diary (1855); 1 item, unnumbered pages, manuscript


Bell Family Record; 1 leaf, manuscript

Bond between John and James Bell and William Edmonds with Thomas, Lord Fairfax (June, 1766); 1 leaf, manuscript

Certificate – In Grateful Memory of Lieutenant William H. Bell who died in the service of his country, July 23, 1945

Certificate – To Billy Bell, from the Primary Department of the Presbyterian Sunday School, October 2, 1927

Certificate, Beginners Department – To William Bell, promoted to Primary Department of the Presbyterian Sunday School, October 12, 1924  

Congressional Record, June 6, 2001 – Tribute to Stewart Bell Jr. of Winchester, Virignia, without cover letter from Rep. Frank Wolf

Episcopal Female Institute diploma of Laura C. Miller, June 15, 1893

Estate of Thomas K. Ball (1828), signed by J. Bell; 1 leaf, manuscript

Map of Homespun surveyed and drawn by W. Blythe, 1858, property of John N. Bell, 1 leaf, manuscript, photocopy

Scrapbook, Pages of, particularly concerning Gore School


Election poster, 1976


Aerial photographs of Winchester and Vicinity (1958), map #W44


Photograph of Camp A. A. Humphreys, Fifth Engineers