How do I place a hold?

How do I place a hold? 

Holds are placed on items one of two ways. If there is an item available inside the library, you cannot put a hold with the "My Account" feature of the library website. Instead, you may call up the library and ask for that item to be placed on hold. This can similarly be done with an item that is currently checked out- provide the librarian with the title of the item and author (where applicable) and they will put the item on hold. 


Using the "My Account" button to place a hold-

Those unfamiliar with the "My Account" feature must first establish a pin with the library. This can be done in person or on the phone. 

Access your account by clicking here. Log in using your library card number and pin. (A username and password can be established later)

Search for the item you'd like to place a hold on by entering the title, author or other relevant terms into the search box.

Once you locate the item within the list that your search generates, click on 'Place Hold'. If you do not see this option, or your item does not come up in your search, the Library may not have it available.