About Us

 Garwood Public Library has been offering books and other materials to the residents and students of the Borough for more than 75 years. Originally housed in a classroom in the basement of Lincoln School on Second Avenue, offering a mere 4,000 titles, the Library was moved to larger quarters in the Franklin School on Walnut Street in 1979, where the collections grew to nearly 25,000 items.

When the new Lincoln School facility was completed in 2006, the Garwood Public Library was fortunate to be part of the construction and the Library is now located in a separate, yet attached, building at the corner of Walnut Street and Third Avenue, providing service to both the public and the school population. The new facility is nearly twice the size of the Franklin School location allowing for comfortable seating, separation of collections, and room for growth. Currently, the Library is home to about 28,000 items, meeting the needs of the community as well as supporting the curriculum of the school.