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Reviews for People Like Her

Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

A British "Instamum" navigates the dangers of fame—and finds herself the target of a killer. Former fashion editor Emmy Jackson traded her magazine cred for Instagram fame with her first pregnancy. Now her life is more breastfeeding than brunches, and she works hard to convince her tribe of eager mamas that she’s barely keeping up—just one of the many myths she's constantly perpetuating. In truth, she has to be savvy and tough, three steps ahead of everyone else, commiserating with the sleepless one minute, plugging one of her sponsors—perhaps a toilet paper company?—the next. Her husband begins to feel like his wife is always performing, like he barely knows her anymore, especially when she turns their 4-year-old daughter’s birthday party into a public event or ignores her best friend’s messages with a wave. But when their daughter temporarily disappears at the mall and then there’s a break-in at their flat, they begin to worry that the price of Emmy’s fame might just be too high. Someone is posting stolen pictures; someone else is watching and waiting for the opportunity to take revenge. The first half of the novel is a delicious guilty pleasure: hyperbolic descriptions of the glamorous superficiality that we all suspect lies at the heart of most Instagram lives and experiences. But the second half takes us to a darker place as Lloyd explores the pitfalls of living a life on the internet, especially when that life involves kids. How can we ever assume privacy and safety? And when does the line between persona and person no longer exist? Despite a rather melodramatic climax and rushed conclusion, this one will get under your skin. Silence your notifications and lock the doors, then indulge in this delightfully distasteful, cozily creepy thriller. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.