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Reviews for When Stars Collide

Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

A quarterback and an opera singer fall in love while on a press tour for a luxury watch brand. Although Thad Owens has an unparalleled ability to read the football field, a flaw in his peripheral vision has relegated him to second string for the upcoming season. His new endorsement contract for a luxury watch brand includes a monthlong tour with Olivia Shore, a world-renowned soprano with the Chicago Municipal Opera. The bright side of the tour for Thad is that he can get away from Chicago and the expectation that he’ll mentor the young quarterback taking his place. Olivia has her own problems: Her ex-fiance committed suicide and sent her an email blaming her for the act. The accusation is so upsetting that she's unable to sing even though she's contracted to perform a demanding lead role in just a few weeks. After a rough start fueled by false assumptions, Thad and Olivia become friends and then lovers. He protects her from overzealous fans and the threat of a stalker but also helps her find her voice again. Olivia and Thad’s ongoing discussion about whose career should come first is modern and engaging. In her previous relationship, Olivia gave up several opportunities to soothe her fiance's ego; she’s determined not to repeat the same mistake with a man as high-powered and successful as Thad. Unfortunately, other elements of the book are not as forward-thinking. Phillips is unusually focused on Olivia's weight and how she fits into the stereotype of an opera singer—even though she's described as being 5 feet, 10 inches tall and 140 pounds, which sounds more like a model—and the description of the ex-fiance’s behavior traffics in stale stereotypes about suicide. Dated elements detract from what might have been a charming romance. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.