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Reviews for Someone to cherish

Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

A widow who cherishes her independence meets a gentleman who might support her desire for sovereignty. In the eighth novel of Balogh’s Westcott family series, former soldier and dispossessed Earl of Riverdale Harry Westcott is single and about to turn 30. His extended family, concerned about his solitary life as a gentleman farmer, is scheming to get him married off. But even as Harry is grappling with his future, he crosses paths with a quiet vicar's widow he's never noticed before and receives an unexpected proposal for companionship. Lydia Tavernor might as well have been cast as Sleeping Beauty, not only by her overprotective male family members, but also by her clergyman husband, who had devoted himself entirely to his vocation. Now that she finally has some say in her own life, she can't imagine legally handing it to any man again. But she also longs for intimacy without the ties that would threaten her freedom. As is common in Balogh’s work, Lydia and Harry forge a carnal connection before they deepen their emotional bond, but when village gossip pushes them toward the outcome she dreads, Harry has to prove to her that she has nothing to fear. The Westcott family backstory and the appearances of many relatives slow down the plot’s momentum, but the couple’s stop-and-start courtship ably reflects a woman’s hesitancy in considering marriage in a gender-unequal world. A sentimental, contemplative, suffragist-leaning upper-class Regency romance. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.