Social Media Use Policy


The Fox Lake District Library participates in social media in order to disseminate information on library services and programs and to encourage communication with library users. This policy addresses the use of social media by both members of the public and by library staff members, and supplements existing library policy.


Parental Responsibility

The Library does not act in the role of parent and bears no responsibility or liability with regard to use of library-related social media by minors. It is the responsibility of parents to monitor their children’s use of social media.



Postings to library social media sites may not include personal information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

Appropriate content for postings to Fox Lake District Library social media sites includes:

  • Information on library programs and events

  • Current library policies and practices, and new developments in these

  • News about the library’s collections and acquisitions

  • Publicity and press releases

  • News on regional library systems and their services and activities

  • Library legislative initiatives

  • Professional library association news

Inappropriate content for postings includes:

  • Obscene or racist comments or information

  • Child pornography

  • Threatening, derogatory, insulting or abusive language of any type

  • Personal information

  • Commercial or for profit postings

  • Political postings

  • Copyrighted, trademarked or other protected content

  • Comments or complaints about library staff, policies or procedures

  • Disputes concerning library fines and fees, or problems with patron accounts

  • Any postings that are contrary to or unrelated to the purpose of the site or are harmful to the library district


Management of Postings

Library management will monitor all postings to its social media web applications and will remove any postings not in compliance with this social media use policy and those that are in any way harmful to the library district.


Employee Use of Social Media

In their personal use of social media, library employees may not:

  • use the library’s name, logo, slogan/tagline, photos, artwork or other content

  • imply that personal postings are endorsed by or represent the library

  • reveal library trustee, employee or patron addresses or telephone, e-mail or other personal information

  • include any comments or information harmful to the Library District in making postings to any social media


Active Status of Library Social Media Sites

The Library District reserves the right to discontinue its social media sites at any time without notice to participants or subscribers.



The following disclaimer applies to and will appear on all library social media sites: “Statements on this site do not reflect the views or opinions of the Fox Lake Public Library District, its board, administration or staff. The Library District accepts no liability and bears no responsibility for the content or use of this site.”


Approved by the Board of Library Trustees of the Fox Lake Public Library District, Lake and McHenry Counties, Illinois, on April 10, 2012