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 · Director: Melissa Villarreal

Library Hours
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 · Saturday  9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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Revised 2/14/2017

Meeting Room Application

  1. The Libraryís meeting room is intended primarily for use by the Library for Library programming and Library meeting purposes. Use of the meeting room by outside groups having Fox Lake Public Library District residents as members, for purposes consistent with the Libraryís plan of service, is allowed according to these Regulations. Use of the meeting room by the Library takes precedence over all other use.

  2. The Libraryís meeting room is a limited public forum. The meeting room is not available for uses, events or activities which are contrary to the primary uses of the Library as a venue for reading, writing, quiet contemplation, educational activities, or cultural activities.

  3. Use of the meeting room by for-profit or commercial organizations is not allowed. The room may not be used for commercial seminars, legal conferences or proceedings, depositions, realty closings, paid tutoring, and any use through which a salary or fee is earned or business solicited.

  4. Uses, events or activities which are not allowed include, without limitation:

    • Social gatherings, such as parties, weddings, family reunions, etc.;
    • Fund raising;
    • Meetings organized by or for a candidate for public office or by a group or organization promoting or objecting to referendum questions/public policy questions;
    • Meetings for religious services or ceremonies.

  5. By allowing use of its meeting room, the Library does not endorse the activities or viewpoints of meeting room users. Groups using the Libraryís meeting room:

    • May not state or imply that the groupís activities are sponsored by the Library;
    • May not use the Library as a mailing address;
    • May not publicize their meetings with posters, leaflets or other publicity in the Library building.

  6. Meetings requiring only seating are limited in size to one hundred attendees. Meetings requiring use of tables are limited to fifty attendees.

  7. Library-owned audio visual equipment is not available to groups using the meeting room.

  8. Applications for use of the meeting room must be made by a member of the group who is a current Library cardholder on a form provided by the Library. Applications must be dated and submitted to the Library at least two weeks in advance of the prospective meeting date. The person signing the Application is responsible for his or her group's compliance with these Regulations.

  9. The meeting room may be reserved no longer than two months in advance of the meeting date. Groups are limited to one meeting per month.

  10. Meetings may take place only during Library hours and may not begin sooner than one half hour after Library opening and must end at least one half hour before closing. The meeting room is not available for use on Sundays. On the day of the meeting, a responsible member of the group must check in with the circulation desk on the group's arrival. Before departure, a responsible member of the group must report the number of persons in attendance.

  11. No part of the Library facility other than the meeting room is available for public meeting purposes.

  12. Food and drink are not allowed in the Library building. Groups wishing to serve coffee or other refreshments (non-alcoholic) in the Libraryís meeting room must deposit $50.00 at the time of booking. In such cases, refreshments will not be allowed outside the meeting room. The deposit will be returned only if the meeting room is left clean at the end of the meeting. Groups will be charged for any damage or cleanup resulting from use of the meeting room.

  13. All groups using the meeting room shall, at the groupís expense, comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  14. Groups whose meetings are not conducted in an orderly fashion or who violate any Library policies or Library rules of behavior or who otherwise interfere with Library operations will be asked to leave the Library and will be denied future use of the meeting room.