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Ashfall by Mullin, Mike
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Book list Alex, 15, is alone at home in Cedar Falls, Iowa, when his house collapses, as thick black ash falls from the sky. A supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park has erupted 900 miles away, all power is out, and the horrendous noise of the aftermath does not stop. Alex takes off through the never-ending darkness, stench, corpses, and tumult to try to find his family who had been vacationing. Along the way, he meets smart, tough Darla, an engineering...More

Grandfathers Journey by Allen Say
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Book list Ages 5 and up. Say won the Caldecott Medal for this autobiographical story of his grandfather's journey from Japan to the U.S. It is a version of the American dream that includes discovery and adventure but no sense of arrival. He gets our homesickness, our restlessness, wherever we are.

From Booklist, Copyright American Library Association. Used with permission.

Publishers Weekly Say transcends the achieveme...More

The Wright Brothers by David McCullough
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Library Journal McCullough (John Adams; 1776) effectively blends impeccable writing with historical rigor and strong character definition in his biography of Wright brothers Wilbur, the abstract thinker and introvert; and Orville, the extrovert and hands-on doer. They had limited formal education, with the author instead attributing his subjects' success to industry, imagination, and persistence, as seen in their early enterprises as newspaper publish...More

Lincoln: A Photobiography by Russell Freedman
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Book list Gr. 4-10. This realistic, perceptive, and unromanticized biography of Lincoln includes a sampler of quotations from his writings and speeches.

From Booklist, Copyright American Library Association. Used with permission.

Publishers Weekly This Newbery Award-winning study of our 16th president is highly readable and meticulously organized. In a boxed review, PW hailed it as a ``superb, encompassing account'' of...More

Cane River by Lalita Tademy
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Book list Tademy halted a career as a high-powered technology executive to research her family's history. Her findings--four generations of strong-willed black women who survived slavery and racial injustices, maintained strong family ties, and left a legacy of faith and accomplishment--are transformed here into a powerful historical novel. The tale is told from the perspectives of Suzette, Philomene, and Emily, all born and raised in a small farming ...More

Annals of the Former World by John McPhee
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Choice Well-known writer McPhee's book has impressive depth in its understanding, explaining, and illustrating of the geological evolution of a cross section of North America, centered along the 40th parallel. Five chapters (termed "books") are included, four of which were published previously in the 1980s and early '90s. These original contributions deal with the geology and geologists involved with various parts of the US: the "Basin and Range&qu...More

Hidden by Helen Frost
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Book list Though Wren and Darra have never even made eye contact, they share a secret history that changed both of their lives. When they were eight, Wren hid in Darra's family's garage for several days after Darra's father stole a van, unaware that Wren was in the backseat. Darra knew Wren was hiding and did her eight-year-old best to offer silent comfort, then felt betrayed when Wren's escape drew the police, leading to her father's ...More

Three-Day Town by Margaret Maron
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Book list In her seventeenth Deborah Knott mystery, Maron's two series protagonists the warm North Carolina judge, Knott, and the cool NYPD lieutenant, Sigrid Harald (last seen in Fugitive Colors, 1995) meet for the first time. A year after their marriage, Deborah and Deputy Sheriff Dwight Bryant are off to New York for a weeklong honeymoon, staying at Dwight's sister-in-law's Manhattan apartment. They are asked to deliver a package to Sigrid&...More

A Dark Matter by Peter Straub
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Library Journal Forty years after a horrific event experienced by a group of high school seniors, the now middle-aged participants individually review what happened. In 1960, under the spell of a charismatic, slightly older man who claimed special powers, the teens had been led to share what may have been a delusion or an actual, spectacular murder. The author's well-recognized skill in building suspense and subtly revealing aspects of character...More

Body Politic by Paul Johnston
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Publishers Weekly This bleak, near-future hunt for a vicious serial killer won Britain's Creasy Award for best first novel and should capture admiring attention here as well. In the year 2020, Edinburgh is a virtual city-state (founded on the ideas of Plato's Republic) ruled by a benevolently despotic council riddled with corruption. This highly regimented society has lost most traces of individualism. Gone, too, are televisions, private cars, uns...More

I, Too, Am America by written by Langston Hughes and illustrated by Bryan Collier
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Book list A celebration of Pullman porters is the focus of this new picture-book edition of Langston Hughes' classic poem. The collage spreads, blending oil paintings and cut paper, begin with an image of a speeding train before moving on to large portraits of African American porters serving white passengers aboard a luxury train. When the passengers leave, the porters gather left-behind items newspapers, blues and jazz albums and toss them from the ...More

Red-Eyed Tree Frog by Joy Cowley
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School Library Journal PreS-Gr 3-In a tropical rain forest in Central America, a red-eyed tree frog spends the night looking for food while avoiding potential predators. Bishop's high-speed photographic techniques transport viewers to this distant world and allow them to see other creatures from the tree frog's perspective. Larger-than-life images document the hunt, brought to a satisfying conclusion as the well-camouflaged frog settles among the ...More

Silent Joe by T. Jefferson Parker
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Library Journal The prolific Parker is back with his ninth thriller (after Red Light), and it's a dark, sexy gem. Joe, known as the "acid baby" after his natural father disfigured his face for life with battery acid, was rescued from an orphanage by Will Trona, a powerful and charismatic Orange County, CA, supervisor. Joe idolizes his adoptive father, follows his footsteps into law enforcement, and serves him faithfully until Will is gunned ...More

Calico Joe by John Grisham
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Library Journal Growing up in Arkansas, Grisham dreamed of being a professional baseball player. Now, in his 28th novel, this superb storyteller takes his turn at bat in this memorable story of forgiveness and redemption. In the 1973 season, Warren Tracey, an over-the-hill pitcher from the New York Mets, tangles with Joe Castle, a hot new Chicago Cubs rookie from Calico Rock, AR-halting both their careers. Before their confrontation, Joe had demonst...More

Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley
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Publishers Weekly In this darkly humorous debut, Whaley weaves two stories into a taut and well-constructed thriller. Acerbic 17-year-old aspiring writer Cullen Witter narrates the first, bemoaning the tedium of smalltown life ("Living in Lily, Arkansas, is sometimes like living in the land that time forgot"), until the Lazarus woodpecker, thought to be extinct, allegedly reappears, and his 15-year-old brother, Gabriel, goes missing. The a...More

A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge
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Library Journal A war between two rival civilizations over trading rights to the planet Arachna results in the virtual enslavement of the Qeng Ho by the victorious Emergent culture. As the Spider-folk of Arachna evolve in their customary cyclical pattern, unaware of the threat that lies in their near future, a few Qeng Ho rebels work desperately to free themselves and save Arachna from conquest. This prequel to A Fire Upon the Deep (Tor, 1992) demonstrate...More

The Complete Human Body + DVD by DK Publishing
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School Library Journal Gr 9 Up-Incorporating hundreds of stunning images and a clearly written text, Roberts's hefty volume begins with an overview of the body covering such topics as human evolution, the human genetic formula, the cell, and body composition. It then moves on to systems, devoting most of its pages to an atlas of human anatomy. Starting from the head and neck and ending at the lower leg and foot, this section illustrates seven re...More

Austerlitz by W. G. Sebald
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School Library Journal Winner of the Berlin Literature and Literatur Nord prizes and the Los Angeles Times Book Award, Sebald has previously been published here by New Directions but now jumps to a bigger house. The narrator recounts the story of his friend, Jacques Austerlitz, who came to Britain on a kindertransport and as an adult must painfully reconstruct his past. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.

Copyright Reed Business In...More

Wind Through the Keyhole: A Dark Tower Novel by Stephen King
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Publishers Weekly King returns to the Mid-World of his Dark Tower series in this gory but hopeful set of nested tales. As gunslinger Roland Deschain and his companions quest toward the Dark Tower, Roland tells a story of his early days as a gunslinger, hunting down a murderous shape-shifter on a rampage. Within that tale is a fairy tale Roland tells to a young boy about Tim, a very brave boy tricked into a dangerous quest by an evil man. Tim's ...More

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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Library Journal In a far-future United States, a cruel Capitol keeps order by demanding an annual tribute for its Hunger Games, in which two contestants, a boy and a girl, are chosen by lottery from each of 12 districts to fight to the death in an event televised from an arena. Katniss Everdeen lives in what used to be Appalachia and is now called the Seam-a dirt-poor district without much hope of success in the games. Katniss volunteers in her sist...More

Nobody's Baby But Mine by Suzan Elizabeth Phillips
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Library Journal Lonely, single, and 34, brainy physicist Jane Darlington is determined to have a baby?even if she has to pretend to be a hooker (and a "birthday present" for football star Cal Bonner) to do it. She doesn't expect, however, that her quarterback is a whole lot smarter than Jane had hoped, definitely more honorable than she had expected, and simply won't take no for an answer. Although the initial premise (while funny) is a ...More

Another mans moccasins by Craig Johnson.
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Library Journal Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire (Kindness Goes Unpunished) flashes back to his Vietnam War experiences when a photograph of him is found in the purse of a murdered young Vietnamese woman. Johnson's engrossing tale offers a sympathetic view of young Americans in a foreign environment trying to do their jobs under difficult circumstances. Copyright 2008 Reed Business Information.

Copyright Reed Business Information, a di...More

Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald
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Library Journal With her latest effort, The Blue Flower, making many best lists for 1997 as well as winning the National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction, Fitzgerald has gone from relative obscurity?in the United States anyway?to international fame in a matter of weeks. Readers introduced to her through The Blue Flower will no doubt be looking for her earlier works, such as this 1979 Booker Prize-winning novel that follows a bevy of characters living...More

Silent Thunder: In the Presence of Elephants by Katy Payne
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Library Journal In this mixture of personal saga, social commentary, and scientific research, Payne researches elephants' use of infrasound (sound below human hearing) to communicate over long distances. She describes the research she undertook in Kenya and in Zimbabwe, a country that condones elephant culling. Dreadfully, most of the elephants she studied there were destroyed in a 1991 cull. She found this extremely distressful, withdrawing from her own research...More

Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay
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Library Journal Ned Marriner joins his father, the famous photographer Edward Marriner, for an extended stay in Provence, an area of France steeped in both Celtic and Roman history. Then, a visit to Saint-Sauveur Cathedral in the town of Aix brings Ned together with Kate Wenger, an American exchange student, and a man who appears to be much, much older than one would think-and both Ned and Kate become caught up in another time where the reenactment ...More

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Family of Sandra Bland Files Wrongful-Death Lawsuit

"The bottom line is: She never should have been inside of the jail, period," her mother said.

Tue, 04 Aug 2015 19:28:01 GMT
'Mind of Its Own': 9,000 Battle California Blazes

Two giant C-130 Hercules planes joined more than a dozen other air tankers and helicopters

Tue, 04 Aug 2015 19:21:43 GMT
First Gay Couple Married at West Point Attacked in NYC

The New York Police Department is on the hunt for a man in his 40s who got into an altercation with Larry Lennox-Choate and Daniel Lennox-Choate.

Tue, 04 Aug 2015 18:31:34 GMT
Manhunt Continues in CA for Gunman Suspected of Killing One, Kidnapping Three, and Injuring Two Deputies

The suspect, who is considered "armed and very dangerous" is thought to now be taking cover somewhere within a rugged five-square-mile area east of Bakersfield, California.

Tue, 04 Aug 2015 18:02:21 GMT
Last Defendant in Bernie Madoff Case Faces Sentencing

The last defendant in Bernard Madoff's multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme will be sentenced on Wednesday, marking the end of the long criminal case.

Tue, 04 Aug 2015 17:56:58 GMT
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