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Internet Use Policy

Fairfield Public Library (FPL) provides public access to the World Wide Web and other Internet tools to augment the library's collection and to support the community's informational needs, life-long learning opportunities, and cultural or leisure activities.

The Internet is a global electronic network of information. While most resources on the Internet are useful, some resources may provide material that is inaccurate, controversial or offensive. The library does not and cannot control or monitor the information accessed through the Internet and does not accept responsibility for its content. Because the library is a public place, some resources found on the Internet are inappropriate for a library setting. Library staff reserves the authority to end an Internet session.

Internet resources accessible through FPL are available to all registered borrowers. Parents or guardians, not FPL, are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children.

User Agreement: All library users must sign and read the Internet User Agreement before they will be granted Internet privileges. Users under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the Internet Authorization Form. All necessary signatures must be obtained in the presence of a library staff member.

Access: Users must be registered cardholders with FPL. (Nonresident visitors may be granted access with other valid identification.) Users must present their library card at the front desk to "check in" and must "check out" when their time is up by picking up their card. Users may be required to take care of any charges on their record before using the Internet or other library equipment or services. If a computer user leaves the computer for more than ten minutes during their session, that user forfeits his/her session and library staff may reassign the computer.

User Limit: There is a limit of two users per computer at any one time; both users must have signed an Internet User Agreement. The person whose card is being used must be present at the computer during the whole session.

Time Limits: To provide access to as many users as possible, the library may place time constraints on the use of computers.

Legal: Users must comply with all local, state and federal laws while using the Internet.

Alterations: Users are not permitted to permanently delete or modify any library software or hardware, nor to install any software, download any programs, or save any files onto the library computers. If alterations are detected, the user may be billed for any labor and/or parts required for restoring the system. Please notify the library staff of any alterations caused by you or others.

Email: The library does not offer e-mail accounts. Users may read and send e-mail if they know the means of access and Internet address of their private accounts.

Charges: Users must not incur any costs to FPL through access to fee-for-service providers, online shopping or other Internet uses. Users must pay for all pages they print. Black and white printouts are 10 cents per page; color printouts are 50 cents per page. Formatted disks are available for $1.00.

Reservations: Reservations may be placed in thirty-minute increments up to one week in advance. There is a limit of one reservation per calendar week. Library staff will hold your reservation for five minutes before giving it away to another user. If you must miss your reservation, please notify us; otherwise, it will count as your reservation for that week. No reservations are allowed on the fifteen-minute computers.

Staff Assistance: Library staff will assist users as time permits, but FPL cannot provide personal instruction in computer use.

Restrictions: The library reserves the right to deny access to the Internet or any other library equipment or service to anyone who does not comply with library policies and guidelines.

Adopted as revised 6/19/06