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General Loan Policies

You are responsible for all materials checked out on your library card. Always present your card to borrow materials, or pay $1.00 at the time of checkout if you forget to bring your card to the library. Do not let anyone else use your card, and do not attempt to use someone else's. Please notify the library if your address changes, to avoid a returned mail charge.

Description of MaterialsLoan PeriodFines per DayGrace Period
AV equipmentVaries$2/hour, $10/dayNone
Books on CD14 days25 cents5 days
Books on tape14 days25 cents5 days
Books: "New" adult shelf14 days25 cents5 days
Books: Adult collection28 days25 cents5 days
Books: Juvenile collection28 days 10 cents5 days
Cassette tapes 14 days25 cents5 days
CD-ROMs14 days$1.005 days
CDs14 days25 cents5 days
DVDs (3 per day, no renewals)3 days$1.00None
Interlibrary loansVaries25 centsNone
Magazines: Back issues14 days10 cents5 days
Magazines: Current 3-4 issues (no renewals)2 days25 centsNone
VHS tapes (5 per day, no renewals)14 days$1.005 days

Returns: An after-hours return slot is located in the alley on the south side of the library building. To avoid overdue charges, return materials by midnight of their due date.

Overdue fines:

  • After the grace period, a daily fine is charged on each item starting from the day it was due. In other words, once you exceed the grace period, you must pay fines from the original due date.
  • The maximum overdue fine for any one item is $5.00.
  • You may not check out DVDs or VHS tapes if anyone in your household has fines on their card.
  • Library services will be denied to anyone whose household has accumulated more than $10.00 in overdue fines.

Borrowing DVDs and VHS tapes:

  • A valid library card is required.
  • Your household's account must be free of fines.
  • When you check out DVDs or VHS tapes, they are for home use only.
  • Please rewind videotapes.
  • It is OK to return them in the after-hours book drop, located in the alley on the south side of the building. To prevent cases from opening, consider tying returns into a plastic bag.
  • Full replacement cost may be charged for damaged film and/or case.
  • You are responsible for loss, theft, or damage while these items are in your possession.
  • Fairfield Public Library assumes no responsibility for damage to equipment used with our DVDs or VHS tapes.
  • DVDs and VHS tapes are susceptible to heat damage. Please do not leave them near a heat source or inside a hot vehicle.
  • DVDs are susceptible to damage by scratching. Please handle them with care and store them in their protective cases.
  • Overdue fines are $1.00 per day; a maximum of $5.00 per item.

Inclement weather: In case of bad weather, please plan accordingly. We do not extend the loan period. Be prepared to pay overdue charges if inclement weather prevents you from returning items on time.

Lost cards: The charge to replace a lost card is $2.00. Free of charge, we can replace your damaged card at the point of its annual renewal.

Renewals: Most items can be renewed once, as long as another patron has not reserved them. You may renew online or at the library, but we cannot accept phone renewals. No materials may be checked out for more than two consecutive loan periods; the original checkout period plus one renewal.

Deposits: A refundable deposit is required for borrowing audio-visual equipment, for room reservations, and for certain materials (auto repair manuals, GED manuals, for example).

Damages: You will be charged for any damage that occurs to library material while it is checked out on your card. Full list price will be charged for new, current editions of all lost or damaged-beyond-use materials. The library may take legal action to recover materials not returned.

These penalties will affect only a small percentage of library users. However, it is necessary to implement these policies to protect public ownership and effective service of your lending library.

Adopted as revised 6/19/06