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The Chiru of High Tibet

by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

Book list With an urgent conservation message, this picture book about a threatened species is also a true adventure that will hold readers with its action and facts about science. In spare, free verse, Martin describes the chiru, which look like antelope / but are related to wild goats and sheep and are at risk from poachers for their special wool, shahtoosh, the warmest and finest in the world. Conservationist George Schaller knows he has to protect the remote, secret place where chiru females give birth, so he follows them, helped by four mountain-climbing trekkers, who travel 200 miles to the birthing ground. The mixed-media spreads illustrate the wonder of the arduous journey that ends when the trekkers find the calving ground, which is now a protected secret place. The threat to the amazing species will move young readers: Wearing a shahtoosh shawl is the same as wearing three to five dead chiru. A spread of color photos from the expedition and a short bibliography conclude.--Rochman, Hazel Copyright 2010 Booklist

From Booklist, Copyright American Library Association. Used with permission.