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by Helen Frost

Book list Though Wren and Darra have never even made eye contact, they share a secret history that changed both of their lives. When they were eight, Wren hid in Darra's family's garage for several days after Darra's father stole a van, unaware that Wren was in the backseat. Darra knew Wren was hiding and did her eight-year-old best to offer silent comfort, then felt betrayed when Wren's escape drew the police, leading to her father's arrest. Now the girls find themselves cabinmates at summer camp in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Seeing Darra brings long-submerged rage and fear back to the surface for Wren, while Darra remains angry at Wren for the havoc she caused, unhappy as Darra's family may have been. Forced into close proximity, the girls gradually get to know one another again and for the first time. Like Frost's Printz Honor Book, Keesha's House (2003), this novel in verse stands out through its deliberate use of form to illuminate emotions and cleverly hide secrets in the text.--Booth, Heather Copyright 2010 Booklist

From Booklist, Copyright American Library Association. Used with permission.