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Library Information

  • General Services                                                
  • The Staff                                                
  • Activities                                                
  • Service Area                                                
  • History Of the Library 

General Services*:

  • Photocopies - black and white                       
  • Fax - send or receive                                              
  • Typewriters                        
  • Public Access Computers with several word processing and miscellaneous reference programs                        
  • 16 mm film projector, take-up reels, slide projector, filmstrip projector                        
  • Public meeting room                        
  • Interlibrary Loan                                          
  • Public Access Internet                  

* Fees are charged with some services

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The Staff:

Rachel Campbell


Sherri Campbell
Library Clerk


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  • Activities:                         

    For exact dates and times, blog for announcements, or to the calendar link on the main page for dates/times.
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  • Service Area:                   

    Providing free library cards to residents of the following municipalities:
           Rimersburg Borough 
           Sligo Borough 
           East Brady Borough 
           Piney Township 
           Toby Township 
           Madison Township (Clarion County) 
           Brady Township (Clarion County) 
    Eccles-Lesher Memorial Library is also a participating site for the Statewide Access card.
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