Reviews for The house of Dudley : a new history of Tudor England

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The Tudor family ruled England throughout one of its most consequential eras. Many historians have grappled with those larger-than-life Tudor kings and queens, who figure prominently in fictional narratives as well. Joanne Paul looks at the Tudors through the lens of the Dudley family. The Dudleys supported the Tudors while constantly conniving for their own ends, amassing fortunes at others’ expense. After Edward VI’s brief reign and demise, the Dudleys promoted the candidacy of Lady Jane Grey as queen in lieu of either of Henry’s daughters. Instead, Mary took the throne and had Jane and her husband executed. That might have seemed the Dudley family’s end, but others came back into favor during Elizabeth I’s reign, notably Robert Dudley, who became suitor to the Virgin Queen. Paul clearly relishes this tale of intrigue and ably handles the mass of people who bore the Dudley name, keeping them as distinctive as possible despite the repetition of the similar names. Her scene-setting descriptions rival those of Hilary Mantel. An appendix and glossary offer real aid to the perplexed. Readers who relish the vast scope of Game of Thrones will revel in this decidedly nonfictional epic.