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In 1945, the bond between twin sisters Lillian and Eleanor is tested when Eleanor is deployed to work on a top-secret military project in Tennessee. While Lillian works toward a physics degree at Columbia University, Eleanor decides to aid the war effort by joining the army. Soon after, Eleanor’s boyfriend, Max, notifies Lillian that Eleanor has gone missing. When Lillian goes to the base to investigate, she discovers that Eleanor has been working with and dating the famous physicist Dr. Andrew Ennis. Lillian and Max, working together to solve the mystery of Eleanor’s disappearance—with Ennis’ help—also discover the base's ties to the Manhattan Project. These revelations unearth secrets about Eleanor’s fate and reveal a dark side to Ennis’ celebrated scientific discoveries. Debut historical novelist James centers this mysterious tale on the true story of the Oak Ridge military site and the horrific practice of human plutonium injection. Her expertly crafted plot, which alternates between Lillian and Eleanor’s backstory and their present, will leave readers wanting more of her expertly researched historical saga.