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Wonder Woman artwork credited to @artbyjp

Hispanic Heritage Month!

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September 15th - October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month!

The establishment of this began in 1968 with a week devoted to Hispanic Heritage that coincided with the independence of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua celebrated on September 15th as well as Mexico’s independence on September 16. You can find our Spanish language section next to the Citizenship Corner, upstairs, on the northside of the Library! To learn more, visit Hispanic Heritage Month as well as the Library of Congress for resources related to Hispanic Exploration

Have You Responded to the Census?

Local funding depends on your response!

Local government, school funding, your library, highways, and so much more depend upon your being counted!

The number of representatives we have depends upon your response!

Representation depends on how many people reside within our cities, counties and states!

It takes about 5 minutes to respond to this year's census!

You can do it!

Storytime OUTSIDE!

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If it is raining or we are experiencing inclement weather, Storytime will not take place. Mask-wearing and social-distancing is encouraged! Please help us make this an experience everyone feels safe participating in!


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Return Your Books!

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July 1st is when items checked out before quarantine and during curbside were due! We have also placed a cart inside the front doors that you can place your books into during our open hours in case you do not see our signs directing you to the back! Again, there are no late fines or fees on any of these items. We ask that you do not bring your items any further into the library as these items need to be quarantined for the safety of our patrons and our staff! After the conclusion of the second part of the study conducted on library specific materials, it has been determined that FOUR days of quarantine is recommended for all returned items. This means your returned items will remain on your card for four days before we check them back into the library. You are also welcome to set items you check out aside for this length of time prior to handling them at home. Thank you! 

No Fines!

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Just a reminder that there are no fines on items that were checked out prior to quarantine in March. These items were not able to be returned to us due to our having to close our bookdrops and not through any fault of your own! Please turn in your items as soon as possible. Late fees due to quarantine are also not being assessed at this time! If you have any questions about the items you have in your possession, please call!

Interlibrary Loan!

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Voter Tips!

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Trivia Tuesdays!

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Libby now has all your RBdigital titles!

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Did you use the RBdigital app to read magazines? Did you want to read magazines but couldn't get the RBdigital app to work? Guess what?! Your Libby app now has access to all the RBdigital goods! Read all the magazines on the wonderful app we all know and love! If you still don't have Libby, download it today to get access to digital books, eAudiobooks and almost any magazine you can think of! Ask library staff for help with using Libby! (Also, go ahead and delete that RBdigital app... you know, you've always wanted to! 😂)

Silhouette Sundays

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Check out our Social Media feeds every Sunday to see if you can guess the literary character by their silhouette

2020 Reading Challenge

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Letters R & S are featured for the month of September

Ancestry Library Edition From Home!

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You can now access the Library Edition of from your home computers! You must use the link available to you once you log into your library account; links elsewhere on the site will not allow access. As always, if you need help, please don't hesitate to call us at 580-255-0636!

Little Free Libraries!

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LIttle Free Libraries are all over Duncan! Take a book and leave a book. When you finish a book, leave it in one of these little libraries for someone else to enjoy! If you know of one we don't have listed, let us know!

Please remember that the books in these little libraries are protected only when they are inside and the doors are shut. Sadly, we've discovered a few ruined books that were left out in the wind and the rain.

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