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Building Church Leaders
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Download: Vocational Stewardship

Develop a deeper and more vital Christian understanding of how to discern our own secondary vocations in light of our primary vocation as a follower of Christ.

Download: Taking Control of Your Time

Managing your schedule with God at the center.

Download: Redefining Hospitality for Women's Ministry

This download gives practical advice in what biblical hospitality is and how it should shape your ministry.

Download: Equipping Women to Lead Small Groups

This download is full of practical information for anyone who would like to lead a small group.

Download: Leading the Elder Board

Build, lead, and grow a team of elders that sets the culture for the rest of the church.

Article: 4 Qualities of Culture Builders

Build a better culture ... together.

Article: 15 Doable Ways to Strengthen Your Team in 2015

Try these simple suggestions for a team building kickstart.

Article: Challenging Team Conversations

Leadership teams willing to dive into these issues set a strong pace.

Article: The Top 10 Downloads for 2015

The most popular topics from the last year.

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February 26, 2015
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