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Download: Relational Outreach

Equip people to do outreach through meaningful, personal relationships.

Download: Ministry to Domestic Violence Victims

This download gives practical advice as you help women who are in abusive relationships.

Download: Children's Bulletins - October-December 2014

A complete set of children's bulletins for ages 3-6 and 7-12.

Download: Help Young Women Navigate Dating

This download gives practical advice as you help the young women in your church make an important decision.

Download: How to Teach the Bible

This download gives practical advice in how to impart God's Word to others.

Article: Does Your Team Have Vertigo?

Diagnose the symptoms—and work toward a cure.

Article: Why Your Church Needs Group Mentoring

How the group model grows stronger and more mature leaders.

Article: Reforming Evangelism (free sample)

4 ways to make sharing your faith more natural.

Article: How Leaders Talk

Words are powerful.

Article: 29 Things You'll Never Hear a Leader Say

"That went exactly like the strategic plan said it would."

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October 21, 2014
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