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Building Church Leaders
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Download: Help Others Use Their Spiritual Gifts

Help those you work with become more effectively involved.

Download: Redeeming Your Failures

Even in your defeats, God is at work in your ministry and in you.

Download: Overcome Discouragement

This 10-day devotional can help leaders in the church to gain perspective and renew their strength.

Download: Assess the Effectiveness of Your Women's Ministry

Use these assessment forms to help you and your team discern whether you are truly helping women in your women's ministry.

Download: Making a Good Transition

Lead your ministry successfully into its next phase.

Article: Take a Deep Breath

Appreciate the breath of life by connecting with the One who is in control of all.

Article: Leadership Transitions: Let Go

What is the outgoing leaders responsibility in transition?

Article: Make Your Days Count

Leadership lessons from a cancer survivor about living life to the full.

Article: The Mentoring Leader

Create a church culture that helps identify and grow leaders.

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April 24, 2014
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