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Asking the Right Questions

Jacques Ellul's home Bible studies—and the light they shed on his work as a whole.

The Suspension of Disbelief

Walter Wangerin and the universal story.

Art for All of Us?

Greek tragedy and war veterans.

Those Other Gospels

How believers in the first millennium read non-canonical texts.

From Charisms to Calling

Women and the priesthood.

Coming Clean

The forms of evangelical testimony.

Boomerang Prayers

Back at you.

A World Without Shadows

Steven Weinberg on modern science.

The Matheny Manifesto

Baseball, life, and faith.

Scientific or Sciencey?

Yeti, Nessie, et al.

X Hits the Spot

For the 24th time, P.I. Kinsey Millhone pursues the annoying, the foolish, and the seriously wicked.

Morals Legislation, Revisited

Unintended consequences.

Coming of Age as an MK

A quietly powerful memoir.

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