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Listening to Refugees' Stories

Relief, Hope, and Numbing Sadness

Fear, Compassion, and a Massive Bureaucratic Challenge

An interim report on the European refugee crisis.

Day of Reckoning

South Africa's prospects.

"We Will Remember Them"

A new national World War I memorial?

The Early Church on War and Killing

Distinguishing speculation from historical fact.

The Unexamined Grace

What God's gift entails.

Grace Redefined

The disruptive Christ-event.

Favorite Books of 2015

Riddles, witches, robots on Mars, and more.

The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta

A model for the West today?

Paris and Beyond

How Christians should respond.

Asking the Right Questions

Jacques Ellul's home Bible studies—and the light they shed on his work as a whole.

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