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Treasure in Heaven

This is true religion.

"Responsible Remembrance"

Rethinking persecution and martyrdom in the early church.

Maigret, Newly Translated

A reissue of Simenons great series.

Words and Deeds

William Tecumseh Sherman's tangled life.

Inerrancy: A Cartesian Faux-Pas?

"By good and necessary consequence."

Bigots Are Really Bigoted

But what else could you expect from traditional beliefs?

Foreign Gods, Inc.

A bleak parable with satiric ambitions.

Doubting the Signature

Stephen Meyers case for intelligent design.

The Road Not Taken

Debating evolution at Princeton, 1845-1929.

The Zimzum of Love

"Energy flows in this space."

Poems That Make Grown Men Cry

"What thou lov'st well is thy true heritage."

The Tallgrass Prairie Reader

Glimpses of a lost world.

Suspicious Packages

The poetry of Aaron Belz.

All Our Names

Whose fault is this?

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