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The Perils and Power of Charity

Or, In Praise of Small Acts.

Bold, Beautiful, and Broken

The radical alternative of Abraham Kuyper.

Night of a Thousand Crimes

Raymond Chandler and the world of noir.

This Is My Body

A timely and refreshing memoir.

The System Worked

Or, Don't Panic: You and the Global Economy.

The Nearest Thing to Life

Christ, Momus, and James Wood.

Captives of the Prophet

The 1996 Uganda kidnappings.

A Travelogue of the Interior

Counting lament among our one thousand gifts.

The Nigerian Jihad

Boko Haram.

Man in Crisis

"Who are you and why?"

Re-Writing My Life

A memoir of conversion, revised.

Purity and Danger

The curious case of Christianity in the history of anthropology.

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