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SRC Reading list 7-12

You can find many nonfiction dinosaur books in 567.9 of the Dewey decimal system in your libraries.

7-12 Nonfiction

Aaseng, Nathan. American dinosaur hunters. J 560.92 AASENG

Bishop, Nic. Digging for bird-dinosaurs : an expedition to Madagascar. J 567.9 BISHOP

Brewster, Hugh. Dinosaurs in your backyard. J 567.9 BREWSTER

Dixon, Dougal. Dinosaur. J 567.9 DIXON

Dixon, Dougal. The illustrated encyclopedia of dinosaurs : the ultimate reference to 355 dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, including more than 900 watercolours, maps, timelines and photographs. J 567.9 DIXON

Halls, Kelly Milner. Dinosaur parade. J 567.9 HALLS

Kerley, Barbara. The dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins. J 567.9 KERLEY

Markle, Sandra. Outside and inside dinosaurs / by Sandra Markle. J 567.9 MARKLE

Redmond, Shirley-Raye. The dog that dug for dinosaurs : a true story. J 567.9 REDMOND

Siamon, Sharon. Dinosaurs! : battle of the bones. 567.9 SIAMON

Wenzel, Gregory C. Feathered dinosaurs of China. J 567.9 WENZEL

Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner. Dinosaur parents, dinosaur young : uncovering the mystery of dinosaur families . J 567.9 ZOEHFELD

Ray, Deborah Kogan. Dinosaur mountain : digging into the Jurassic Age. J 567.9097 RAY

Berkowitz, Jacob. Jurassic poop : what dinosaurs (and others) left behind. J 567.91 BERKOWITZ

Cole, Joanna. The magic school bus : in the time of the dinosaurs. J 567.91 COLE 1

Manning, Phillip Lars. Dinomummy : the life, death, and discovery of Dakota, a dinosaur from Hell Creek. J 567.914 MANNING

Hort, Lenny. Did dinosaurs eat pizza? : mysteries science hasn't solved. J 567.922 HORT

Bausum, Ann. Dragon bones and dinosaur eggs : a photobiography of Roy Chapman Andrews. J B ANDREWS

Cohen, Roger. Danger in the desert : true adventures of a dinosaur hunter. J B COHEN

7-12 Fiction

Osborne, Mary Pope. Dinosaurs before dark. J OSBORNE

Osborne, Mary Pope. Sunset of the sabertooth. J OSBORNE

Adler, David A. Cam Jansen and the mystery of the dinosaur bones. J M ADLER

Preller, James. The case of the disappearing dinosaur. J M JIGSAW JONES

Bailey, Linda. Adventures in the Ice Age. J 569.98 BAILEY

O'Malley, Kevin. Captain Raptor and the space pirates. J 741.5 O'MALLEY

O'Malley, Kevin. Captain Raptor and the moon mystery. J 741.5 O'MALLEY