Welcome to the Cedarville Library

Cedarville Public Library
737 Pirates Way
Cedarville, AR 72932
Phone: 479-410-1853
Mon. - Fri.  9:30 - 5:30
Saturday  10:00 - 2:00

Branch Director
Michele Belk

The Cedarville Library started in October 1966 as part of the Ozarks Regional Library System. Jane Robinson was the first librarian, opening the library from 2-6pm on Thursdays. The first building, previously Cedarville’s one-chair barber shop, was a concrete 10 x 15 room with no bathroom or water. Carl Neal had a grocery store next to the library allowing the library to plug into his building, so the library would have electricity. The library rented butane bottles for a gas stove for heat. A fan was the only way to keep cool during the summer. The library would stay in this location for 31 years. In 1997, the library moved out of the 10 x 15 building to a room in the renovated Old Rock Schoolhouse.  In April, 2011 the library moved to its new 3600 square ft. building, located just down the hill from where they were located.


Friends of the Library

Meets quarterly on the 2nd
Tuesday of the month at 7:00