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Memorial Donor Tree and Names

Coleman Area Library

Memorial and Donor Tree

This photo of our Tree has been overlaid with a grid to assist you in locating the approximate location of your leaf or a family member's leaf.  To find which grid section your leaf is in, please follow these instructions:

1.  Click on the image of the tree or click here: Memorial Tree Donor Names  and download a spreadsheet with the most current listing of names displayed on the memorial tree.  The spreadsheet will open in a new tab on your browser.  You may click back to this tab for the instructions at any time.

2.  On your keyboard, push Ctrl + F (F for "Find").  A small box will appear.

3.  Type in the first or last name of the person you are searching for and then press Enter on your keyboard.  Example: Bernie

4.  The name will be highlighted on the spreadsheet.  If this is not the person you are searching for, click NEXT and the next person with that name will be highlighted.  If it is a common name, there may be several.

5.  Each column in the spreadsheet is labeled with the section letter at the top (example: Section A).  Find which column your name is in and you will be able to compare it to the picture to find which area of the tree the leaf is displayed. 

6.  Stop by the library any time and we will help you find your leaf on the tree.  You are very welcome to take pictures or rubbings of the leaf.


Are you interested in making a monetary donation to the library?  Please click here to download the donation form.  You may print it and fill it out, then mail it with your check.

Thank you for your donation!