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How do I use the computers or Wi-fi at the library?

The Coleman Area Library offers free use of public computer stations and unsecured wireless (Wi-Fi) access.  All users must read and sign the Coleman Area Library's Internet Acceptable Use Policy prior to using the public access computers or the library's Wi-fi.  Use of the Coleman Area Library's public access computers is limited by the following rules:


The Coleman Area Library is providing public access to the Internet as an informational and educational resource to the community. The Library has no control over material found on the Internet.  The Internet may contain material which is not accurate or current, or which some may regard as controversial. Because the library is a public area, we ask you to respect other library patrons and refrain from accessing potentially controversial material. Parents are encouraged to discuss the Internet with their children and set additional guidelines.

Role of Library Staff:  Library staff is not able to provide in-depth instruction, but may be able to offer searching suggestions and answer basic questions.  Library staff is not trained or equipped to provide technical assistance with configuring User’s personal devices (laptop, iPod, Blackberry, etc.) to connect the internet.


Role of Computer User:  The Coleman Area Library requires that this Internet Access Policy be reviewed and signed prior to Internet use.

  • A parent or legal guardian must sign this form for users under the age of 18.  Internet users under age 7 must have a parent present while they are online.
  • User must sign in at front desk with their first and last name each time they go online, including when using the library’s wireless (Wi-Fi) connection on their personal device.  For legal purposes, no one else may sign in for a different user.
  • The library is not responsible for any loss of information or damage to User’s personal devices (including, but not limited to: laptop, iPod, cell phone, mp3 player, flash drive or disc) which might result from using the Library’s wired or wireless network or other facilities of the library.  It is the responsibility of network users to utilize up-to-date virus protection, firewall and other measures to protect the information on your device.
  • Public Computer Users are allowed one session per day with a total time limit of up to 1 hour.
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Users on their own personal devices are allowed up to 2 hours total per day.  Please note that even though a User is on their own personal device, each additional computer or device connected to the Library’s network reduces the bandwidth available for staff and for other users.
  • Staff reserves the right to allow individual internet users additional time for college courses, job searching or in the event of technical problems.
  • Cell phones must be put on vibrate or turned off.   As a courtesy to other library patrons, please restrict phone usage to the front entryway of the library.
  • User shall not attempt to delete, add or modify installed hardware and software on public computers.
  • Printing is allowed. Each sheet of paper is $.10 cents, regardless of single or double-sided printing. User is responsible even for pages which they unintentionally printed. Failure to pay for printouts will result in loss of computer privileges. Staff reserves the right to offer discounts for schoolwork, tax forms and similar materials.
  • Workstations are to be used by a single individual, with the exception of parents with children.
  • Computers automatically shut down approximately 10 minutes prior to Library closing time.  Please save anything important to an external disc to avoid loss of documents/assignments or other work.

Restrictions: Patrons shall not use the Internet in any way that violates federal or state laws and regulations regarding obscenity, child pornography, defamatory speech, or sexually explicit material. Failure to follow the guidelines listed above or using a public computer workstation in an irresponsible manner will result in loss of Internet privileges.


This policy was revised and approved by the Coleman Area Library Board on Oct. 4, 2012.  This policy is subject to change when necessary.