About Our Library

Clearfield County Public Library

I. Mission.

The Clearfield County Public Library exists to provide quality library resources that inform, educate, entertain and enrich all the residents of Clearfield County

II. History.

Library service to Clearfield County began in September 1940 as a result of the joint efforts of the County Schoolmen’s Association, the Pomona Grange, and the Board of County Commissioners, with advice from the State Library. Financial support came mainly from the Commissioners and State Aid. A series of small bookmobiles gave service primarily to schools from 1940 to 1965. Because of generous State Aid resulting from the federal bill for improvement of library service in rural areas, a large walk-in bookmobile was purchased in 1965 with the express purpose of providing service to the whole family. In 1967 a second large bookmobile was added. In 1968 Curwensville opened its library, organized as a branch of the County Library and sponsored by the Curwensville Women’s Club. Meanwhile the Shaw Library Board and the County Commissioners had been considering ways to obtain broader support for the County service. A steering committee was formed with representatives from all parts of the County, and in 1968 a County Library Board of seven members was formally organized. In 1972 a second branch library was established in Osceola Mills. In 1975 the Shaw Public joined with the Clearfield County Public to create the Clearfield County Public Library Federation. In 1980 a larger bookmobile obtained by the State Library when the Kingston (N.Y.) Public Library could no longer use it replaced the older bookmobiles. In 1991 the Osceola Mills Public Library moved into a new facility in the Brisbin House, an historic building refurbished by the Osceola Mills Community Historical Foundation. That same year saw the arrival of new bookmobile financed by a generous contribution from the Clearfield County Commissioners, an LSCA grant and support from patrons throughout the county. In 1994 the long awaited dream of moving out of our storefront rental became reality when the Curwensville Area Library Corporation completed construction of new facility that would serve as the home to both the Curwensville Public Library and the Clearfield County Public Library. In 1995 the Joseph and Elizabeth Shaw Public Library followed suit by moving into a new building directly across from their old location. In 2001, to reflect new standard regulations, the State Library advised that the Clearfield County Public Library Federation be dissolved. On January 1, 2002 the Clearfield County Public Library and the Shaw Public Library once again became independent libraries.

III. Board of Trustees.

The Library Board consists of seven members appointed by the Clearfield County Commissioners for a term of three years. The Board is responsible for establishing library policies in accordance with the provisions of the State Library Code. Its responsibilities include the appointment of the Director, promotion of library interests, securing of funds to assure an adequate program, and control of library funds, property and equipment.

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