Kindle for Overdrive Instructions

You will need an Amazon account .
For help setting up the Kindle see this excellent Tutorial
For help using your Kindle check out these Amazon videos click here .
PDF Additional Help For help with downloading files to a Kindle Fire Transfer Files to a Kindle Fire

Download a Library Book

• Go to the
Clear Creek Library Website(
>Click on "Digital Library"
> Click on "Overdrive"
> Sign In
Select Library "Clear Creek Library District"
Enter Library Card Number and Pin
> Click on "View More" located on the right side above book pictures.
>Under "Show Me" select "Available Now" for books for immediate check out.

•Select a book and then click "Borrow"

Please note: Titles added to your cart will remain
there for 30 minutes before they are returned to the
library's collection.

• "Download"
• "Check Kindle Book"
• "Confirm Download"
• "Get Library Book"
• Amazon automatically opens, Sign in
• Choose your Kindle if you have more than one
• Click on "Get Library Book"
• Click "Continue"
• Click "Download Now"

Note: You should see a page that looks like this

"Your public library book has been delivered to your
Kindle. The 'Catching Fire' will be delivered the next
time your Kindle syncs."

Return a Library Book

•Open Your Amazon Account
•Click on "Your Account"
•Click on "Manage Your Content and Devices"
•Check Book to be Returned
•Click on "Actions"
•Select "Return this book"
•Click "Yes"

• Have fun reading. If you encounter any problems please call the library.
Our hours are here should you need further assistance.