Library Price LIst

Library Prices

Computer Prints & Copies

$0.10 for Black and White
$0.50 for Color
$1.00 for 11”x17” Paper
*Each side counts as a page*


$2.00 for the first page
And $0.50 for each additional page.


(Two sided sheets count as two pages)
Documents that are stapled, small in size, or wrinkled may not be scanned unless:
-Staples are removed
-Wrinkled/small documents are copied onto new paper
If the staff must do these tasks then copies will be charged .10 a page and .40 will be charged for over 10 staples removed.
10 or fewer pages will be scanned for free on a walk-in basis or by appointment.
11-50 pages will be scanned for .10/page and by appointment ONLY.
Documents of over 50 pages must be approved by the Library Director.


Book Sale:

$5.00 to fill a bag

Paperbacks $0.50

Hardbacks $1.00

VHS $0.25 each or 5 for $1.00

Audiobooks $1.00



Headphones $1.50
Plastic Book Bags $0.25
Replacement Card $1.00


Requirements for Membership

• Must live or work in Claiborne Parish
• Must present valid ID
• If current address is not on the ID, a piece of mail with the correct address must be brought in.


• Please silence your cell phones and talk quietly.
• You must have either an ID or your library card to use the computer.
• Patrons are responsible for all pages printed regardless of outcome.
• No food or drink in the library.