Why does the library need a strategic plan?

Today's libraries are an active and responsive part of their communities. The Chippewa River District Library's strategic plan is a living and flexible blueprint that speaks to broad community needs. The plan gives the library focus and helps to better utilize the library's limited resources to meet the needs of our community.

The goals listed on this page will continue to guide decisions about developing the library's annual budget and implementing specific projects and initiatives. During the plan, the library will monitor the progress of these goals and make adjustments accordingly.


Priority 1: Connect to the online world

Priority 1 Goals:

Patrons will have fast, free, privacy protected, and safe access to the Internet
Parents and children will have a space to connect online together that is safe, educational and fun.

Teens will have access to new technologies as they become available along with the opportunity to learn, implement, and experiment.

All residents will have basic computer skills.

Priority 1 Goals Update:
With help from a Broadband Technology Opportunity Grant, your CRDL has increased the number of total computer workstations district wide from 95 to 141, including 128 brand new workstations.

All CRDL locations now have high speed wireless Internet available for patron use.

Internet speeds at all CRDL locations have been increased including a high-speed fiber connection between Veterans Memorial Library and Central Michigan University.

A new, larger adult computer lab was added to Veterans Memorial Library in 2010.

Renovations at Veterans Memorial Library made for the addition of a family computer lab including 2 Early Literacy Workstations. Early Literacy Workstations were also added to the four other CRDL locations. An Early Literacy Workstation is an all-in-one digital learning solution for children ages 2-8 containing over 60 educational software titles in over seven different curricular areas.

Inside the CRDL Teen Scene at Veterans Memorial Library there are now more computer workstations designated for teen use, half of which are new MAC's.

The number of computer classes available, and the variety of computer classes offered in the new adult computer lab at Veterans Memorial Library have increased to include social media, iPad basics, Powerpoint, Excel, online buying and selling, and even online storage.

1-on-1 Computer Training Sessions are now available.

To be better able to meet the technological needs of patrons, CRDL staff members undergo continuing training on a number of emerging technologies including social media, multiple mobile platforms, and eReaders.

Priority 2: Lifelong Learning

Priority 3: Stimulate Imagination

Priority 2 & 3 Goals:
Children and teens will have the information and resources they need to explore and develop new and existing areas of interest.

Adults will have the information and resources they need to explore new areas of interest.

Everybody will have materials and events to enhance their leisure time and will have the help they need to make choices from among the options.

Priority 2 & 3 Goals Update:
Your CRDL continues to make improvements so that patrons can more easily find the materials they want, including:  the implementation of a new, easier to search, child friendly Kids Catalog at, improved interior signage to be completed in 2013, a new, easier to search, online catalog to be made available at in 2013, a reorganized website will be launched in 2013 allowing patrons to more intuitively navigate the library website, CRDL will be a Beta Test site for a new Mobile Website and Catalog for use with smart phones and other mobile devices in 2014.

More events and activities have been made available at all CRDL locations on varying topics of interest.

Your CRDL is collaborating with, not only professional presenters, but also local groups throughout our community to develop and deliver programs on varying topics of local interest including: Donate Life @ your CRDL - with McLaren Central Michigan Hospital, the Mt. Pleasant Lion's Club, the Red Cross, and Biolife Plasma Services, Discovery Day with the Arts - with the Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum, various gardening programs with the Master Gardeners of Isabella County, Dinosaurs: Monsters of our Imagination - with Paleontologist PaleoJoe. live Birds of Prey - with the Wildlife Recovery Association.

Your CRDL has decreased the time it takes to get new items cataloged and on the shelf, and continues to make modifications to streamline the process, reducing wait times even more.

Priority 4: Create Young Readers

Priority 4 Goals:
Parents and caregivers will have the resources, information, and programs to help prepare children for school and encourage a lifelong love of reading.

Priority 4 Goals Update:
A CRDL Daycare Outreach Program was created in 2011. Currently, specially trained volunteers are visiting licensed daycare centers throughout the library district delivering individually designed story time events intended to teach and emphasize the different stages in learning vocabulary, and teach and emphasize the different aspects of effectively delivering a story time to parents and caregivers.

Emergent literacy training events for parents and caregivers continue to be held at your CRDL including:  Jim Gills' Early Literacy Patent/Caregiver Workshop. In a workshop with child development specialist Jim Gill, he emphasized the many connections between music, play, literacy, and various domains of early childhood development, Gari Stein, author of "The More We Get Together", developer of "Sing With Me" and the "How To Sing and Dance Series", and founder and director of Music for Little Folks, a music school for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in Ann Arbor Michigan, held educational sessions for parents and caregivers with lots of fun, hands on, easy to learn, interactive activities.

CRDL Early Literacy Specialists using the Ready to Read program demonstrated the early literacy practices of talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing, and what parents and caregivers can do in their homes to help develop early literacy skills in children ages 0-5.

CRDL hosted Prime Time Family Reading Time in the fall of 2013. Prime Time is designed to help families help their children improve their reading skills by involving the whole family in making reading fun.

A YouTube Channel was created, CRDLEarlyLiteracy, which demonstrates nursery and baby rhymes and how to use them to interact with your child.

Priority 5: Visit a Comfortable Space

Priority 5 Goals:
Patrons will have a safe and welcoming place to read, study, and to meet fellow community members whether in-person or online.

Priority 5 Goals Update:
Renovations at Veterans Memorial Library were completed in March of 2010.
A new Shepherd Community Library building was opened in July of 2012.
Building project plans are moving forward on the Tate Memorial and Fremont Township Libraries.

With help from a Broadband Technology Opportunity Grant, each CRDL location was outfitted with new computer furniture.

It is easier to join the conversation and stay in touch with your CRDL: Chat with a librarian at, like your CRDL on Facebook and join the conversation, follow your CRDL on Twitter and join the conversation, pin or search Pins on the CRDL Pinterest page.

Priority 6: Understand how to Find and Evaluate Information

Priority 6 Goals:
Library patrons will have the skills to effectively find the information they need.

Priority 6 Goals Update:
Your CRDL has made it easier to get answers to your questions to your questions whether in person, on the phone, or online.

The CRDL Help Desk at Veterans Memorial Library was consolidated and moved to 1 central location.

Chat with a librarian at

Chat with a librarian or join the conversation on the CRDL Facebook Page.
Tweet a librarian @crdl.

More print and online tools are now available for patrons to help themselves.



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