May the 4th Be With You / Free Comic Book Day 2013

Win with Star Wars Trivia


To get ready for the big day, each week in April we'll post a Star Wars trivia question at every CRDL branch library.  Each time you answer a question correctly, we'll put your name in the drawing for a chance to win a new graphic novel signed by the author.  5 people will win, so make sure you answer each week's question! (graphic novel and author to be determined, one entry per person per week, multiple entries by the same person in the same week will be disqualified.)



FREE Comic Books


You can pick up one free comic book at Veterans Memorial Library and one at Hall of Heroes in Mt. Pleasant, on Saturday, May 4th, between 1pm and 3pm.  Wherever you pick up your first free comic, make sure you grab your CRDL Free Comic Book Day Card.  Get it stamped at Veterans Memorial Library and at Hall of Heroes when you pickup your free comics, fill it out and drop it off at either location for a chance to win an entire box of new comic books. 

Veterans Memorial Library

301 S. University, Mt. Pleasant

Hall of Heroes

316 N. Mission, Mt. Pleasant

Free comic books will also be available at Faith Johnston Memorial Library, the Shepherd Community Library, the Fremont Township Library, and the Rolland Township Library on Monday, May the 6th (one free comic per person while supplies last), however they do not count toward winning the box of free comic books.


May the 4th Be With You Festivities


Then join us at Veterans Memorial Library for an afternoon of Star Wars fun while we celebrate 2 of our favorite days all wrapped up into one - May the 4th Be With You and Free Comic Book Day.



May the 4th Be With You schedule of events at Veterans Memorial Library
1pm - 3pm @ VML - Browse through the comics and graphic novels on display throughout your CRDL System.
1pm - 3pm - Pickup your free comic book and get your Free Comic Book Day Card stamped.
1pm - 3pm - Have your picture taken with some of your favorite Star Wars characters.
1pm - 3pm @ VML - Watch graphic novel artist, Timm Umstead, in action.
1pm - 1:35pm @ VML - See rare and interesting pieces from one of the largest comic collections in the world
1:40pm - 2:15pm @ VML - Hear CRDL's Wesley Umstead share insights into the process of making comics
2:20pm - 3pm @ VML - Jim McBryde will share his experience with a Star Wars movie, what the filmmaking process was like, and more.