Your CRDL System is committed to helping young children in our community succeed in school.  To help create young readers, we have developed a CRDL Daycare Outreach Program specifically designed to enhance and nurture early literacy skills in children up to 5 years old.  Specially trained volunteers visit daycares and preschools throughout the library district to deliver individually designed story time events intended to:

  • Teach and emphasize the different stages in learning vocabulary

  • Teach and emphasize the different aspects of effectively delivering a story time to parents and caregivers

Volunteers are trained and supplied with individually designed daycare kits that will be left at the daycares and preschools for them to use until their next visit.  We are currently looking for volunteers who are interested in helping children succeed in school. If this sounds like something you would like to do, please fill out and return the Early Literacy Volunteer Candidate form to Veterans Memorial Library in Mt. Pleasant.
The CRDL Daycare Program is made possible with help from the Mt. Pleasant JayCees and the General Federated Women's Club of Mt. Pleasant.

Make a Difference


If you're interested in becoming a CRDL Daycare Program Volunteer, print the Early Literacy Volunteer Candidate form and return it to Veterans Memorial Library, 301 S. University, Mt. Pleasant.


For more information or questions, please contact:


Judy Czarnecki

989.773.3242 ext 15


Barb Sanford

989.773.3242 ext 23

  Early Literacy Volunteer Candidate Form