Patrons are responsible for damaged materials when it can be determined that they are liable. The charges are as follows:

1. Minor damages:

Pencil damage $.05 per page
Crayon, ink, marker damage $.10 per page
Torn but mendable pages $.05 to .15 per page
Residue on/in item $.50 to $1.50
Cassette box $.50 each to $1.50
CD/DVD box $2.00 each
Video box $1.50 each
Book jacket $.75 each
Book pocket $.25 each
Barcode $.50 each
Read-A-Long bags $.75 each to $1.50
Re-bind $6.50 or cost of book (patron option if still in print)
Video repair $5.00 or cost of video (librarian option)

2. Extensive damage or lost materials:

If an item is not repairable, once it is paid for by the patron it becomes the property of the patron and can be used or disposed of as they wish. If an item is damaged beyond repair or lost the list price at time of purchase will be charged. If the list price is not known, then the following prices will be charged.

Hard cover book $15.00 Music CDs/Audio cassettes $15.00
Adult paperback $5.00 Other CDs/Audio cassettes $35.00
Young adult paperback $5.00 Headphones $5.00
J and JE paperback $5.00 Laptop computer $1,200.00
Magazines $4.00 Laptop computer power cord $80.00
Pamphlets $3.00 Portable device $250.00
Documents $3.00 Portable device power cord $30.00
Videos/DVDs $25.00 Portable device USB cable $10.00

Approved: September 7, 1993
Amended: October 14, 2002

Amended: May 10, 2004
Reviewed: July 30, 2007
Amended: November 11, 2010

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