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My Account

My Account

What is it?

When you sign up for a Clarion County Library Card, you are automatically given access to an Online Account which allows you to renew materials, place items on Hold, view your loan history, check your account balance, (fines and fees), and more.

Accessing Your Account

1) First, you will need you library card.  Retrieve this and go to our website homepage or click this link.

2) To access your Account login, click on "My Account" from the Clarion Free Library homepage.

3) Next, you will be asked to input an ID number and a PIN.  On your library card, locate the barcode.  All of the numbers under this barcode make up your ID.  The last 4 digits are your PIN.  Type in this information.

4) You are now in your account!  From here, select options from the left side of the webpage to access different portions of account, as mentioned above.