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Upcoming Programs

Cultural Programs

Keep an eye out for any cultural programs we might have! These types of programs typically take place on the Third Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm!

Computer Help

We will be doing computer classes in 2017! Please keep checking our calendar or Facebook page, as well as, the front desk for announcements and sign-ups!


Book Club

The Travel and Leisure Book Club meets once a month. For more information about this book club please click the link here. It will lead you to a page for more information on dates, times, and who to contact with questions.

Book  & DVD Lists


Winter Reads

Fifty Shades Similar

If You Like Downton Abbey, You Should Read...

Muslim Journeys

New Adult

Staff Favorites


Get Back in Shape!


Adult Programs are happening every month now!  Look forward to what's coming in the future!!!
Check out our Event Calendar for upcoming events. 

Each month brings something new!